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Today, on September 23rd, 2018, the site contains 196 poets, 8,692 poems and 204,688 comments.
Poem of the Day Archive

Every day a new poem is chosen to be featured as the Poem of the Day, so be sure to bookmark that page for a quick recommended read. On this page we have listed all the poems that have been the daily poem since the site opened for business on March 5 2003.

Previous Daily Poems

October 2016
October 4th 2016William BlakeThe Wild Flower's Song
October 3rd 2016James Henry Leigh HuntRondeau
October 2nd 2016John BetjemanA Subaltern's Love Song
October 1st 2016Michael DraytonAgincourt
September 2016
September 30th 2016Elizabeth Barrett BrowningExaggeration
September 29th 2016Hilaire BellocThe Dromedary
September 28th 2016Johann Wolfgang von GoetheLIVING REMEMBRANCE.
September 27th 2016Henry LawsonThe Song And The Sigh
September 26th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonThe Man From Ironbark
September 25th 2016Robert William ServicePrelude
September 24th 2016George HerbertAaron
September 23rd 2016Elizabeth BishopFirst Death In Nova Scotia
September 22nd 2016Thomas GrayOde On A Distant Prospect Of Eton College
September 21st 2016William Butler YeatsA Prayer For My Son
September 20th 2016OvidOn fidelity
September 19th 2016Lola RidgeThe Dream
September 18th 2016Robert Burns7. Ah, woe is me, my Mother dear
September 17th 2016Siegfried SassoonBlind
September 16th 2016Robert William ServiceViolet De Vere
September 15th 2016Federico Garcia LorcaSerenata
September 14th 2016Robert Burns268. Song—I Love my Love in Secret
September 13th 2016George HerbertThe Pulley
September 12th 2016Czeslaw MiloszWhat Does It Mean
September 11th 2016Paul CelanCrystal
September 10th 2016Elizabeth Barrett BrowningDiscontent
September 9th 2016Lord ByronI would to heaven that I were so much clay
September 8th 2016Thomas HardyWaiting Both
September 7th 2016Lord ByronRemind Me Not, Remind Me Not
September 6th 2016Richard LovelaceTo Lucasta, Going Beyond The Seas
September 5th 2016Ted HughesLineage
September 4th 2016Edmund SpenserSonnet XLII
September 3rd 2016Henry LawsonFall In, My Men, Fall In
September 2nd 2016Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSHOULD E'ER THE LOVELESS DAY.
September 1st 2016John MiltonPsalm 80
August 2016
August 31st 2016William Butler YeatsThe Meditation Of The Old Fisherman
August 30th 2016Edmund SpenserSonnet LXIX
August 29th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonThe Gundaroo Bullock
August 28th 2016Robert Burns390. Song—A Health to them that’s awa
August 27th 2016Pablo NerudaI Like For You To Be Still
August 26th 2016Arthur Hugh CloughIn a Lecture Room
August 25th 2016Oscar WildePoem: Silentium Amoris
August 24th 2016Lewis CarrollThe Knight's Song
August 23rd 2016Robert William ServiceHate
August 22nd 2016William ShakespeareSonnet 21: So is it not with me as with that muse
August 21st 2016Robert BurnsComing Through The Rye
August 20th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Philistine And The Bohemian
August 19th 2016John MiltonPsalm 08
August 18th 2016Yehuda AmichaiOf Three Or Four In The Room
August 17th 2016Hilaire BellocGodolphin Horne
August 16th 2016Margaret AtwoodMorning in the Burned House
August 15th 2016Gerard Manley HopkinsTom's Garland
August 14th 2016G.K. ChestertonThe Sword of Suprise
August 13th 2016Federico Garcia LorcaPreciosa Y El Aire
August 12th 2016Robert HerrickLIFE IS THE BODY'S LIGHT
August 11th 2016Siegfried SassoonBlighters
August 10th 2016Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella LXXXIV: HIGHWAY
August 9th 2016James Henry Leigh HuntJenny kiss'd Me
August 8th 2016Oscar WildePoem: In The Gold Room - A Harmony
August 7th 2016Thomas HardyHis Immortality
August 6th 2016Robert William ServiceSuppose?
August 5th 2016Regina DerievaA Poem
August 4th 2016William BlakeSong: Memory, hither come
August 3rd 2016William BlakeEvening Star
August 2nd 2016Robert BrowningCavalier Tunes: Boot and Saddle
August 1st 2016Robert William ServiceL'Envoi
July 2016
July 31st 2016Andrew MarvellTo Songs At the Marriage Of The Lord Fauconberg And The Lady Mary Cromwell
July 30th 2016Thomas HardyThe Colonel's Solilquy
July 29th 2016Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella: XXIII
July 28th 2016Ted HughesThe Owl
July 27th 2016Robert William ServiceTwo Words
July 26th 2016Algernon Charles SwinburneNon Dolet
July 25th 2016William BlakeMilton: And did those feet in ancient time
July 24th 2016Elizabeth BishopSeascape
July 23rd 2016Rupert BrookeFlight
July 22nd 2016Algernon Charles SwinburneOn the Death of Robert Browning
July 20th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonA Job for McGuinness
July 19th 2016Dante AlighieriInferno Canto 01
July 18th 2016Robert William ServiceWonder
July 17th 2016Andrew MarvellDamon The Mower
July 16th 2016Eamon GrennanOn A Cape May Warbler Who Flew Against My Window
July 15th 2016William Butler YeatsThe Unappeasable Host
July 14th 2016Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Silver Jubilee
July 13th 2016Robert William ServiceSegregation
July 12th 2016William BlakeMock On, Mock On, Voltaire, Rousseau
July 11th 2016Robert BrowningThrough The Metodja To Abd-El-Kadr
July 10th 2016Mary OliverMorning Glories
July 9th 2016Thomas HardyThe Two Men
July 8th 2016William Butler YeatsThe Host Of The Air
July 7th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Old
July 6th 2016R.S. ThomasAlbum
July 5th 2016Oscar WildePoem: With A Copy Of 'A House Of Pomegranates'
July 4th 2016John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 11
July 3rd 2016Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE FREEBOOTER,
July 2nd 2016Sir Walter RaleighThe Conclusion
July 1st 2016William BlakeTo The Accuser Who is The God of This World
June 2016
June 28th 2016Robert Burns296. The Five Carlins: An Election Ballad
June 27th 2016William BlakeI see the Four-fold Man
June 26th 2016Mahmoud DarwishPsalm Three
June 25th 2016A.A. MilneThe Dormouse and the Doctor
June 24th 2016Erin MoureThe Cold
June 23rd 2016Kobayashi IssaLast time, I think
June 22nd 2016Edmund SpenserA Hymn Of Heavenly Beauty
June 21st 2016Siegfried SassoonA Wanderer
June 20th 2016Robert William ServiceBrother Jim
June 19th 2016George William Russell102. A Leader
June 18th 2016Rainer Maria RilkeGrowing Old
June 17th 2016Robert Burns146. Address to Edinburgh
June 16th 2016Charles SorleyExpectans Expectavi
June 15th 2016Robert Burns376. Song—The Deil’s awa wi’ the Exciseman
June 14th 2016George William Russell36. Immortality
June 13th 2016Les MurrayLate Summer Fires
June 12th 2016A.A. MilneMarket Square
June 11th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Twa Jocks
June 10th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonReconstruction
June 9th 2016Robert Burns552. Complimentary versicles to Jessie Lewars
June 8th 2016Lord ByronStanzas Composed During A Thunderstorm
June 7th 2016Li PoVisiting A Taoist On Tiatien Mountain
June 6th 2016Constantine P. CavafyOn An Italian Shore
June 5th 2016Constantine P. CavafyThose Who Fought For The Achaean League
June 4th 2016Robert Burns515. Song—O let me in this ae night
June 3rd 2016Andrew Barton PatersonThe Lung Fish
June 2nd 2016Robert HerrickTO HIS LOVELY MISTRESSES
June 1st 2016Sir Henry NewboltHe fell among Thieves
May 2016
May 31st 2016A.E. HousmanThe Isle Of Portland
May 30th 2016William BlakeThe Angel
May 29th 2016William Butler YeatsA Deep Sworn Vow
May 28th 2016Kobayashi IssaSummer night
May 27th 2016Wang WeiMengcheng Col
May 26th 2016William Butler YeatsIn Memory Of Major Robert Gregory
May 25th 2016Robert William ServiceCourage
May 24th 2016Mary OliverThe Kookaburras
May 23rd 2016Robert HerrickTO PANSIES
May 22nd 2016Thomas HardyHer Death And After
May 21st 2016Alfred Lord TennysonThe Brook
May 20th 2016Henry LawsonThe Fight at Eureka Stockade
May 19th 2016Matthew ArnoldObermann Once More
May 18th 2016Percy Bysshe ShelleyInvocation
May 17th 2016Wang WeiSeeing Off Yuan the Second on a Mission to Anxi
May 16th 2016John ClareLove Lives Beyond The Tomb
May 15th 2016Elizabeth Barrett BrowningA Thought For A Lonely Death-Bed
May 14th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonThe Daylight is Dying
May 13th 2016Samuel ColeridgeThe Moon, how definite its orb! (fragment)
May 12th 2016Elizabeth Barrett BrowningOn A Portrait Of Wordsworth
May 11th 2016Constantine P. CavafyReturn
May 10th 2016Robert William ServiceRagetty Doll
May 9th 2016Bertolt BrechtFrom A German War Primer
May 8th 2016Robert William ServiceEuthansia
May 7th 2016George HerbertEmployment (I)
May 6th 2016Dylan ThomasLament
May 5th 2016William CowperJehovah-Shalom. The Lord Send Peace
May 3rd 2016John DonneElegy II: The Anagram
May 2nd 2016Wilfred OwenInsensibility
May 1st 2016Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO THE DISTANT ONE.
April 2016
April 30th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Seed
April 29th 2016Thomas HardyThe Voice
April 28th 2016Michael DraytonSonnet XVIII: To This Our World
April 27th 2016Robert HerrickTO THE GENIUS OF HIS HOUSE
April 26th 2016Edmund SpenserPoem 90
April 25th 2016John KeatsOn Fame
April 24th 2016W. H. AudenAre You There?
April 23rd 2016Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 26 - I lived with visions for my company
April 22nd 2016A.E. HousmanHughley Steeple
April 21st 2016Oscar WildePoem: Serenade (For Music)
April 20th 2016Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE FAITHLESS BOY.
April 19th 2016Yehuda AmichaiA Jewish Cemetery In Germany
April 18th 2016Thomas HardyHer Late Husband (King's-Hintock, 182-.)
April 17th 2016William BlakePreludium to Europe
April 16th 2016Philip LarkinMaturity
April 15th 2016Gerard Manley HopkinsLove Preparing to Fly
April 14th 2016Lewis CarrollThe Voice of the Lobster
April 13th 2016W. H. AudenA New Age
April 12th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Joy Of Little Things
April 11th 2016Lord ByronAdieu, Adieu! My Native Land
April 10th 2016Andree ChedidThe Ever-Patient Woman
April 9th 2016Edmund SpenserPoem 21
April 8th 2016Algernon Charles SwinburneA Year's Burden -- 1870
April 7th 2016Edmund SpenserSonnet XLVI
April 6th 2016G.K. ChestertonThe New Freethinker
April 5th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Mother
April 4th 2016Vasko PopaFar Within Us #4
April 3rd 2016Pablo NerudaOde To Conger Chowder
April 2nd 2016Samuel ColeridgeDuty Surviving Self-Love
April 1st 2016Christina RossettiPassing away, saith the World
March 2016
March 31st 2016John KeatsWhere's the Poet?
March 30th 2016William Lisle BowlesOn a Beautiful Landscape
March 29th 2016Algernon Charles SwinburneA Child's Laughter
March 28th 2016Robert William ServiceGrumpy Grandpa
March 27th 2016Percy Bysshe ShelleyAutumn: A Dirge
March 26th 2016Thomas HardyA Spot
March 25th 2016Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 72. Risest thou thus, dim dawn, again
March 24th 2016Sir Henry NewboltA Letter From the Front
March 23rd 2016Yosa BusonStraw sandal half sunk
March 22nd 2016Robert Burns449. Song—The Flowery banks of Cree
March 21st 2016Thomas HardyLausanne, In Gibbon's Old Garden: 11-12 p.m.
March 20th 2016Robert William ServiceVillage Don Juan
March 19th 2016Lewis CarrollHow Doth the Little Crocodile
March 18th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Quest
March 17th 2016Oscar WildePoem: My Voice
March 16th 2016Mahmoud DarwishI Am There
March 15th 2016Robert William ServiceThe Hearth-Stone
March 14th 2016Thomas CarewSong. Murdering Beauty
March 13th 2016Algernon Charles SwinburneTime And Life
March 12th 2016Robert HerrickCHERRY RIPE
March 11th 2016Henry LawsonWhen The `Army' Prays For Watty
March 10th 2016John KeatsFill For Me A Brimming Bowl
March 9th 2016Sir Philip SidneyThis Lady's Cruelty
March 8th 2016Edmund SpenserPoem 23
March 7th 2016Henry LawsonCameron's Heart
March 6th 2016A.E. HousmanThe Winds Out of the West Land Blow
March 5th 2016Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: Thy Voice is Heard
March 4th 2016Hilaire BellocFrog, The
March 3rd 2016John DrydenVeni, Creator Spiritus
March 2nd 2016Robert HerrickTHE PLAUDITE, OR END OF LIFE
March 1st 2016Li PoGoing Up Yoyang Tower
February 2016
February 29th 2016Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 7. Dark house, by which once more I s
February 28th 2016Federico Garcia LorcaRomance Sonámbulo
February 27th 2016Algernon Charles SwinburneAperotos Eros
February 26th 2016Siegfried SassoonThe Dark House
February 25th 2016Marianne MooreBaseball and Writing
February 24th 2016Dante AlighieriParadiso (Italian)
February 23rd 2016Guillaume ApollinaireMarizibill
February 22nd 2016Thomas HardyThe Convergence Of The Twain
February 20th 2016Matsuo BashoA bee
February 18th 2016Li PoA Vindication
February 17th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonMorgan's Dog
February 16th 2016Sir Thomas BrownSalve!
February 15th 2016Robert BrowningHoly-Cross Day
February 14th 2016A.E. HousmanThe Grizzly Bear
February 13th 2016George William Russell73. A Call
February 11th 2016George William Russell5. The Hermit
February 10th 2016Robert Burns193. On Scaring some Water-Fowl in Lock Turit
February 9th 2016Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFROM 'THE SORROWS OF YOUNG WERTHER.'
February 8th 2016Arthur Hugh CloughTo Spend Uncounted Years Of Pain
February 7th 2016Yves BonnefoyThe house where I was born (02)
February 6th 2016Siegfried SassoonTo a Childless Woman
February 5th 2016A.A. MilneLines and Squares
February 4th 2016Robert Burns360. Song—Ae fond Kiss
February 3rd 2016Robert William ServiceLes Grands Mutiles
February 2nd 2016Dame Edith SitwellAubade
February 1st 2016R.S. ThomasAlbum
January 2016
January 31st 2016William Butler YeatsFriends
January 30th 2016Robert Burns113. A Dedication to Gavin Hamilton, Esq.
January 29th 2016William Butler YeatsThe Spur
January 28th 2016W. H. AudenTwelve Songs
January 27th 2016Robert Burns123. Lines to an Old Sweetheart
January 25th 2016Yehuda AmichaiA Pity, We Were Such A Good Invention
January 24th 2016Emily BronteA Day Dream
January 23rd 2016Sir Thomas BrownDora
January 22nd 2016Stevie SmithDeeply Morbid
January 21st 2016Alden NowlanThe Masks of Love
January 20th 2016Rainer Maria RilkeTelling You All
January 19th 2016Christopher SmartJubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 2
January 18th 2016William Butler YeatsThe Saint And The Hunchback
January 17th 2016Seamus HeaneyMossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication
January 16th 2016Emily BronteHow still, how happy!
January 15th 2016Matsuo BashoDon't imitate me
January 14th 2016Margaret AtwoodVariation On The Word Sleep
January 13th 2016Robert Burns557. Song—Fairest Maid on Devon’s Banks
January 12th 2016Thomas HardyShe At His Funeral
January 11th 2016Robert William ServiceBonehead Bill
January 10th 2016Rainer Maria RilkePiano Practice
January 9th 2016William Butler YeatsThe Happy Townland
January 8th 2016Siegfried SassoonDreamers
January 7th 2016Yehuda AmichaiI Don't Know If History Repeats Itself
January 6th 2016Andrew Barton PatersonThe Old Tin Hat
January 5th 2016Walter Savage LandorIn spring and summer winds may blow
January 3rd 2016Osip MandelstamThe Age
January 2nd 2016John KeatsBright Star, Would I Were Steadfast As Thou Art
January 1st 2016Robert Burns200. Song—The Young Highland Rover
December 2015
December 31st 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 111: O, for my sake do you with Fortune chide
December 27th 2015Robert William ServiceA Plea
December 26th 2015Eavan BolandThe Black Lace Fan My Mother Gave Me
December 25th 2015Katherine PhilipsTo My Antenor
December 24th 2015Robert William ServiceLast Look
December 23rd 2015Michael DraytonSonnet LVII: You Best Discern'd
December 22nd 2015Rainer Maria RilkeSacrifice
December 21st 2015Richard CrashawTo the Name above every Name, the Name of Jesus
December 20th 2015Sir Walter RaleighLife
December 19th 2015Michael DraytonSonnet LV: My Fair, If Thou Wilt
December 18th 2015G.K. ChestertonWho Goes Home?
December 17th 2015Paul CelanCologne
December 16th 2015Robert HerrickTHE BAD SEASON MAKES THE POET SAD
December 15th 2015Rainer Maria RilkeWhat Birds Plunge Through Is Not The Intimate Space
December 14th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Philanderer
December 13th 2015Alfred Lord TennysonDemeter And Persephone
December 12th 2015John DonneA Hymn To God The Father
December 11th 2015Siegfried SassoonDream-Forest
December 10th 2015John MiltonPsalm 02
December 9th 2015Robert GravesTo an Ungentle Critic
December 8th 2015Robert William ServiceInfirmities
December 7th 2015Robert HerrickTO SIR CLIPSBY CREW
December 6th 2015John DonneElegy VIII: The Comparison
December 5th 2015George William Russell93. The Mountaineer
December 4th 2015Robert William ServiceWinding Wool
December 3rd 2015Elizabeth JenningsAccepted
December 2nd 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 14: Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck
December 1st 2015Vasko PopaFar Within Us #6
November 2015
November 30th 2015Robert William ServiceGood-Bye, Little Cabin
November 29th 2015Wang WeiAt the Lake Pavilion
November 28th 2015Robert Burns159. Song—My Lord a-Hunting he is gane
November 27th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 13: O, that you were your self! But, love, you are
November 26th 2015Walter Savage LandorYears
November 25th 2015Walter Savage LandorI Strove with None
November 24th 2015Rainer Maria RilkeSense Of Something Coming
November 23rd 2015Robert Burns163. On Elphinstone’s Translation of Martial’s Epigrams
November 22nd 2015George William Russell21. The Dawn of Darkness
November 21st 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheWONT AND DONE.
November 20th 2015Edmund SpenserSonnet VI
November 19th 2015Samuel ColeridgeOn Donne's Poetry
November 18th 2015Robert William ServiceVain Venture
November 17th 2015Robert William ServiceMy Hero
November 15th 2015G.K. ChestertonThe New Omar
November 14th 2015George William Russell121. Illusion
November 13th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE SAME, EXPANDED.
November 12th 2015Federico Garcia LorcaFare Well
November 11th 2015Robert Burns279. Epigram on Francis Grose the Antiquary
November 10th 2015Charles BaudelaireTHE REMORSE OF THE DEAD
November 9th 2015Robert William ServiceStupidity
November 8th 2015A.A. MilneBuckingham Palace
November 7th 2015Robert William ServiceInspiration
November 6th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Tramps
November 5th 2015Robert Burns130. Nature’s Law: A Poem
November 4th 2015Robert Burns377. Song—The Country Lass
November 3rd 2015Walter Savage LandorAcon and Rhodope
November 2nd 2015Henry LawsonThe Tragedy
November 1st 2015Alfred Lord TennysonThe Passing Of Arthur
October 2015
October 31st 2015Henry LawsonOn The Night Train
October 30th 2015William BlakeSleep! Sleep! Beauty Bright
October 29th 2015D.H. LawrenceConundrums
October 25th 2015Gerard Manley HopkinsThee, God, I Come from
October 24th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 22: My glass shall not persuade me I am old
October 23rd 2015Rudyard KiplingGunga Din
October 22nd 2015Michael DraytonNymphidia, The Court Of Fairy (excerpts)
October 21st 2015John BetjemanA Shropshire Lad
October 20th 2015Michael DraytonSonnet XXXIX: Some, When in Rhyme
October 19th 2015Thomas HardyIn Tenebris
October 18th 2015Gerard Manley HopkinsCheery Beggar
October 17th 2015Hilaire BellocJuliet
October 16th 2015Percy Bysshe ShelleyThe Two Spirits: An Allegory
October 15th 2015Christina RossettiMarvel of Marvels
October 14th 2015Peter CherchesLift Your Right Arm
October 13th 2015Emily BronteA Death - Scene
October 12th 2015Lewis CarrollThe Mad Gardener's Song
October 11th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE SWISS ALPS.
October 10th 2015Robert HerrickON HIMSELF
October 9th 2015Emily BronteStanza
October 8th 2015Robert Burns78. Epitaph for James Smith
October 7th 2015Robert William ServiceDark Truth
October 6th 2015John BetjemanA Bay In Anglesey
October 5th 2015Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 15 - Accuse me not, beseech thee, that I wear
October 4th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheNEMESIS.
October 3rd 2015Edward LearThere Was An Old Person Of Nice
October 2nd 2015Michael DraytonSonnet XXXIV: Marvel Not, Love
October 1st 2015Alexander PopeAn Essay On Criticism
September 2015
September 29th 2015William Butler YeatsHis Bargain
September 27th 2015Rupert BrookeSuccess
September 26th 2015William Butler YeatsSwift's Epitaph
September 25th 2015Robert BrowningConfessions
September 24th 2015Jorge Luis BorgesRemorse For Any Death
September 23rd 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMORNING LAMENT.
September 22nd 2015D.H. LawrenceMalade
September 21st 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Many
September 20th 2015Theodore RoethkeThe Geranium
September 19th 2015G.K. ChestertonThe Song of the Oak
September 17th 2015Robert Burns288. Song—The Braes o’ Killiecrankie
September 15th 2015Robert William ServiceFi-Fi In Bed
September 14th 2015Samuel ColeridgeYouth And Age
September 13th 2015Robert Burns243. Elegy on the Year 1788
September 12th 2015John DonneThe Funeral
September 11th 2015John MiltonSonnet 21
September 6th 2015George William Russell118. Whom We Worship
September 5th 2015Gerard Manley HopkinsAsh-Boughs
September 4th 2015Anna AkhmatovaWillow
September 3rd 2015Robert Burns317. Song—The Banks o’ Doon (Second Version)
September 2nd 2015Robert HerrickTO HIS CONSCIENCE
September 1st 2015Christina RossettiFrom Sunset to Star Rise
August 2015
August 31st 2015Ted HughesThistles
August 30th 2015A.E. HousmanThe Lads in Their Hundreds
August 29th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 69: Those parts of thee that the world's eye doth view
August 28th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Ballad Of The Ice-Worm Cocktail
August 27th 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneTo Dora Dorian
August 26th 2015Geoffrey ChaucerTroilus And Criseyde: Book 04
August 25th 2015Elizabeth Barrett BrowningWork And Contemplation
August 24th 2015Alexander PopeImpromptu, to Lady Winchelsea
August 23rd 2015Elizabeth JenningsA Chorus
August 22nd 2015Robert HerrickEpitaph upon a Child that died
August 21st 2015Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Habit Of Perfection
August 20th 2015Sir Philip SidneySonnet VI: Some Lovers Speak
August 19th 2015Robert BrowningSummum Bonum
August 18th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonAt the Melting of the Snow
August 17th 2015Dylan ThomasThis Side Of The Truth
August 16th 2015William Ernest HenleyEngland, My England
August 15th 2015John DonneHoly Sonnet IX: If Poisonous Minerals, And If That Tree
August 14th 2015Robert Burns1. Song—Handsome Nell
August 13th 2015Robert Burns37. Epitaph on William Muir
August 12th 2015William BlakeTo Morning
August 11th 2015Robert Burns325. Song—What can a Young Lassie do wi’ an Auld Man?
August 10th 2015W. H. AudenIn Praise Of Limestone
August 9th 2015William CowperLines Written During A Period Of Insanity
August 8th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE BRIDE OF CORINTH.
August 6th 2015Robert William ServiceWhat Kisses Had John Keats?
August 5th 2015Lewis CarrollAcrostic
August 4th 2015George William Russell40. Brotherhood
August 3rd 2015Margaret AtwoodNight Poem
August 2nd 2015George William Russell51. Divine Visitation
August 1st 2015Robert William ServiceThe Stretcher-Bearer
July 2015
July 31st 2015Eavan BolandMore Than Suspect
July 30th 2015Michael DraytonThe Battle Of Agincourt
July 29th 2015Theodore RoethkeThe Waking
July 28th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 29: When in disgrace with Fortune and men's eyes
July 27th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonSwinging the Lead
July 25th 2015Robert HerrickTo His Mistress Objecting To Him Neither Toying Nor Talking
July 24th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 105: Let not my love be called idolatry
July 23rd 2015Sir Thomas BrownRisus Dei
July 22nd 2015Robert William ServiceThe Judgement
July 21st 2015Lewis CarrollThe Lang Coortin'
July 20th 2015Osip MandelstamTristia
July 19th 2015Robert GravesLost Love
July 18th 2015Henry LawsonFaces In The Street
July 17th 2015Robert Burns345. Song—Frae the friends and land I love
July 16th 2015Pablo NerudaAlways
July 15th 2015Derek WalcottLove After Love
July 14th 2015George HerbertSin
July 13th 2015D.H. LawrenceTo Women As Far As I'm Concerned
July 12th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE FROGS.
July 11th 2015Robert GravesSmoke-Rings
July 10th 2015Rupert BrookeFailure
July 9th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 72: O, lest the world should task you to recite
July 8th 2015Robert William ServiceThe End Of The Trail
July 7th 2015Robert Burns23. I’ll go and be a Sodger
July 6th 2015Samuel ColeridgeLove's Apparition and Evanishment: An Allegoric Romance
July 5th 2015Federico Garcia LorcaSonnet of the Sweet Complaint
July 4th 2015Charlotte BronteThe Wood
July 3rd 2015John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 02
July 2nd 2015Robert Burns199. Song—My Peggy’s Charms
July 1st 2015John DrydenSong From Marriage-A-La-Mode
June 2015
June 30th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonIn the Stable
June 29th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonWith French to Kimberley
June 28th 2015Thomas CarewLips and Eyes.
June 27th 2015Robert William ServiceBook Lover
June 26th 2015Rupert BrookeLibido
June 25th 2015Federico Garcia LorcaGacela of the Dark Death
June 24th 2015Robert Burns516. Song—I’ll aye ca’ in by yon town
June 23rd 2015Robert Burns233. Song—O were I on Parnassus Hill
June 22nd 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Lute And The Lyre
June 21st 2015George HerbertProvidence
June 19th 2015George HerbertMortification
June 18th 2015William Butler YeatsHe Hears The Cry Of The Sedge
June 17th 2015Robert GravesCherry-Time
June 16th 2015Bertolt BrechtTo The Students Of The Workers' And Peasants' Faculty
June 15th 2015Jonathan SwiftMrs Frances Haris's Petition
June 14th 2015William BlakeThe Marriage of Heaven and Hell
June 13th 2015Thomas HardyA Wife In London
June 12th 2015John DrydenSong For Saint Cecilia's Day, 1687
June 11th 2015Henry LawsonA Prouder Man Than You
June 10th 2015Alfred Lord TennysonThe Lady Of Shalott
June 9th 2015G.K. ChestertonThe Great Minimum
June 8th 2015George HerbertEaster Wings
June 7th 2015Dylan ThomasA Refusal To Mourn The Death, By Fire, Of A Child In London
June 6th 2015Rupert BrookeTown and Country
June 5th 2015William CowperWelcome to the Table
June 4th 2015Robert GravesBabylon
June 3rd 2015Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 11. Calm is the morn without a sound
June 2nd 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneA Marching Song
June 1st 2015Hilaire BellocOn the Ladies of Pixton
May 2015
May 31st 2015Robert HerrickTHE PRESENT; OR, THE BAG OF THE BEE:
May 30th 2015James WrightHaving Lost My Sons, I Confront The Wreckage Of The Moon: Christmas, 1960
May 29th 2015Mark StrandThe New Poetry Handbook
May 28th 2015Sir Henry NewboltIonicus
May 27th 2015Hilaire BellocThe Statue
May 26th 2015Les MurrayThe Aboriginal Cricketer
May 25th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 94: They that have power to hurt and will do none
May 24th 2015Pablo NerudaOde To a Chestnut on the Ground
May 23rd 2015Robert Burns424. Song—Phillis the Fair
May 22nd 2015Edmund SpenserSonnet LIIII
May 21st 2015Sir Thomas BrownMy Garden
May 20th 2015HomerThe Iliad: Book III
May 19th 2015Wang WeiFarewell (II)
May 18th 2015John KeatsHyperion
May 17th 2015Robert William ServiceMad Maria
May 16th 2015William Butler YeatsInto The Twilight
May 15th 2015Elizabeth Barrett BrowningA Curse For A Nation
May 14th 2015G.K. ChestertonThe Last Hero
May 12th 2015Robert William ServiceTwo Men (J. L. And R. B.)
May 11th 2015Michael DraytonSonnet XXXVII: Dear, Why Should You
May 10th 2015John BetjemanVerses Turned...
May 9th 2015Robert Burns267. Song—Jamie, Come Try Me
May 8th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonThe Old Australian Ways
May 7th 2015Robert Burns252. Lines to John M’Murdo of Drumlanrig
May 5th 2015Alfred Lord TennysonEnoch Arden
May 4th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonIt's Grand
May 3rd 2015Robert Burns386. The Rights of Women—Spoken by Miss Fontenelle
May 2nd 2015Robert Burns433. Song—Down the Burn, Davie love
May 1st 2015Samuel ColeridgeRecollections Of Love
April 2015
April 30th 2015Li PoClimbing West Of Lotus Flower Peak
April 29th 2015Yosa BusonMy arm for a pillow
April 28th 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneA Ninth Birthday
April 27th 2015Samuel ColeridgeTo A Primrose
April 26th 2015Robert HerrickDivination By A Daffodil
April 25th 2015D.H. LawrenceBelief
April 24th 2015Robert Burns35. Epitaph on William Hood, Senior
April 23rd 2015Percy Bysshe ShelleyTo Wordsworth
April 22nd 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneItylus
April 21st 2015George William Russell12. Echoes
April 20th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Bliss Of Ignorance
April 19th 2015William Butler YeatsCrazy Jane Talks With The Bishop
April 18th 2015Robert BurnsTo A Mouse
April 17th 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneA Watch In The Night
April 16th 2015William BlakeThe Two Songs
April 15th 2015Wang WeiFarewell to Hsin Chien at Hibiscus Pavilion
April 14th 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneA Ballad of Dreamland
April 13th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheDIFFERENT THREATS.
April 12th 2015Matthew ArnoldSong of Callicles, The
April 11th 2015Robert William ServiceRover's Rest
April 10th 2015George HerbertSunday
April 9th 2015Robert William ServiceJane
April 8th 2015Walter Savage LandorTwenty Years Hence
April 7th 2015Kobayashi IssaThe snow is melting
April 6th 2015Li PoMoon over Mountain Pass
April 5th 2015William Butler YeatsWisdom
April 4th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonThe Last Trump
April 3rd 2015Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Last Oracle
April 2nd 2015A.R. AmmonsDesign
April 1st 2015John KeatsThe Day Is Gone, And All Its Sweets Are Gone
March 2015
March 30th 2015Elizabeth Barrett BrowningTo George Sand: A Recognition
March 29th 2015Robert Burns49. Epigram on the said Occasion
March 28th 2015Lord ByronSiege and Conquest of Alhama, The
March 27th 2015George William Russell104. The Pain of Earth
March 26th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Scribe's Prayer
March 25th 2015Robert HerrickAN EPITAPH UPON A CHILD
March 24th 2015Alfred Lord TennysonMaud: A Monodrama (Part I, excerpt)
March 23rd 2015W. H. AudenRoman Wall Blues
March 22nd 2015George William Russell63. Comfort
March 21st 2015Wang WeiA Song of Peach-Blossom River
March 20th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 154: The little Love-god lying once asleep
March 19th 2015Hilaire BellocThe Marmozet
March 18th 2015Charles BaudelaireMy Earlier Life
March 17th 2015Francois VillonBallade To Our Lady
March 16th 2015Marianne MooreThe Fish
March 15th 2015Mahmoud DarwishUnder Siege
March 14th 2015Robert Burns154. Lines Inscribed under Fergusson’s Portrait
March 13th 2015Robert BrowningThe Flight Of The Duchess
March 12th 2015Sir Philip SidneySonnet V: It Is Most True
March 11th 2015Robert BrowningThe Twins
March 10th 2015Ernest DowsonGrowth
March 9th 2015Andrew MarvellThe Definition Of Love
March 8th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Gramaphone At Fond-Du-Lac
March 7th 2015Henry LawsonThe Fire At Ross's Farm
March 6th 2015William Butler YeatsThe Withering Of The Boughs
March 5th 2015William ShakespeareSonnet 132: Thine eyes I love, and they, as pitying me
March 4th 2015Ben JonsonOn Salathiel Pavy
March 3rd 2015John BurnsideLandscapes
March 2nd 2015Matthew ArnoldCadmus and Harmonia
March 1st 2015Robert HerrickWANT
February 2015
February 28th 2015A.A. MilneTeddy Bear
February 27th 2015Jorge Luis BorgesTo A Cat
February 26th 2015Christianne BalkDeparture
February 25th 2015Constantine P. CavafyOf The Shop
February 24th 2015Walter Savage LandorWhy, Why Repine
February 23rd 2015G.K. ChestertonOn the Disastrous Spread of Aestheticism in all Classes
February 22nd 2015William BarnesThe Surprise
February 21st 2015Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Woodlark
February 20th 2015Alfred Lord TennysonAudley Court
February 19th 2015A.R. AmmonsMule Song
February 18th 2015Siegfried SassoonWonderment
February 17th 2015Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 03 - Unlike are we, unlike, O princely Heart!
February 16th 2015George HerbertArtillery
February 15th 2015Rupert BrookeA Letter to a Live Poet
February 14th 2015George William Russell128. The Garden of God
February 13th 2015William Butler YeatsThe Shadowy Waters: Introductory Lines
February 12th 2015Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFAREWELL.
February 11th 2015Lord ByronMaid of Athens, ere we part
February 10th 2015Federico Garcia LorcaGacela of Unforseen Love
February 9th 2015Kobayashi IssaNew Year's Day
February 8th 2015Thomas HardyShe, To Him III
February 7th 2015Rupert BrookeDesertion
February 6th 2015Robert BrowningMy Last Duchess
February 5th 2015William CowperRetirement
February 4th 2015Robert Burns117. Song—Farewell to Eliza
February 3rd 2015Anna AkhmatovaLot's Wife
February 2nd 2015Roald DahlThe Pig
February 1st 2015Jonathan SwiftThe Sick Lion and the Ass
January 2015
January 31st 2015Robert HerrickTO SILVIA TO WED
January 30th 2015Robert HerrickALL THINGS DECAY AND DIE
January 29th 2015Andrew Barton PatersonA Ballad of Ducks
January 28th 2015Robert William ServiceWas It You?
January 27th 2015William Butler YeatsThe Second Coming
January 26th 2015Federico Garcia LorcaThe Gypsy and the Wind
January 25th 2015Mary OliverHappiness
January 24th 2015John MasefieldSonnet
January 23rd 2015George William Russell110. Children of Lir
January 22nd 2015Robert HerrickTHE CHANGES: TO CORINNA
January 21st 2015Andrew Barton PatersonHow Gilbert Died
January 19th 2015Kobayashi IssaNot very anxious
January 18th 2015Jorge Luis BorgesWe are the time. We are the famous
January 17th 2015Yosa BusonDawn
January 16th 2015John ClareEarly Nightingale
January 15th 2015George HerbertThe Altar
January 14th 2015D.H. LawrenceListening
January 13th 2015Henry LawsonFrom the Bush
January 12th 2015Robert Burns314. Song—There’ll never be Peace till Jamie comes hame
January 11th 2015Seamus HeaneyCasualty
January 10th 2015Keith DouglasCairo Jag
January 9th 2015Robert William ServiceThe Monster
January 8th 2015Rupert BrookeThe Old Vicarage, Granchester
January 7th 2015George HerbertLove (I)
January 6th 2015Christina RossettiWho Has Seen the Wind?
January 5th 2015Hilaire BellocTiger, The
January 4th 2015Mark StrandKeeping Things Whole
January 3rd 2015Charles BaudelaireCorrespondences
January 2nd 2015William BlakePreludium to America
January 1st 2015William Butler YeatsI Am Of Ireland
December 2014
December 31st 2014Walter Savage LandorTo Age
December 29th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE PROSPEROUS VOYAGE.
December 28th 2014R.S. ThomasThe Woman
December 27th 2014Dylan ThomasAnd Death Shall Have No Dominion
December 26th 2014Ben JonsonCome, My Celia
December 25th 2014Christina RossettiBeneath Thy Cross
December 24th 2014James WrightA Note Left In Jimmy Leonard's Shack
December 23rd 2014Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXXIII: I Might
December 22nd 2014John FletcherLove's Emblems
December 21st 2014W. H. AudenThe Novelist
December 20th 2014R.S. ThomasNinetieth Birthday
December 19th 2014Robert HerrickBURIAL
December 18th 2014Samuel ColeridgeFears In Solitude
December 17th 2014Robert William ServiceAt Thirty-Five
December 16th 2014Arthur Hugh CloughSay not the Struggle Naught availeth
December 15th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonThe Lord of Burleigh
December 14th 2014Thomas HardyThe Dream-Follower
December 13th 2014Matthew ArnoldThyrsis, a Monody
December 12th 2014John FletcherHence, All You Vain Delights from the Nice Valour
December 11th 2014Czeslaw MiloszSong on the End of the World
December 10th 2014Sir Philip SidneySonnet LXXI: Who Will in Fairest Book
December 9th 2014Thomas HardyMismet
December 8th 2014Robert William ServiceBelated Conscience
December 6th 2014Patrick KavanaghPeace
December 5th 2014Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point
December 4th 2014Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Song Of The Standard
December 3rd 2014William Ernest HenleyInvictus
December 2nd 2014Elizabeth Barrett BrowningAn Apprehension
December 1st 2014A.A. MilneBrownie
November 2014
November 30th 2014Robert William ServiceSailor Son
November 29th 2014Hugo WilliamsTimer
November 28th 2014Henry LawsonBlack Bonnet
November 27th 2014Thomas HardyThe Oxen
November 26th 2014Thomas HardyThe Slow Nature
November 25th 2014George William Russell82. The Winds of Angus
November 20th 2014Elizabeth BishopTrouvée
November 19th 2014Robert BrowningBishop Blougram's Apology
November 18th 2014George HerbertAffliction (III)
November 17th 2014William Ernest HenleyBarmaid
November 16th 2014Robert William ServiceWasherwife
November 15th 2014A.E. HousmanThe Welsh Marches
November 14th 2014Robert HerrickMiseries
November 13th 2014Robert William ServiceMy Hundred Books
November 12th 2014Pablo NerudaLove Sonnet XVII
November 11th 2014Czeslaw MiloszArs Poetica?
November 10th 2014John BetjemanHow To Get On In Society
November 9th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 97: How like a winter hath my absence been
November 8th 2014Edward LearThe Table And The Chair
November 7th 2014Ben JonsonThe Noble Balm
November 6th 2014Robert William ServiceMy Dog
November 5th 2014John BetjemanSlough
November 4th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 136: If thy soul check thee that I come so near
November 3rd 2014Rupert BrookeMary and Gabriel
November 2nd 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE COUNTRY SCHOOLMASTER.
November 1st 2014Thomas HardyNo Buyers
October 2014
October 31st 2014Alexander PopeCouplets on Wit
October 30th 2014Robert William ServiceMy Rival
October 29th 2014Samuel ColeridgePhantom
October 28th 2014Rainer Maria RilkeDuino Elegies: The First Elegy
October 27th 2014Siegfried SassoonCompanions
October 26th 2014Algernon Charles SwinburneDead Love
October 25th 2014D.H. LawrenceEpilogue
October 24th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheWITH A GOLDEN NECKLACE.
October 23rd 2014Ernest DowsonTo One In Bedlam
October 22nd 2014Robert HerrickTO PERENNA
October 21st 2014John MasefieldA Wanderer's Song
October 20th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 146: Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth
October 19th 2014Oscar WildePoem: To My Wife - With A Copy Of My Poems
October 18th 2014A.S.J. TessimondEpitaph For Our Children
October 17th 2014Robert HerrickTHE FAIRIES
October 16th 2014Pablo NerudaOde To The Lemon
October 15th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonYou Ask Me, Why, Tho' Ill at Ease
October 14th 2014Robert William ServiceMy Foe
October 13th 2014Siegfried SassoonFight to a Finish
October 12th 2014Kobayashi IssaThese sea slugs
October 11th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 30: When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
October 10th 2014Robert Burns209. Song—M’Pherson’s Farewell
October 9th 2014William CowperGod Moves In A Mysterious Way
October 8th 2014Siegfried SassoonBombardment
October 4th 2014Constantine P. CavafyUnderstanding
October 3rd 2014Elizabeth BishopArgument
October 2nd 2014Sir Thomas BrownOpifex
October 1st 2014Thomas HardyWhen I Set Out For Lyonnesse
September 2014
September 30th 2014George HerbertEven-song
September 29th 2014William CowperWalking With God
September 28th 2014Edward FitzgeraldThe Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam Of Naishapur
September 27th 2014W. H. AudenVillanelle
September 26th 2014Rainer Maria RilkeChildhood
September 25th 2014Joseph BrodskyLetter to an Archaeologist
September 24th 2014George HerbertThe Windows
September 23rd 2014Georg TraklDe Profundis
September 21st 2014William CowperJehovah-Shammah
September 20th 2014Robert HerrickCASUALTIES
September 19th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO THE RISING FULL MOON.
September 18th 2014Robert William ServiceThe Black Sheep
September 17th 2014Robert William ServiceThe Return
September 16th 2014Christianne BalkLauds for St. Germaine Cousin (1579-1601)
September 15th 2014John BetjemanDiary of a Church Mouse
September 14th 2014D.H. LawrenceDolor of Autumn
September 13th 2014Michael OndaatjeElizabeth
September 12th 2014Robert William ServiceA Rusty Nail
September 11th 2014John WilmotThe Disabled Debauchee
September 10th 2014Robert Burns285. Song—I Gaed a Waefu’ Gate Yestreen
September 9th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 27: Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed
September 8th 2014Hilaire BellocTalking (and Singing) of the Nordic Man
September 7th 2014Oliver GoldsmithAn Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog
September 6th 2014Lewis CarrollFit the Fourth ( Hunting of the Snark )
September 5th 2014Robert Burns262. Delia: An Ode
September 4th 2014Robert Burns408. Commemoration of Rodney’s Victory
September 3rd 2014John DonneElegy V: His Picture
September 2nd 2014Richard CrashawOn Mr. G. Herbert's Book, Entitled the Temple of Sacred Poe
September 1st 2014Robert William ServiceThe Little Piou-Piou
August 2014
August 31st 2014William BlakeThe Human Abstract
August 30th 2014Edmund SpenserEaster
August 29th 2014Yehuda AmichaiGod Full Of Mercy
August 28th 2014Yosa BusonCoolness
August 27th 2014Henry LawsonKnocked Up
August 26th 2014John BetjemanSeaside Golf
August 25th 2014Robert William ServiceAt The Golden Pig
August 24th 2014Robert BrowningCavalier Tunes: Marching Along
August 23rd 2014Siegfried SassoonNight-Piece
August 22nd 2014Robert William ServiceA Song Of Winter Weather
August 21st 2014Robert HerrickANTHEA'S RETRACTATION
August 20th 2014William Butler YeatsA Prayer For Old Age
August 19th 2014Ben JonsonOn Elizabeth L. H.
August 18th 2014Andrew MarvellClorinda And Damon
August 17th 2014Robert William ServiceMunition Maker
August 16th 2014John BetjemanWinter Seascape
August 15th 2014Theodore RoethkeThe Storm
August 14th 2014Robert William ServiceMadam La Maquise
August 13th 2014Vasko PopaThe Victims Of The Little Box
August 12th 2014Kobayashi IssaBlossoms at night
August 11th 2014Robert William ServiceSunshine
August 10th 2014G.K. ChestertonThe Myth of Arthur
August 9th 2014Andrew MarvellThe Garden
August 8th 2014Ted HughesExamination at the Womb-Door
August 7th 2014John KeatsWritten On A Summer Evening
August 6th 2014Vasko PopaRace
August 5th 2014George William Russell19. Desire
August 4th 2014Andrew Barton PatersonCommandeering
August 3rd 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheEVER AND EVERYWHERE.
August 2nd 2014Henry LawsonUncle Harry
August 1st 2014Matsuo BashoThe old pond
July 2014
July 31st 2014Andrew MarvellTo His Coy Mistress
July 30th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonGuinevere
July 29th 2014Thomas HardyValenciennes
July 28th 2014Robert William ServiceCompensation Pete
July 27th 2014A.E. HousmanShot? So Quick, So Clean an Ending?
July 26th 2014G.K. ChestertonAntichrist, or the Reunion of Christendom: An Ode
July 25th 2014Robert William ServiceSentimental Shark
July 24th 2014Les MurrayCockspur Bush
July 23rd 2014Robert William ServiceDance-Hall Girls
July 22nd 2014Matsuo BashoBush warbler
July 21st 2014Robert William ServiceThe Duel
July 20th 2014Lord ByronTo Eliza
July 19th 2014John DonneA Valediction: Of Weeping
July 18th 2014John DonneHoly Sonnet II: As Due By Many Titles I Resign
July 17th 2014Constantine P. CavafyAnna Dalassené
July 16th 2014Emily BronteRemembrance
July 15th 2014Lord ByronTo Time
July 14th 2014Louis MacNeiceHouse On A Cliff
July 13th 2014Robert Burns329. Verses on the destruction of the Woods near Drumlanrig
July 12th 2014Robert Burns125. Lines to Mr. John Kennedy
July 11th 2014Siegfried SassoonThe One-Legged Man
July 10th 2014Rupert BrookeThe Night Journey
July 9th 2014John KeatsTo G.A.W.
July 8th 2014Robert William ServiceMACTAVISH
July 7th 2014Dylan ThomasLove In The Asylum
July 6th 2014Ben JonsonA Fit of Rhyme against Rhyme
July 5th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheA PARABLE.
July 4th 2014George William Russell46. To One Consecrated
July 3rd 2014Andrew Barton PatersonA Bush Lawyer
July 2nd 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE MUSE'S MIRROR.
July 1st 2014Robert Burns5. Tragic Fragment—All villain as I am
June 2014
June 30th 2014Henry LawsonCorny Bill
June 29th 2014Edmund SpenserPoem 9
June 28th 2014Edmund SpenserAmoretti LXXIX: Men Call you Fair
June 27th 2014William DrummondA Lament
June 26th 2014Robert Burns413. Grace before and after Meat
June 25th 2014Robert William ServicePoor Peter
June 24th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE SOLDIER'S CONSOLATION.
June 23rd 2014Alfred Lord TennysonTo Virgil
June 22nd 2014Thomas HardyIn A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury
June 21st 2014Theodore RoethkePickle Belt
June 20th 2014Mary OliverToward The Space Age
June 19th 2014Philip LarkinTo Put One Brick Upon Another
June 18th 2014Les MurrayShower
June 17th 2014William Butler YeatsHound Voice
June 16th 2014Andrew Barton PatersonOnly a Jockey
June 15th 2014Michael DraytonSonnet XLIII: Why Should Your Fair Eyes
June 14th 2014Michael DraytonThe Parting
June 13th 2014Michael DraytonSonnet XLII: Some Men There Be
June 12th 2014Carol Ann DuffyWords, Wide Night
June 11th 2014D.H. LawrenceGreen
June 10th 2014Dylan ThomasHoly Spring
June 9th 2014Les MurrayMusic To Me Is Like Days
June 8th 2014John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 12
June 7th 2014Alexander PopeArgus
June 6th 2014Robert Burns313. Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots
June 5th 2014John DonneHoly Sonnet V: I Am A Little World Made Cunningly
June 4th 2014Robert William ServiceFlower Gardener
June 3rd 2014Robert HerrickUPON ROSES
June 2nd 2014Margaret AtwoodProvisions
June 1st 2014Robert HerrickTO BLOSSOMS
May 2014
May 31st 2014Rupert BrookeSonnet: Oh! Death will find me, long before I tire
May 30th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 82: I grant thou wert not married to my Muse
May 29th 2014William BlakeThe Four Zoas (excerpt)
May 28th 2014Robert BrowningThus the Mayne glideth
May 27th 2014Alexander PopeEpigram Engraved on the Collar of a Dog Which I Gave to His Royal Highness
May 26th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonMinnie and Winnie
May 25th 2014Robert BrowningOld Pictures In Florence
May 24th 2014Sir Philip SidneyTo The Sad Moon
May 23rd 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE RECKONING.
May 22nd 2014Pablo NerudaGentleman Alone
May 21st 2014Robert William ServiceMy Garden
May 20th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 65: Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor boundless sea
May 19th 2014Robert William ServiceWistful
May 18th 2014Li PoLeaving White King City
May 17th 2014William Butler YeatsPeace
May 16th 2014Henry LawsonThe Shearers
May 15th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE CONVERT.
May 14th 2014Pablo NerudaLeaning Into The Afternoons
May 13th 2014George William Russell62. The Free
May 12th 2014Philip LarkinNothing To Be Said
May 11th 2014Algernon Charles SwinburneAn Appeal
May 10th 2014Federico Garcia LorcaThe Little Mute Boy
May 9th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 126. Love is and was my Lord and King
May 8th 2014D.H. LawrenceA Passing Bell
May 7th 2014William BlakeNow Art Has Lost Its Mental Charms
May 6th 2014Edmund SpenserPoem 95
May 5th 2014Andrew Barton PatersonThe Lay of the Motor-Car
May 4th 2014Thomas GraySonnet On The Death Of Mr Richard West
May 3rd 2014George William Russell168. In Memoriam
May 2nd 2014Oscar WildePoem: The Grave Of Keats
May 1st 2014A.S.J. TessimondNever
April 2014
April 30th 2014A.S.J. TessimondAttack On The Ad-Man
April 29th 2014Charlotte BrontePreference
April 28th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSONG OF FELLOWSHIP.
April 27th 2014John BetjemanGuilt
April 26th 2014Harold PinterMessage
April 25th 2014Robert Burns148. To Miss Logan, with Beattie’s Poems
April 24th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonMariana
April 23rd 2014Oscar WildePoem: Desespoir
April 22nd 2014Emily BronteThe Night is Darkening Around Me
April 21st 2014Matsuo BashoThe dragonfly
April 20th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFINNISH SONG.
April 19th 2014James WrightOn The Skeleton Of A Hound
April 18th 2014William BlakeMy Spectre Around Me
April 17th 2014Edmund SpenserAmoretti XXII: This Holy Season
April 16th 2014William Butler YeatsTo Dorothy Wellesley
April 15th 2014G.K. ChestertonThe Human Tree
April 14th 2014Andrew Barton PatersonWhat Have the Cavalry Done?
April 13th 2014John WilmotTo This Moment a Rebel
April 12th 2014Robert Burns231. Epistle to Robert Graham, Esq., of Fintry
April 11th 2014Robert Burns503. inscription on Mr. Syme’s crystal goblet
April 10th 2014William Butler YeatsA Model For The Laureate
April 9th 2014Robert Burns57. Holy Willie’s Prayer
April 8th 2014John MasefieldCargoes
April 7th 2014Samuel ColeridgeGlycine's Song
April 6th 2014Robert Burns81. Song—For a’ that
April 5th 2014Rupert BrookeThe Dead: IV
April 4th 2014Robert Burns491. Song—Lassie wi’ the Lint-white Locks
April 3rd 2014Andrew Barton PatersonCassidy's Epitaph
April 2nd 2014Rupert BrookeVictory
April 1st 2014Robert William ServiceThe Younger Son
March 2014
March 31st 2014Siegfried SassoonStretcher Case
March 30th 2014Sir Walter RaleighEpitaph
March 29th 2014Bertolt BrechtWhat Has Happened?
March 28th 2014Robert William ServiceThe Black Dudeen
March 27th 2014Katherine PhilipsArion to a Dolphin, On His Majesty's passage into England.
March 26th 2014Robert Burns311. On the Birth of a Posthumous Child
March 25th 2014Paul MuldoonPineapples And Pomegranates
March 24th 2014William Ernest HenleyMadam Life's a Piece in Bloom
March 23rd 2014Rupert BrookeBeauty and Beauty
March 22nd 2014Robert William ServiceAn Old Story
March 21st 2014Derek WalcottR.T.S.L. (1917-1977)
March 20th 2014Vernon ScannellSchoolroom On A Wet Afternoon
March 19th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 1: From fairest creatures we desire increase
March 18th 2014William CowperTrue and False Comforts
March 17th 2014Theodore RoethkeThe Saginaw Song
March 16th 2014William Butler YeatsAlternative Song For The Severed Head In `The King Of The Great Clock Tower'
March 15th 2014Robert William ServiceThe Junior God
March 14th 2014Robert Burns330. Song—The Gallant Weaver
March 13th 2014Lewis CarrollFit the Fifth ( Hunting of the Snark )
March 12th 2014Li PoHard is the Journey
March 11th 2014Robert GravesThe Troll's Nosegay
March 10th 2014Walter Savage LandorOne Lovely Name
March 9th 2014Wang WeiA Message from my Lodge at Wangchuan to Pei Di
March 8th 2014Walter Savage LandorSeparation
March 7th 2014Andrew Barton PatersonAustralian Scenery
March 6th 2014Pablo NerudaOde To Wine
March 5th 2014William Butler YeatsTo An Isle In The Water
March 4th 2014Hugo WilliamsSiren Song
March 3rd 2014Robert Burns535. Song—The Braw Wooer
March 2nd 2014George William Russell148. Breaghy
March 1st 2014Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Candle Indoors
February 2014
February 28th 2014William Ernest HenleyVillon's Straight Tip to All Cross Coves
February 27th 2014William BlakeTo Spring
February 26th 2014Robert BrowningHome Thoughts, From Abroad
February 25th 2014Robert Burns202. On the Death of Robert Dundas, Esq., of Arniston
February 24th 2014William Butler YeatsThe Lover's Song
February 23rd 2014Samuel ColeridgePsyche
February 22nd 2014Robert GravesTwo Fusiliers
February 21st 2014Mary OliverOne
February 20th 2014Hilaire BellocThe world is full of double beds
February 19th 2014George HerbertThe Collar
February 18th 2014George William Russell80. The Silence of Love
February 17th 2014Philip LarkinMoney
February 16th 2014Siegfried SassoonThe Heritage
February 15th 2014Robert William ServiceBill's Prayer
February 14th 2014Robert Burns259. A New Psalm for the Chapel of Kilmarnock
February 13th 2014Nazim HikmetOur Eyes
February 12th 2014W. H. AudenAs We Like It
February 11th 2014Robert William ServiceTo Frank Dodd
February 10th 2014Robert BrowningMy Star
February 9th 2014Robert HerrickLitany to the Holy Spirit
February 8th 2014Robert Burns519. Ballad on Mr. Heron’s Election—No. 2
February 7th 2014John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 05
February 6th 2014Mary OliverBlossom
February 5th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonTo J. S.
February 4th 2014Henry LawsonPast Carin'
February 3rd 2014Philip LarkinChurch Going
February 2nd 2014Robert BrowningAn Epistle Containing the Strange Medical Experience of Kar
February 1st 2014Ben JonsonQueen and Huntress
January 2014
January 31st 2014Henry LawsonThe Ships that Won't Go Down
January 30th 2014Andrew Barton PatersonThe Plains
January 29th 2014John KeatsThe Eve Of St. Agnes
January 28th 2014A.E. HousmanHere Dead We Lie
January 27th 2014Andrew MarvellDignissimo Suo Amico Doctori Wittie. De Translatione Vulgi
January 26th 2014Elizabeth BishopLittle Exercise
January 25th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO LUNA.
January 23rd 2014Robert William ServiceMy Suicide
January 22nd 2014Robert William ServiceRipe Fruit
January 21st 2014Alfred Lord TennysonSt. Agnes' Eve
January 20th 2014Robert Burns55. The Twa Herds; or, The Holy Tulyie
January 19th 2014Lewis CarrollPhantasmagoria Canto I (The Trystyng )
January 18th 2014Thomas GrayOde On The Spring
January 17th 2014A.S.J. TessimondPolyphony In A Cathedral
January 16th 2014John MiltonOn Time
January 15th 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMY GODDESS.
January 14th 2014Robert William ServiceDecorations
January 13th 2014Bertolt BrechtSolidarity Song
January 12th 2014Theodore RoethkeThe Minimal
January 11th 2014Robert William ServiceMy Book
January 10th 2014William ShakespeareSonnet 117: Accuse me thus: that I have scanted all
January 9th 2014Sir Philip SidneySonnet XIX: On Cupid's Bow
January 8th 2014Lord ByronStanzas To Augusta
January 7th 2014Robert Burns426. Song—By Allan Stream
January 6th 2014Alfred Lord TennysonGeraint And Enid
January 5th 2014William Butler YeatsHer Anxiety
January 4th 2014Robert Burns310. Tam o’ Shanter: A Tale
January 3rd 2014Siegfried SassoonTo Victory
January 2nd 2014Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE PAGE AND THE MILLER'S DAUGHTER.
January 1st 2014Michael DraytonHow Many Paltry Foolish Painted Things
December 2013
December 31st 2013G.K. ChestertonThe Shakespeare Memorial
December 30th 2013Robert William ServiceFarewell To Verse
December 29th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonSaltbush Bill
December 28th 2013Robert GravesJohn Skelton
December 27th 2013John MiltonFrom 'Samson Agonistes' i
December 26th 2013Henry LawsonAt The Beating Of A Drum
December 25th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheANACREON'S GRAVE.
December 24th 2013Siegfried SassoonTwelve Months After
December 23rd 2013Robert William ServiceTick-Tock
December 22nd 2013Andrew Barton PatersonThe Great Calamity
December 21st 2013Algernon Charles SwinburneCor Cordium
December 20th 2013Robert HerrickUPON LOVE
December 19th 2013William Butler YeatsDemon And Beast
December 18th 2013William Butler YeatsCrazy Jane Grown Old Looks At The Dancers
December 17th 2013Robert William ServiceMarie Antoinette
December 16th 2013William BlakeIf It Is True What the Prophets Write
December 15th 2013Oscar WildePoem: Madonna Mia
December 14th 2013Margaret AtwoodIs/Not
December 13th 2013John DonneCelestial Music
December 12th 2013Thomas HardySong of Hope
December 11th 2013Robert Burns336. Song—My Eppie Macnab
December 10th 2013John DonneElegy III: Change
December 9th 2013OvidMetamorphoses: Book The Third
December 8th 2013D.H. LawrenceLotus Hurt by the Cold
December 7th 2013Pablo NerudaThe White Mans Burden
December 6th 2013Elizabeth BishopManuelzinho
December 5th 2013Thomas HardyHap
December 4th 2013Andrew MarvellMourning
December 3rd 2013Mary OliverMarengo
December 2nd 2013Robert William ServiceThe Odyssey Of 'Erbert 'Iggins
December 1st 2013Andrew Barton PatersonBeen There Before
November 2013
November 30th 2013Walter Savage LandorOn An Eclipse Of The Moon
November 29th 2013Peter HuchelMeeting
November 28th 2013Rainer Maria RilkeGreek Love-Talk
November 27th 2013Siegfried SassoonAftermath
November 26th 2013Li PoGreen Mountain
November 25th 2013Robert William ServiceJean Desprez
November 24th 2013Algernon Charles SwinburnePrelude - Lohengrin
November 23rd 2013Li PoNefarious War
November 22nd 2013A.S.J. TessimondDiscovery
November 21st 2013Thomas GrayHymn To Adversity
November 20th 2013Robert William ServiceAmbition
November 19th 2013Robert William ServiceRoom 6: The Little Workgirl
November 18th 2013Robert William ServiceThe Damned
November 17th 2013Yves BonnefoyThe house where I was born (10)
November 16th 2013Alfred Lord TennysonClaribel: A Melody
November 15th 2013Mary OliverWhy I Wake Early
November 14th 2013Siegfried SassoonThe Troops
November 13th 2013Yehuda AmichaiGod Has Pity On Kindergarten Children
November 12th 2013Li PoTo Tu Fu from Shantung
November 11th 2013Edward LearThere Was an Old Man in a Tree
November 10th 2013Kobayashi IssaThat wren
November 9th 2013Lord ByronAnd Wilt Thou Weep When I Am Low?
November 8th 2013Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXIII: The Curious Wits
November 7th 2013Robert William ServiceDedication To Providence
November 6th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMARCH.
November 5th 2013Yosa BusonBuying leeks
November 4th 2013Robert BurnsFareweel To A'Our Scottish Fame
November 3rd 2013George William Russell125. The Tide of Sorrow
November 2nd 2013Rupert Brooke1914 III: The Dead
November 1st 2013William Butler YeatsFor Anne Gregory
October 2013
October 31st 2013George William Russell57. Pain
October 30th 2013Robert BrowningThe Bishop Orders His Tomb At Saint Praxed's Church
October 24th 2013Rainer Maria RilkeHeartbeat
October 21st 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 49: Against that time, if ever that time come
October 20th 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 108: What's in the brain that ink may character
October 19th 2013John ClareBadger
October 17th 2013William DrummondDoth Then The World Go Thus?
October 14th 2013Theodore RoethkeNight Journey
October 13th 2013Philip LarkinAn Arundel Tomb
October 12th 2013Charlotte BronteSpeak Of The North! A Lonely Moor
October 11th 2013Jonathan SwiftThe Progress of Poetry
October 8th 2013Andrew MarvellA Dialogue Between Thyrsis And Dorinda
October 7th 2013William CowperSonnet to William Wilberforce, Esq.
October 6th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheBALLAD OF THE BANISHED AND RETURNING COUNT.
October 5th 2013Robert HerrickTo Oenone
October 4th 2013Robert William ServiceMy Future
October 3rd 2013Oscar WildeCHARMIDES
October 2nd 2013Anna AkhmatovaThunder
October 1st 2013Robert BrowningLife In A Love
September 2013
September 30th 2013Stevie SmithEdmonton, thy cemetery
September 29th 2013Lewis CarrollThe Palace of Humbug
September 28th 2013Robert HerrickTO CARNATIONS: A SONG
September 27th 2013Robert HerrickAn Epitaph Upon A Virgin
September 26th 2013Andrew MarvellOn Mr. Milton's Paradise Lost
September 25th 2013Rainer Maria RilkeBefore Summer Rain
September 24th 2013OvidLove and War
September 23rd 2013Christina RossettiThe Prince's Progress (excerpt)
September 22nd 2013D.H. LawrenceWeek-Night Service
September 21st 2013Robert William ServiceThe Sacrifices
September 20th 2013George HerbertThe Affliction (I)
September 19th 2013Robert Burns12. Song—The Lass of Cessnock Banks
September 18th 2013Siegfried SassoonThe Working Party
September 17th 2013Christianne BalkJohn Muir in the Sequoias
September 16th 2013Robert William ServiceDylan
September 15th 2013Stevie SmithThe Pleasures Of Friendship
September 14th 2013Federico Garcia LorcaRomance De La Luna
September 13th 2013Robert Burns335. Song—Fragment—Johnie lad, Cock up your Beaver
September 12th 2013Charles SorleyA Letter From the Trenches to a School Friend
September 11th 2013Siegfried SassoonThe Kiss
September 10th 2013G.K. ChestertonThe Englishman
September 9th 2013A.E. HousmanWhite in the Moon the Long Road Lies
September 8th 2013Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Windhover: To Christ Our Lord
September 7th 2013Mary OliverDogfish
September 6th 2013Sir Philip SidneySonnet I: Loving In Truth
September 5th 2013Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel And Stella-Sonnet XXXI
September 4th 2013Gerard Manley HopkinsEpithalamion
September 3rd 2013Robert HerrickTHE FAIRY TEMPLE; OR, OBERON'S CHAPEL
September 2nd 2013William CowperThe Castaway
September 1st 2013Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: Ask me no more
August 2013
August 31st 2013D.H. LawrenceMating
August 30th 2013Mary OliverThe Swan
August 29th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO BELINDA.
August 28th 2013Lewis CarrollTwinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat!
August 27th 2013Constantine P. CavafyIonian
August 26th 2013Robert BrowningHow They Brought The Good News From Ghent To Aix
August 25th 2013Robert William ServiceLindy Lou
August 24th 2013Emily Bronte'Tis moonlight, summer moonlight
August 23rd 2013Robert Burns315. Song—Out over the Forth
August 22nd 2013R.S. ThomasA Blackbird Singing
August 21st 2013Sir Thomas BrownSpecula
August 20th 2013Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 83. Dip down upon the northern shore
August 19th 2013Andrew MarvellThe Nymph Complaining For The Death Of Her Faun
August 18th 2013Jonathan SwiftOn Stephen Duck, the Thresher, and Favourite Poet. A Quibbl
August 17th 2013Robert Burns54. Man was made to Mourn: A Dirge
August 16th 2013Wang WeiLooking Down in a Spring-rain
August 14th 2013Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXX
August 13th 2013John MiltonSonnet 22
August 12th 2013Robert Burns431. Song—Robert Bruce’s March to Bannockburn
August 11th 2013Gerard Manley HopkinsBarnfloor and Winepress
August 10th 2013Edmund SpenserThe Tamed Deer
August 9th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonThe Last Parade
August 8th 2013Robert William ServiceFour-Foot Shelf
August 7th 2013D.H. LawrenceDreams Old
August 6th 2013George William Russell99. A New Being
August 5th 2013George William Russell132. A Farewell
August 4th 2013Percy Bysshe ShelleyTime
August 3rd 2013Robert William ServiceThe Wood-Cutter
August 2nd 2013Andrew MarvellIn Effigiem Oliveri Cromwell
August 1st 2013Robert BrowningProtus
July 2013
July 31st 2013Thomas FlatmanAdvice To An Old Man of Sixty Three About To Marry a Girle of Sixteen
July 30th 2013A.E. HousmanThere Pass the Careless People
July 29th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonThe Ballad of That P.N.
July 28th 2013Siegfried SassoonThe Old Huntsman
July 27th 2013William Lisle BowlesSonnet: O Poverty! Though From Thy Haggard Eye
July 26th 2013Siegfried SassoonThe Imperfect Lover
July 25th 2013Christina RossettiPromises Like Pie-Crust
July 24th 2013Lord ByronTo Caroline
July 23rd 2013Dylan ThomasPoem On His Birthday
July 22nd 2013Mary OliverLightning
July 21st 2013Elizabeth Barrett BrowningTo George Sand: A Desire
July 20th 2013Katherine PhilipsOrinda upon Little Hector Philips
July 19th 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 148: O me! what eyes hath love put in my head
July 18th 2013Kobayashi IssaHaving slept, the cat gets up
July 17th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE HEATHROSE.
July 16th 2013Robert William Service"Fighting Mac"
July 15th 2013Andrew MarvellThe Mower Against Gardens
July 14th 2013Katherine PhilipsAgainst Love
July 13th 2013William Butler YeatsThe Curse Of Cromwell
July 12th 2013Oscar WildePoem: Ravenna
July 11th 2013John KeatsOde To Psyche
July 10th 2013Thomas HardyDomicilium
July 9th 2013Dame Edith SitwellCame the Great Popinjay
July 8th 2013Edmund SpenserSonnet LVI
July 7th 2013Robert BrowningA Grammarian's Funeral
July 6th 2013HomerThe Odyssey: Book XVIII
July 5th 2013Alexander PopeThe Iliad: Book VI (excerpt)
July 4th 2013George William Russell75. The Dream of the Children
July 3rd 2013Thomas HardyShe Hears The Storm
July 2nd 2013Paul CelanThe Triumph Of Achilles
July 1st 2013Stevie SmithAlone In The Woods
June 2013
June 30th 2013Yehuda AmichaiYad Mordechai
June 29th 2013Robert William ServiceThe Pigeon Shooting
June 28th 2013William Butler YeatsThe Choice
June 27th 2013Robert William ServiceThe Joy Of Being Poor
June 26th 2013John KeatsTo Mrs Reynolds' Cat
June 25th 2013Robert William ServiceGhosts
June 24th 2013Robert HerrickAn Ode to Master Endymion Porter, Upon His Brother's Death
June 23rd 2013Les MurrayThe New Hieroglyphics
June 22nd 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHOUGHTS ON JESUS CHRIST'S DESCENT INTO HELL.
June 21st 2013George HerbertThe Forerunners
June 20th 2013Philip LarkinLike The Train's Beat
June 19th 2013Charles BaudelaireSpleen (IV)
June 18th 2013A.S.J. TessimondCats 1
June 17th 2013Lewis CarrollFame's Penny-Trumpet
June 16th 2013Edmund SpenserPoem 10
June 15th 2013Alfred Lord TennysonThe Skipping-Rope
June 14th 2013D.H. LawrenceLies About Love
June 13th 2013Matsuo BashoWhat fish feel
June 12th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonSanta Claus
June 11th 2013Rainer Maria RilkeExposed On The Cliffs Of The Heart
June 10th 2013Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sisters
June 9th 2013Robert William ServiceLucindy Jane
June 8th 2013Robert Burns194. Song—Blythe was She
June 7th 2013Robert HerrickGOOD PRECEPTS, OR COUNSEL
June 6th 2013A.E. HousmanReveille
June 5th 2013A.E. HousmanThe Chestnut Casts His Flambeaux
June 4th 2013Gerard Manley HopkinsLet me be to Thee as the circling bird
June 3rd 2013Henry LawsonThe Flour Bin
June 2nd 2013John MiltonPsalm 87
June 1st 2013Charles BaudelaireThe Bad Monk
May 2013
May 31st 2013Isaac RosenbergBreak of Day in the Trenches
May 30th 2013Sir Henry NewboltVitaï Lampada
May 29th 2013Thomas HardyShe, to Him, I
May 28th 2013Bertolt BrechtUnited Front Song
May 27th 2013William DrummondTo His Lute
May 26th 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 140: Be wise as thou art cruel; do not press
May 25th 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 60: Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore
May 24th 2013Robert Burns428. Song—Phillis the Queen o’ the fair
May 23rd 2013Jonathan SwiftA Maypole
May 22nd 2013Edmund SpenserSonnet 30 (Fire And Ice)
May 21st 2013Dante AlighieriInferno Canto02
May 20th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonThe Travelling Post Office
May 19th 2013William Butler YeatsOld Memory
May 18th 2013Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 96. You say, but with no touch of sco
May 17th 2013William Butler YeatsBrown Penny
May 16th 2013Ernest DowsonA Last Word
May 15th 2013Robert Burns492. Dialogue Song—Philly and Willy
May 14th 2013John DonneA Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
May 13th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonThe Wargeilah Handicap
May 12th 2013Dylan ThomasMy World Is Pyramid
May 11th 2013John MasefieldOn Eastnor Knoll
May 10th 2013Pablo NerudaNothing But Death
May 9th 2013Percy Bysshe ShelleySong
May 8th 2013Les MurrayThe Meaning Of Existence
May 7th 2013John DonneLove's Usury
May 6th 2013Czeslaw MiloszStudy Of Loneliness
May 5th 2013Sir Thomas BrownIf Thou Could'st Empty All Thyself Of Self
May 4th 2013William WordsworthLondon, 1802
May 3rd 2013Bertolt BrechtOn Reading A Recent Greek Poet
May 2nd 2013Seamus HeaneyThe Harvest Bow
May 1st 2013Robert Burns276. Song—Whistle o’er the lave o’t
April 2013
April 30th 2013A.A. MilnePoliteness
April 29th 2013Yehuda AmichaiAn Arab Shepherd Is Searching For His Goat On Mount Zion
April 28th 2013Lord ByronThe Isles of Greece
April 27th 2013Sir Henry NewboltThe Schoolfellow
April 26th 2013Robert William ServiceThe Widower
April 25th 2013Pablo NerudaTonight I Can Write
April 24th 2013Mahmoud DarwishPsalm 9
April 23rd 2013Thomas HardyThe Temporary The All
April 22nd 2013Robert William ServiceStriving
April 21st 2013George William Russell127. The Twilight of Earth
April 20th 2013William CowperPraise for Faith
April 19th 2013Constantine P. CavafySo Much I Gazed
April 18th 2013Robert Burns447. Song—A red, red Rose
April 17th 2013D.H. LawrenceTroth with the Dead
April 16th 2013Robert Burns47. Epitaph on a Noisy Polemic
April 15th 2013Robert HerrickTO GROVES
April 14th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheVANITAS! VANITATUM VANITAS!
April 13th 2013Robert Burns16. A Prayer under the Pressure of Violent Anguish
April 12th 2013Alexander PopeThe Rape of the Lock
April 11th 2013Francois VillonEpitaph In The Form Of A Ballade
April 10th 2013Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXXI
April 9th 2013Robert BrowningGarden Francies
April 8th 2013Lewis CarrollFit the Sixth ( Hunting of the Snark )
April 7th 2013Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Soul's Expression
April 6th 2013Robert HerrickTHE MAYPOLE
April 5th 2013Oscar WildePoem: Chanson
April 4th 2013Siegfried SassoonSong-Books of the War
April 3rd 2013OvidMetamorphoses: Book The First
April 2nd 2013William Butler YeatsThree Things
April 1st 2013HomerThe Iliad: Book IX
March 2013
March 31st 2013Robert Burns208. Song—To the Weaver’s gin ye go
March 30th 2013Robert William ServiceJoey
March 29th 2013Constantine P. CavafyAlexandrian Kings
March 28th 2013Robert Burns353. Poem on Sensibility
March 27th 2013William BlakeHoly Thursday (Innocence)
March 26th 2013W. H. AudenVictor
March 25th 2013Robert Burns328. Poem on Pastoral Poetry
March 24th 2013Michael DraytonSonnet VI: How Many Paltry Things
March 23rd 2013W. H. AudenOn the Circuit
March 22nd 2013John MiltonSonnet to the Nightingale
March 21st 2013Robert Burns251. Impromptu Lines to Captain Riddell
March 20th 2013Samuel ColeridgeHexameters
March 19th 2013Robert Burns221. Song—The Bonie Lad that’s Far Awa
March 18th 2013Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 24 - Let the world's sharpness, like a clasping knife
March 17th 2013Robert William ServiceMy Twins
March 16th 2013Leonard CohenSuzanne
March 15th 2013Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXIX
March 14th 2013Robert William ServiceThe Centenarian
March 13th 2013Alfred Lord TennysonBreak, Break, Break
March 12th 2013William Butler YeatsThe Collar-Bone Of A Hare
March 11th 2013Vasko PopaFar Within Us #7
March 10th 2013Elizabeth Barrett BrowningA Musical Instrument
March 9th 2013Robert Burns343. Address to the shade of Thomson
March 8th 2013Robert GravesTo Lucasta on Going to the War - For the Fourth Time
March 7th 2013Robert GravesThe Bough of Nonsense
March 6th 2013Gerard Manley HopkinsI Wake And Feel The Fell Of Dark, Not Day
March 5th 2013Matsuo BashoWrapping the rice cakes
March 4th 2013Andrew Barton PatersonJohnny Boer
March 3rd 2013Robert HerrickLOVE DISLIKES NOTHING
March 2nd 2013Nazim HikmetA Spring Piece Left In The Middle
March 1st 2013Arthur Hugh CloughThe Thread of Truth
February 2013
February 28th 2013John DonneHoly Sonnet XVII: Since She Whom I Loved
February 27th 2013John DonneThe Legacy
February 26th 2013Constantine P. CavafyIn The Same Space
February 25th 2013Yves BonnefoyThe house where I was born (09)
February 24th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE VIOLET.
February 23rd 2013Robert William ServiceDeath In The Arctic
February 22nd 2013Mary OliverBeyond the Snow Belt
February 21st 2013Philip LarkinSkin
February 20th 2013Thomas WartonThe Pleasures of Melancholy
February 19th 2013William BlakeThe Tyger
February 18th 2013Mary OliverOn Winter's Margin
February 17th 2013Robert Burns168. Boat Song—Hey, Ca’ Thro’
February 16th 2013John MiltonUpon The Circumcision
February 15th 2013Thomas WartonWritten at Stonehenge
February 14th 2013Federico Garcia LorcaCity That Does Not Sleep
February 13th 2013Robert GravesA Pinch of Salt
February 12th 2013Thomas HardyThe Respectable Burgher on "The Higher Criticism"
February 11th 2013Seamus HeaneyTestimony
February 10th 2013Rainer Maria RilkeThe Neighbor
February 9th 2013Robert William ServiceMy Garret
February 8th 2013Michael DraytonSonnet XI: You Not Alone
February 7th 2013George HerbertA Dialogue
February 6th 2013Elizabeth SmartBlake's Sunflower
February 5th 2013Robert GravesMr. Philosopher
February 4th 2013Algernon Charles SwinburneDedication To Joseph Mazzini
February 3rd 2013Czeslaw MiloszChild of Europe
February 2nd 2013Percy Bysshe ShelleyLines Written in the Bay of Lerici
February 1st 2013Andrew Barton PatersonOver The Range
January 2013
January 31st 2013John DonneBreak Of Day
January 30th 2013John FletcherCare-charming Sleep
January 29th 2013John MiltonParadise Regained: The Third Book
January 28th 2013A.E. HousmanOh, see how thick the goldcup flowers
January 27th 2013Elizabeth Barrett BrowningMother and Poet
January 26th 2013George HerbertThe Sinner
January 25th 2013Robert Burns64. Fragment of Song—“My Jean!”
January 24th 2013John KeatsLast Sonnet
January 23rd 2013Dame Edith SitwellAnswers
January 22nd 2013Emily BronteMy Lady's Grave
January 21st 2013Vernon ScannellDeath In The Lounge Bar
January 20th 2013Robert William ServiceFortitude
January 19th 2013Matsuo BashoA field of cotton
January 18th 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 133: Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groan
January 17th 2013Thomas HardyDrummer Hodge
January 16th 2013George William Russell65. Dream Love
January 15th 2013Richard CrashawWishes To His (Supposed) Mistress
January 14th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE DANCE OF DEATH.
January 13th 2013A.E. HousmanIn My Own Shire, If I Was Sad
January 12th 2013William Butler YeatsAll Souls' Night
January 11th 2013Mary OliverMoles
January 10th 2013Robert William ServiceA Hero
January 9th 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 25: Let those who are in favour with their stars
January 8th 2013Thomas WartonWhile Summer Suns O'er the Gay Prospect Play'd
January 7th 2013Robert Burns454. Epistle from Esopus to Maria
January 6th 2013D.H. LawrenceIf You are a Man
January 5th 2013Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFIRST LOSS.
January 4th 2013Edmund SpenserPoem 3
January 3rd 2013William ShakespeareSonnet 145: Those lips that Love's own hand did make
January 2nd 2013Robert Burns446. A Vision
January 1st 2013Robert GravesCareers
December 2012
December 31st 2012Pablo NerudaWalking Around
December 30th 2012Michael DraytonSonnet LIII: Clear Anker
December 29th 2012Thomas HardyThe To-Be-Forgotten
December 28th 2012Lewis CarrollEpilogue to Through the Looking Glass
December 27th 2012Lewis CarrollBrother And Sister
December 26th 2012Nazim HikmetToday Is Sunday
December 25th 2012Robert Burns278. On the late Captain Grose’s Peregrinations
December 24th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonThe Ballad of M. T. Nutt and His Dog
December 23rd 2012Robert HerrickTO BACCHUS: A CANTICLE
December 22nd 2012Robert Burns160. Epigram at RoslinInn
December 21st 2012Elizabeth BishopThe Fish
December 20th 2012Wang WeiA Song at Weicheng.
December 19th 2012Andrew MarvellBlake's Victory
December 18th 2012Rainer Maria RilkeLament (Whom will you cry to, heart?)
December 17th 2012Robert Burns22. Song—Raging Fortune: A Fragment
December 16th 2012William Butler YeatsOn Being Asked For A War Poem
December 15th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneDedication To Christina G. Rossetti
December 14th 2012D.H. LawrenceDrunk
December 13th 2012Robert Burns184. Song—The Birks of Aberfeldy
December 12th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Lunger
December 11th 2012Robert William ServiceGrey Gull
December 10th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE CRITIC.
December 9th 2012W. H. AudenUnder Which Lyre
December 8th 2012Robert BrowningA Toccata Of Galuppi's
December 7th 2012Robert HerrickOberon's Feast
December 6th 2012Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 28 - My letters! all dead paper, mute and white!
December 5th 2012Edmund SpenserSonnet LXVI
December 4th 2012Robert William ServiceTipperary Days
December 3rd 2012Robert William ServiceMy Holiday
December 2nd 2012William BlakeTo the Muses
December 1st 2012William Butler YeatsThe Indian Upon God
November 2012
November 30th 2012William Butler YeatsSeptember 1913
November 29th 2012Robert Burns179. To Miss Ferrier, enclosing Elegy on Sir J. H. Blair
November 28th 2012Wilfred OwenA Terre
November 27th 2012John MasefieldThe Seekers
November 26th 2012William Butler YeatsMan And The Echo
November 25th 2012Robert William ServiceSecond Childhood
November 24th 2012William CowperVanity of the World
November 23rd 2012Robert William ServiceA Pot Of Tea
November 22nd 2012Robert HerrickTo Live Merrily, And To Trust To Good Verses
November 21st 2012Andrew Barton PatersonA Triolet
November 20th 2012Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Wreck Of The Deutschland
November 19th 2012Robert Burns539. Song—O that’s the lassie o’ my heart
November 18th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJOHANNA SEBUS.
November 17th 2012Sir Philip SidneySonnet VIII: Love, Born In Greece
November 16th 2012Dylan ThomasIn The Beginning
November 15th 2012Sir Walter RaleighOn Being Challenged to Write an Epigram in the Manner of Herrick
November 14th 2012Regina DerievaAll My Life
November 13th 2012Samuel ColeridgeLove
November 12th 2012Emily BronteCome, Walk With Me
November 11th 2012R.S. ThomasEvans
November 10th 2012Robert William ServiceFailure
November 9th 2012Alfred Lord TennysonThe Charge Of The Light Brigade
November 8th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Eve Of Revolution
November 7th 2012D.H. LawrenceA Youth Mowing
November 6th 2012A.E. HousmanLook not in my eyes, for fear
November 5th 2012Robert William ServiceMy Tails
November 4th 2012A.S.J. TessimondNight Piece
November 3rd 2012Stevie SmithInfelice
November 2nd 2012Robert William ServiceGangrene
November 1st 2012William CowperAfflictions Sanctified by the Word
October 2012
October 31st 2012William BlakeThe Book of Urizen: Chapter VII
October 30th 2012Arthur Hugh CloughYe Flags of Picadilly
October 29th 2012James WrightAutumn Begins In Martins Ferry, Ohio
October 28th 2012Wang WeiDeer Enclosure
October 27th 2012Edmund SpenserPoem 94
October 26th 2012Robert BrowningNationality In Drinks
October 25th 2012Carol Ann DuffyValentine
October 24th 2012A.E. HousmanThe Lent Lily
October 23rd 2012Thomas HardyHer Reproach
October 22nd 2012Ben JonsonA Pindaric Ode
October 21st 2012William ShakespeareSonnet 19: Devouring Time blunt thou the lion's paws
October 20th 2012William Butler YeatsThe Nineteenth Century And After
October 19th 2012Seamus HeaneyRite of Spring
October 18th 2012Siegfried SassoonThe Fathers
October 17th 2012Percy Bysshe ShelleyMusic, When Soft Voices Die
October 16th 2012Robert Burns210. Song—Stay my Charmer
October 15th 2012Robert HerrickTO MUSIC, TO BECALM HIS FEVER
October 14th 2012William CowperTo Delia: On Her Endeavouring To Conceal Her Grief At Parting
October 13th 2012Oscar WildePoem: Tristitiae
October 12th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonFed Up
October 11th 2012Robert William ServiceFive-Per-Cent
October 10th 2012William Butler YeatsThe White Birds
October 9th 2012Robert William ServiceWork
October 8th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheEFFECTS AT A DISTANCE.
October 7th 2012Philip LarkinSend No Money
October 6th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneBefore Sunset
October 5th 2012D.H. LawrenceBaby Tortoise
October 4th 2012G.K. ChestertonThe Aristocrat
October 3rd 2012Robert Burns197. Song—The Banks of the Devon
October 2nd 2012Wang WeiAn Early Audience at the Palace of Light. (Harmonizing a poem for Secretary Jia Zhi.)
October 1st 2012Craig RaineIn The Kalahari Desert
September 2012
September 30th 2012William Butler YeatsThe Song Of The Happy Shepherd
September 29th 2012Patrick KavanaghShancoduff
September 28th 2012A.E. HousmanIt Nods and Curtseys and Recovers
September 27th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Front Tooth
September 26th 2012Andrew MarvellEdmundi Trotii Epitaphium
September 25th 2012Robert HerrickHIS LAST REQUEST TO JULIA
September 24th 2012John MasefieldA Creed
September 23rd 2012G.K. ChestertonLepanto
September 22nd 2012W. H. AudenMiranda
September 21st 2012William BlakeThe Book of Urizen: Chapter II
September 20th 2012D.H. LawrenceElegy
September 19th 2012Gerard Manley HopkinsTo Him Who Ever Thought with Love of Me
September 18th 2012Alfred Lord TennysonMorte D'Arthur
September 17th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Bandit
September 16th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheII. LEGEND.
September 15th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSUCH, SUCH IS HE WHO PLEASETH ME.
September 14th 2012Rupert BrookeFinding
September 13th 2012John WilmotSatyr
September 12th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonAnthony Considine
September 11th 2012Osip MandelstamInsomnia. Homer. Taut canvas.
September 10th 2012Sir Philip SidneySonnet III: With how sad steps
September 9th 2012Louis MacNeiceSoap Suds
September 8th 2012Oscar WildePoem: Phedre
September 7th 2012HomerThe Odyssey: Book XV
September 6th 2012John BetjemanSun and Fun
September 5th 2012Dylan ThomasThe Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower
September 4th 2012Robert GravesWarning to Children
September 3rd 2012Austin ClarkeThe Planter's Daughter
September 2nd 2012William BlakeReeds of Innocence
September 1st 2012Li PoAmidst the Flowers a Jug of Wine
August 2012
August 31st 2012Robert Burns254. Caledonia: A Ballad
August 30th 2012Robert BurnsAuld Lang Syne
August 29th 2012Thomas HardyBirds at Winter Nightfall (Triolet)
August 28th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Yukoner
August 27th 2012Craig RaineCity Gent
August 26th 2012Lisel MuellerWhat The Dog Perhaps Hears
August 25th 2012Thomas HardyMy Spirit Will Not Haunt The Mound
August 24th 2012Kobayashi IssaVisiting the graves
August 23rd 2012Dylan ThomasA Child's Christmas In Wales
August 22nd 2012Robert Burns139. Lines on Meeting with Lord Daer
August 21st 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE WANDERER'S NIGHT-SONG.
August 20th 2012Wang WeiThe Cornel Grove
August 19th 2012Robert Burns389. Song—Duncan Gray
August 18th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMAHOMET'S SONG.
August 17th 2012George William Russell74. Carrowmore
August 16th 2012Robert Burns11. Song—Here’s to thy health, my bonie lass
August 15th 2012Robert William ServiceOld Ed
August 14th 2012Thomas HardyA Commonplace Day
August 13th 2012Charlotte BronteParting
August 12th 2012Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Two Sayings
August 11th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneA Dead Friend
August 10th 2012Robert Burns340. Song—Thou Fair Eliza
August 9th 2012Lewis CarrollAtalanta In Camden -Town
August 8th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneIn Memory of Walter Savage Landor
August 7th 2012Hugo WilliamsBar Italia
August 6th 2012Robert William ServiceHot Digitty Dog
August 5th 2012Charles BaudelaireTHE GHOST
August 4th 2012Michael DraytonSonnet LI: Calling to Mind
August 3rd 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheLILY'S MENAGERIE.
August 2nd 2012Lewis CarrollThe Lobster Quadrille
August 1st 2012Lewis CarrollJabberwocky
July 2012
July 31st 2012A.S.J. TessimondCocoon For A Skeleton
July 29th 2012Lisel MuellerThings
July 28th 2012Edmund SpenserSonnet XX
July 27th 2012Matthew PriorCupid Mistaken
July 26th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheAT MIDNIGHT HOUR.
July 25th 2012Yosa BusonSparrow singing
July 24th 2012Siegfried SassoonDead Musicians
July 23rd 2012Robert Burns432. Song—Behold the hour, etc. (Second Version)
July 22nd 2012Li PoDown from the Mountain
July 21st 2012Lisel MuellerSmall Poem About The Hounds And The Hares
July 20th 2012Lord ByronLara
July 19th 2012Guillaume ApollinaireL'Adieu
July 18th 2012Robert William ServiceOrphan School
July 17th 2012Yosa BusonBlown from the west
July 16th 2012George William Russell138. A New Theme
July 15th 2012Hilaire BellocFranklin Hyde
July 14th 2012Gerard Manley HopkinsThe May Magnificat
July 13th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Ballad Of The Black Fox Skin
July 12th 2012George William Russell17. The Divine Vision
July 10th 2012John BetjemanSenex
July 9th 2012Matthew PriorTo a Child of Quality, Five Years Old, 1704. The Author then Forty
July 8th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonHawker, the Standard Bearer
July 7th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneA Dialog
July 6th 2012D.H. LawrenceWilly Wet-Leg
July 5th 2012William Butler YeatsAmong School Children
July 4th 2012George HerbertChurch Music
July 3rd 2012Sir Philip SidneyYou Gote-heard Gods
July 2nd 2012Henry LawsonThe Shanty On The Rise
July 1st 2012Siegfried SassoonParted
June 2012
June 30th 2012D.H. LawrencePiano
June 29th 2012Federico Garcia LorcaLandscape of a Pissing Multitude
June 28th 2012Robert HerrickUPON TIME
June 27th 2012Czeslaw MiloszIn Black Despair
June 26th 2012Thomas HardyTo A Lady
June 25th 2012Geoffrey ChaucerThe Sompnour's Tale
June 24th 2012William CowperThe Poplar Field
June 23rd 2012Lord ByronThe Tear
June 22nd 2012William BlakeThe Voice Of The Ancient Bard
June 21st 2012Robert William ServiceThe Actor
June 20th 2012Matthew PriorThe Merchant, To Secure His Treasure
June 19th 2012Ben JonsonPiccolo Valzer Viennese
June 18th 2012William Butler YeatsYouth And Age
June 17th 2012John ClareI Am
June 16th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Other One
June 15th 2012Paul CelanLandscape
June 14th 2012Rupert BrookeThe Way That Lovers Use
June 13th 2012Arthur Hugh CloughAll Is Well
June 12th 2012Margaret AtwoodA Visit
June 11th 2012Thomas HardyUnder The Waterfall
June 10th 2012George HerbertSin (II)
June 9th 2012William ShakespeareSonnet 32: If thou survive my well-contented day
June 8th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE GOD AND THE BAYADERE.
June 7th 2012Robert Burns269. Song—Sweet Tibbie Dunbar
June 6th 2012Yehuda AmichaiA Dog After Love
June 5th 2012George William Russell47. Forgiveness
June 4th 2012Ben JonsonThe Triumph
June 3rd 2012Li PoThoughts in a Tranquil Night
June 2nd 2012Andrew Barton PatersonThe Maori Pig Market
June 1st 2012Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: As thro' the land
May 2012
May 31st 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheOLD AGE.
May 30th 2012Robert Burns156. Verses inscribed under a Noble Earl’s Picture
May 29th 2012A.S.J. TessimondThe Children Look At The Parents
May 28th 2012Lord ByronA Spirit Passed Before Me
May 27th 2012Christina RossettiTwice
May 26th 2012Henry LawsonSez You'
May 25th 2012Siegfried SassoonThe Choral Union
May 24th 2012D.H. LawrenceA Baby Asleep after Pain
May 23rd 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneMessidor
May 22nd 2012Christopher MarloweHero and Leander
May 21st 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE GERMAN PARNASSUS.
May 20th 2012Emily BronteThat Wind I Used to Hear it Swelling
May 19th 2012Thomas HardyThe Self-Unseeing
May 18th 2012Dylan ThomasLight Breaks Where No Sun Shines
May 17th 2012Robert William ServiceHis Boys
May 16th 2012William CowperJoy and Peace in Believing
May 15th 2012Federico Garcia LorcaMurió Al Amanecer
May 14th 2012Rainer Maria RilkeVenetian Morning
May 13th 2012Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXIIII
May 12th 2012Gerard Manley HopkinsPeace
May 11th 2012Thomas HardyIn The Vaulted Way
May 10th 2012Thomas Hardy[Greek Title]
May 9th 2012John FletcherMelancholy
May 8th 2012Wilfred OwenGreater Love
May 7th 2012William Ernest HenleyThere's a Regret
May 6th 2012Rupert BrookeNow, God Be Thanked Who Has Matched Us With His Hour
May 5th 2012Robert BrowningMaster Hugues Of Saxe-Gotha
May 4th 2012Mary OliverPoem (The spirit likes to dress up...)
May 3rd 2012Andrew Barton PatersonHe Giveth His Beloved Sleep
May 2nd 2012Siegfried SassoonThe Goldsmith
May 1st 2012Robert William ServiceLord Let Me Live
April 2012
April 30th 2012Philip LarkinLong Sight In Age
April 29th 2012Emily BronteThe Old Stoic
April 28th 2012Anna AkhmatovaSunbeam
April 27th 2012Robert GravesThe Frog and the Golden Ball
April 26th 2012Edmund SpenserSonnet XXXVII
April 25th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneSiena
April 24th 2012Rainer Maria RilkeAutumn Day
April 23rd 2012Robert Burns459. Sonnet on the Death of Robert Riddell
April 22nd 2012Edmund SpenserThe Faerie Queene, Book II, Canto XII
April 21st 2012Robert Burns531. Song—’Twas na her bonie blue e’e
April 20th 2012Alfred Lord TennysonCharge of the Light Brigade
April 19th 2012Percy Bysshe ShelleyThe Question
April 18th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneIn Sark
April 4th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneTo A Cat
April 3rd 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneChristopher Marlowe
April 2nd 2012Thomas CarewSecrecy Protested.
April 1st 2012Czeslaw MiloszArtificer
March 2012
March 31st 2012John DonneElegy XVI: On His Mistress
March 30th 2012Constantine P. CavafyManuel Komninos
March 29th 2012Samuel ColeridgeThe Knight's Tomb
March 28th 2012Vasko PopaGive Me Back My Rags
March 27th 2012Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: Home they Brought her Warrior Dead
March 26th 2012Li PoDrinking With Someone In The Mountains
March 25th 2012Philip LarkinIgnorance
March 24th 2012Constantine P. CavafyDays Of 1903
March 23rd 2012Andrew MarvellTo His Worthy Friend Doctor Witty Upon His Translation Of The Popular Errors
March 22nd 2012William Lisle BowlesVI. Evening, as slow thy placid shades descend...
March 21st 2012Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXXV
March 20th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheIN A WORD.
March 19th 2012Siegfried SassoonAt Daybreak
March 18th 2012Siegfried SassoonDied of Wounds
March 17th 2012William Butler YeatsThe Ballad Of The Foxhunter
March 16th 2012Charles BaudelaireThe Albatross
March 15th 2012William ShakespeareSonnet 15: When I consider every thing that grows
March 14th 2012Robert Burns142. Epistle to Major Logan
March 13th 2012Thom GunnConsidering The Snail
March 12th 2012Michael DraytonSonnet XIV: If He From Heav'n
March 11th 2012Robert Burns357. A Grace before Dinner
March 10th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheBY THE RIVER.
March 9th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonThe Federal Bus Conductor and the Old Lady
March 8th 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneHope and Fear
March 7th 2012Yehuda AmichaiI Have Become Very Hairy
March 6th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonThe Road to Gundagai
March 5th 2012Robert William ServiceThe Bohemian Dreams
March 4th 2012Yehuda AmichaiI Want To Die In My Own Bed
March 3rd 2012Robert HerrickNO FAULT IN WOMEN
March 2nd 2012Katherine Philips6th April 1651 L'Amitie: To Mrs. M. Awbrey
March 1st 2012Samuel ColeridgeThe Pains Of Sleep
February 2012
February 29th 2012Robert BrowningMeeting At Night
February 28th 2012Robert William ServiceA Song Of Suicide
February 27th 2012Percy Bysshe ShelleyTo
February 26th 2012William Butler YeatsThe Secret Rose
February 25th 2012James WrightSmall Frogs Killed On The Highway
February 24th 2012John KeatsLines On The Mermaid Tavern
February 23rd 2012P.K. PageAutumn
February 22nd 2012Algernon Charles SwinburneOn An Old Roundel
February 21st 2012James Henry Leigh HuntTo a Fish
February 20th 2012A.E. HousmanIn Valleys of Springs and Rivers
February 19th 2012HomerThe Iliad: Book XXI
February 18th 2012Charlotte BronteThe Wife's Will
February 17th 2012Robert Burns116. On a Scotch Bard, gone to the West Indies
February 16th 2012John KeatsWhen I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be
February 15th 2012Oscar WildePoem: Roses And Rue
February 14th 2012Edmund SpenserPoem 15
February 13th 2012Nazim HikmetRegarding Art
February 12th 2012William ShakespeareSonnet 129: Th' expense of spirit in a waste of shame
February 11th 2012Robert BurnsDuncan Gray
February 10th 2012Robert Burns282. Extemporaneous Effusion on being appointed to an Excise Division
February 9th 2012Robert Burns429. Song—Come let me take thee to my breast
February 8th 2012Johann Wolfgang von GoetheANNIVERSARY SONG.
February 7th 2012Robert HerrickA PANEGYRIC TO SIR LEWIS PEMBERTON
February 6th 2012A.E. HousmanEpitaph On An Army of Mercenaries
February 5th 2012A.S.J. TessimondBirch Tree
February 4th 2012William Butler YeatsParting
February 3rd 2012Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXXIX: Come, Sleep!
February 2nd 2012Rupert BrookePine-Trees and the Sky: Evening
February 1st 2012Robert William ServiceThe Portrait
January 2012
January 31st 2012Robert William ServiceThe Womb
January 30th 2012Gerard Manley HopkinsTo What Serves Mortal Beauty?
January 29th 2012William ShakespeareSonnet 24: Mine eye hath played the painter and hath stelled
January 28th 2012Edwin BrockFive Ways To Kill A Man
January 27th 2012Rainer Maria RilkeLady At A Mirror
January 26th 2012Rainer Maria RilkeGirl's Lament
January 25th 2012Robert William ServiceWeary Waitress
January 24th 2012Christina RossettiWho shall deliver me?
January 23rd 2012Li PoQuiet Night Thoughts
January 22nd 2012Yehuda AmichaiOnce A Great Love
January 21st 2012Vernon ScannellThe Terrible Abstractions
January 20th 2012Lord ByronI Saw Thee Weep
January 19th 2012William Butler YeatsGratitude To The Unknown Instructors
January 18th 2012D.H. LawrenceButterfly
January 17th 2012Thomas HardyAfter Schiller
January 16th 2012Andrew Barton PatersonA Walgett Episode
January 15th 2012Thomas HardyThe Lacking Sense Scene.--A sad-coloured landscape, Waddon Vale
January 14th 2012George William Russell154. Kinship
January 13th 2012William ShakespeareSonnet 33: Full many a glorious morning have I seen
January 12th 2012John DonneSelf-Love
January 11th 2012Vasko PopaFar Within Us #1
January 10th 2012Robert GravesNot to sleep
January 9th 2012HomerThe Odyssey: Book XII
January 8th 2012Lewis CarrollHiawatha's Photographing (complete)
January 7th 2012Edmund SpenserSo Let Us Love
January 6th 2012Emily Bronte'Fall, leaves, fall'
January 5th 2012D.H. LawrenceMystery
January 4th 2012HomerThe Iliad: Book X
January 3rd 2012Robert William ServiceMy Mate
January 2nd 2012Robert William ServiceA Bachelor
January 1st 2012Robert William ServiceThe Parting
December 2011
December 31st 2011William Butler YeatsMad As The Mist And Snow
December 30th 2011Hilaire BellocOctober
December 29th 2011Lord ByronTo Mary, On Receiving Her Picture
December 28th 2011Wang WeiHarmonizing a Poem, (beside Palace Attendant Guo.)
December 27th 2011W. H. AudenWe Too Had Known Golden Hours
December 26th 2011William BlakeFrom Milton: And did those feet
December 25th 2011Thomas HardyArchitectural Masks
December 24th 2011W. H. AudenThree Short Poems
December 23rd 2011Paul MuldoonChristo's
December 22nd 2011Mark Strand"The Dreadful Has Already Happened"
December 21st 2011W. H. AudenAt the Party
December 20th 2011Robert Burns114. Versified Note to Dr. Mackenzie, Mauchline
December 19th 2011Li PoMarble Stairs Grievance
December 18th 2011Andrew Barton PatersonThe Ballad of the Carpet Bag
December 17th 2011Robert William ServiceThe March Of The Dead
December 16th 2011Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXIV: Rich Fools There Be
December 15th 2011Percy Bysshe ShelleyJulian and Maddalo (excerpt)
December 14th 2011Robert William ServiceAbandoned Dog
December 13th 2011Edmund SpenserPoem 12
December 12th 2011Keith DouglasVillanelle Of Spring Bells
December 11th 2011Mary OliverLittle Owl Who Lives in the Orchard
December 10th 2011Elizabeth BishopThe Map
December 9th 2011Wang WeiMy Retreat at Mount Zhongnan
December 8th 2011Rupert BrookeAnd love has changed to kindliness
December 7th 2011Robert Burns119. Epitaph for Robert Aiken, Esq.
December 6th 2011William Butler YeatsThree Marching Songs
December 5th 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Year of the Rose
December 4th 2011Thomas HardyThe Comet at Valbury or Yell'ham
December 3rd 2011Alfred Lord TennysonHow Thought You That This Thing Could Captivate?
December 2nd 2011Robert William ServiceA Song Of Success
December 1st 2011Robert William ServiceThe Biologic Urge
November 2011
November 30th 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet LIX
November 29th 2011Andrew MarvellFleckno, an English Priest at Rome
November 28th 2011Robert William ServiceA Snifter
November 27th 2011George HerbertDiscipline
November 26th 2011Bertolt BrechtFrom A German War Primer
November 25th 2011Anna AkhmatovaCrucifix
November 24th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonDedication
November 23rd 2011Alfred Lord TennysonThe Flower
November 22nd 2011Charles BaudelaireTHE IRREPARABLE
November 21st 2011William Butler YeatsThe Grey Rock
November 20th 2011George HerbertThe Dawning
November 19th 2011A.S.J. TessimondSea
November 18th 2011Samuel ColeridgeSong
November 17th 2011John MasefieldRoadways
November 16th 2011George HerbertMan
November 15th 2011Constantine P. CavafyHe Vows
November 14th 2011George William Russell163. Destiny
November 13th 2011Li PoThe Old Dust
November 12th 2011Robert William ServiceProperty
November 11th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 99. Risest thou thus, dim dawn, again
November 10th 2011William Butler YeatsThe Dedication To A Book Of Stories Selected From The Irish Novelists
November 9th 2011Rupert BrookeParalysis
November 8th 2011W. H. AudenCanzone
November 7th 2011Robert HerrickA MEDITATION FOR HIS MISTRESS
November 6th 2011William ShakespeareSonnet 40: Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all
November 5th 2011George HerbertEaster Song
November 4th 2011William BlakeThe Book of Urizen: Preludium
November 3rd 2011Elizabeth Barrett BrowningOnly a Curl
November 2nd 2011A.S.J. TessimondMusic
November 1st 2011Thomas HardyRome: On the Palatine.
October 2011
October 31st 2011D.H. LawrenceLiaison
October 30th 2011Robert BrowningPippa's Song
October 29th 2011Geoffrey HillMercian Hymns I
October 28th 2011William CowperTo Mary
October 27th 2011William CowperOld Testament Gospel
October 26th 2011Mary OliverSand Dabs, Five
October 25th 2011William Butler YeatsA Man Young And Old: XI. From Oedipus At Colonus
October 24th 2011G.K. ChestertonThe Unpardonable Sin
October 23rd 2011Thomas CarewIngrateful Beauty Threatened
October 22nd 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXII
October 21st 2011Sir Walter RaleighSestina Otiosa
October 20th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJOY.
October 19th 2011Leonard CohenFirst We Take Manhattan
October 18th 2011William ShakespeareSonnet 99: The forward violet thus did I chide
October 17th 2011Henry LawsonThe Iron Wedding Rings
October 16th 2011OvidDuplicity
October 15th 2011Robert Burns234. A Mother’s Lament for her Son’s Death
October 14th 2011Robert William ServiceStrip Teaser
October 13th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 118. Contemplate all this work of Tim
October 12th 2011George William Russell169. Momentary
October 11th 2011Henry LawsonA Song of Brave Men
October 10th 2011William Butler YeatsThe Rose Of Battle
October 9th 2011Lewis CarrollPhantasmagoria CANTO III ( Scarmoges )
October 8th 2011Robert William ServicePeriods
October 7th 2011G.K. ChestertonThe Donkey
October 6th 2011Emily BronteStanzas
October 5th 2011George HerbertA Dialogue-Anthem
October 4th 2011Robert William ServiceHero Worship
October 3rd 2011William Butler YeatsThe Wild Old Wicked Man
October 2nd 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet XXXIIII
October 1st 2011Gerard Manley HopkinsRibblesdale
September 2011
September 30th 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneA Swimmer's Dream
September 29th 2011Robert Burns526. Song—The Dumfries Volunteers
September 28th 2011Andrew Barton PatersonA Disqualified Jockey's Story
September 27th 2011John MiltonTo Mr. Lawrence
September 26th 2011Siegfried SassoonBattalion-Relief
September 25th 2011Philip LarkinLines On A Young Lady's Photograph Album
September 24th 2011Walter Savage LandorThe Three Roses
September 23rd 2011Robert GravesThe Snapped Thread
September 22nd 2011Robert William ServiceThe Seance
September 21st 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMAY SONG.
September 20th 2011George William Russell88. Janus
September 19th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJOY AND SORROW.
September 18th 2011Gerard Manley HopkinsTo His Watch
September 17th 2011William CowperTemptation
September 16th 2011Robert William ServiceWork And Joy
September 15th 2011Robert William ServiceBook Borrower
September 14th 2011D.H. LawrenceReproach
September 13th 2011Pablo NerudaOde To The Artichoke
September 12th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonLate, Late, So Late
September 11th 2011Charles SorleyThe Song of the Ungirt Runners
September 10th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE MAGIC NET.
September 9th 2011Nazim HikmetLast Will And Testament
September 8th 2011Robert BrowningThe Boy And the Angel
September 7th 2011John MiltonParadise Regained: The First Book
September 6th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Haggis Of Private McPhee
September 5th 2011Oscar WildeSAN MINIATO
September 4th 2011Charles BaudelaireMUSIC
September 3rd 2011Robert HerrickTO ENJOY THE TIME
September 2nd 2011Harold PinterRestaurant
September 1st 2011Mark StrandGiving Myself Up
August 2011
August 31st 2011Elizabeth BishopThe End Of March
August 30th 2011Matthew PriorSong
August 29th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO FATHER* KRONOS.
August 28th 2011Hilaire BellocThe Microbe
August 27th 2011William CowperContentment
August 26th 2011William ShakespeareSonnet 58: That god forbid, that made me first your slave
August 25th 2011Charles BaudelaireThe Enemy
August 24th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheWEDDING SONG.
August 23rd 2011Edmund SpenserPoem 7
August 22nd 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneFour Songs Of Four Seasons
August 21st 2011A.R. AmmonsShit List; Or, Omnium-gatherum Of Diversity Into Unity
August 20th 2011Edmund SpenserThe Shepheardes Calender: October
August 19th 2011Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXVI: Though Dusty Wits
August 18th 2011Robert William ServiceBlack Moran
August 17th 2011R.S. ThomasPoetry For Supper
August 16th 2011George HerbertThe Temper
August 15th 2011Robert William ServicePrelude
August 14th 2011Robert HerrickMAN'S DYING-PLACE UNCERTAIN
August 13th 2011Samuel ColeridgeThe Blossing Of The Solitary Date-Tree
August 12th 2011Gerard Manley HopkinsSt. Winefred's Well
August 11th 2011William ShakespeareSonnet 87: Farewell! Thou art too dear for my possessing
August 10th 2011Thomas GrayOde On The Pleasure Arising From Vicissitude
August 9th 2011Robert William ServiceLucille
August 8th 2011Thomas HardySatires of Circumstance in Fifteen Glimpses VIII: In the St
August 7th 2011Matthew ArnoldApollo Musagetes
August 6th 2011Oscar WildePoem: Louis Napoleon
August 4th 2011John MiltonSonnet 07
August 3rd 2011Andrew Barton PatersonA Dog's Mistake
August 2nd 2011Erin MoureThe Chord
August 1st 2011Robert Burns9. The Ploughman’s Life
July 2011
July 31st 2011Federico Garcia LorcaLament For Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
July 30th 2011Robert Burns339. Song—O for ane an’ twenty, Tam
July 29th 2011Robert William ServiceSecretary
July 28th 2011George William Russell115. The Vision of Love
July 27th 2011Siegfried SassoonAttack
July 26th 2011Robert HerrickUPON JULIA'S CLOTHES
July 25th 2011John DonneThe Prohibition
July 24th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMAY.
July 23rd 2011Derek WalcottThe Sea Is History
July 22nd 2011John MiltonSonnet 20
July 21st 2011Andrew Barton PatersonDriver Smith
July 20th 2011Emily BronteDeath
July 19th 2011Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella: XLI
July 18th 2011Eamon GrennanCat Scat
July 17th 2011Thomas HardyDe Profundis
July 16th 2011Mary OliverLilies
July 15th 2011Robert Burns342. Song—Sweet Afton
July 14th 2011Rupert BrookeGoddess In The Wood, The
July 13th 2011Robert Burns190. Song—Lady Onlie, Honest Luckie
July 12th 2011Eavan BolandQuarantine
July 11th 2011Vasko PopaThe Owners Of The Little Box
July 10th 2011Matthew ArnoldLonging
July 9th 2011William CowperTrue Pleasures
July 8th 2011Joseph BrodskyDutch Mistress
July 7th 2011Andrew Barton PatersonSaltbush Bill's Gamecock
July 6th 2011Rainer Maria RilkeThe Last Evening
July 5th 2011Sir Walter RaleighA Farewell to False Love
July 4th 2011Eavan BolandWitness
July 3rd 2011Li PoThrough the YangZi Gorges
July 2nd 2011Thomas HardyEpitaph On A Pessimist
July 1st 2011Thomas HardyThe Peasant's Confession
June 2011
June 30th 2011Robert William ServiceTranquillity
June 29th 2011Robert HerrickTo His Honoured and Most Ingenious Friend Mr. Charles Cotton
June 28th 2011Robert Burns242. The Poet’s Progress
June 27th 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneAve atque Vale (In memory of Charles Baudelaire)
June 26th 2011William CowperFor the Poor
June 25th 2011George William Russell167. The Everlasting Battle
June 24th 2011Lewis CarrollMelancholetta
June 23rd 2011D.H. LawrenceBrother and Sister
June 22nd 2011A.E. Housman1887
June 21st 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneEros
June 20th 2011A.E. HousmanThe Immortal Part
June 19th 2011Constantine P. CavafyPoseidonians
June 18th 2011Robert GravesLetter to S.S. from Mametz Wood
June 17th 2011Oscar WildePoem: Ave Imperatrix
June 16th 2011Robert William ServiceBenjamin Franklin
June 15th 2011Christina RossettiCousin Kate
June 14th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Woman At The Gate
June 13th 2011Michael DraytonSonnet XL: My Heart the Anvil
June 12th 2011Robert HerrickTo Anthea, Who May Command Him Anything
June 11th 2011Andrew Barton PatersonJock
June 10th 2011Robert William ServiceAmateur Poet
June 9th 2011A.E. HousmanDiffugere Nives (Horace, Odes 4.7)
June 8th 2011Philip LarkinThe Spirit Wooed
June 7th 2011Michael DraytonTo The Virginian Voyage
June 6th 2011Matthew ArnoldThe Last Word
June 5th 2011Edmund SpenserPoem 2
June 4th 2011William BlakeThe Lilly
June 3rd 2011Robert GravesAn English Wood
June 2nd 2011HomerThe Iliad: Book XXIV
June 1st 2011George William Russell37. Mystery
May 2011
May 31st 2011Paul MuldoonTruce
May 30th 2011Lewis CarrollFit the Seventh ( Hunting of the Snark )
May 29th 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneA Baby's Death
May 28th 2011Rainer Maria RilkeYou, You Only, Exist
May 27th 2011D.H. LawrenceRestlessness
May 26th 2011D.H. LawrenceDiscipline
May 25th 2011William CowperThe Task: Book V, The Winter Morning Walk (excerpts)
May 24th 2011Robert William ServiceTake It Easy
May 23rd 2011Andrew Barton PatersonWith the Cattle
May 22nd 2011Li PoDrinking Alone
May 21st 2011Christina RossettiEcho
May 20th 2011Robert Burns80. The Jolly Beggars: A Cantata
May 19th 2011Wang WeiFields and Gardens by the River Qi
May 18th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess (part 5)
May 17th 2011Kobayashi IssaNapping at midday
May 16th 2011Robert Burns486. Song—Inconstancy in love
May 15th 2011Rupert BrookeV. The Soldier
May 14th 2011William ShakespeareSonnet 104: To me, fair friend, you never can be old
May 13th 2011Robert Burns394. Song—Braw Lads o’ Gala Water
May 12th 2011William Butler YeatsThe Song Of Wandering Aengus
May 11th 2011Robert HerrickTHE FUNERAL RITES OF THE ROSE
May 10th 2011Sir Walter RaleighFarewell to the Court
May 9th 2011Mary OliverAfter Arguing Against The Contention That Art Must Come From Discontent
May 8th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Lost Master
May 7th 2011Wilfred OwenStrange Meeting
May 6th 2011William CowperOn The Late Indecent Liberties Taken With The Remains Of Milton
May 5th 2011Emily BronteIf grief for grief can touch thee
May 4th 2011Robert William ServiceWhy Do Birds Sing?
May 3rd 2011Constantine P. CavafyHidden
May 2nd 2011George William Russell87. Sung on a By-way
May 1st 2011Philip LarkinWhy Did I Dream Of You Last Night?
April 2011
April 30th 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneGenesis
April 29th 2011Michael DraytonSonnet LX: Define My Weal
April 28th 2011Siegfried SassoonThe Last Meeting
April 27th 2011Henry LawsonThe Wattle
April 26th 2011A.A. MilneHappiness
April 25th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Score
April 24th 2011Robert HerrickTHE HEART
April 23rd 2011Andrew Barton PatersonAmbition and Art
April 22nd 2011D.H. LawrenceLast Words to Miriam
April 21st 2011Les MurrayPerformance
April 20th 2011Thom GunnOn The Move 'Man, You Gotta Go.'
April 19th 2011William CowperDependence
April 18th 2011Seamus HeaneyBogland
April 17th 2011A.E. HousmanAlong the field as we came by
April 16th 2011John KeatsThink Of It Not, Sweet One
April 15th 2011Czeslaw MiloszOn Prayer
April 14th 2011Henry LawsonBorderland
April 13th 2011Edmund SpenserIambicum Trimetrum
April 12th 2011Algernon Charles SwinburneA Forsaken Garden
April 11th 2011Charles BaudelaireThe Sick Muse
April 10th 2011Edmund SpenserPoem 20
April 9th 2011Elizabeth Barrett BrowningHuman Life’s Mystery
April 8th 2011Samuel ColeridgeMetrical Feet
April 7th 2011Constantine P. CavafyThey Should Have Provided
April 6th 2011Robert Burns403. The Soldier’s Return: A Ballad
April 5th 2011Siegfried SassoonTheir Frailty
April 4th 2011Lord ByronI Speak Not
April 3rd 2011Michael DraytonSonnet XXXIII: Whilst Yet Mine Eyes
April 2nd 2011Robert William ServiceAlias Bill
April 1st 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet LXX
March 2011
March 31st 2011William CowperThe Task: Book I, The Sofa (excerpts)
March 30th 2011Thomas CarewThe Spring
March 29th 2011Thomas HardyShe, To Him IV
March 28th 2011William CowperPrayer for Children
March 27th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Farmer's Daughter
March 26th 2011Robert BurnsTo A Louse
March 25th 2011Robert William ServiceFamiliarity
March 24th 2011Roald DahlTelevision
March 23rd 2011Don PatersonPoetry
March 22nd 2011John BetjemanThe Olympic Girl
March 21st 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet XLIIII
March 20th 2011William Butler YeatsThe Seven Sages
March 19th 2011John FletcherGod Lyaeus
March 18th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE CHOSEN CLIFF.
March 17th 2011Andrew Barton PatersonThe Wreck of the Golfer
March 16th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Twins Of Lucky Strike
March 15th 2011Robert William ServicePlebeian Plutocrat
March 14th 2011Yves BonnefoyThe house where I was born (06)
March 13th 2011Mary OliverPicking Blueberries, Austerlitz, New York,1957
March 12th 2011Margaret AtwoodThe Rest
March 11th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheAPPARENT DEATH.
March 10th 2011Hilaire BellocThe Death and Last Confession of Wandering Peter
March 9th 2011Christina RossettiAt Home
March 8th 2011Robert William ServiceSix Feet Of Sod
March 7th 2011Andrew MarvellA Dialogue, Between the Resolved Soul, And Created Pleasure
March 6th 2011Robert William ServiceTitine
March 5th 2011George William Russell48. A Woman’s Voice
March 4th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Release
March 3rd 2011Mary OliverMockingbirds
March 2nd 2011Oscar WildePoem: The True Knowledge
March 1st 2011Robert HerrickTO PHILLIS, TO LOVE AND LIVE WITH HIM
February 2011
February 28th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonCome not when I am dead
February 27th 2011Pablo NerudaEnigmas
February 26th 2011Robert Burns348. Song—I hae been at Crookieden
February 25th 2011Rupert BrookeLove
February 24th 2011Eamon GrennanCold Morning
February 23rd 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet II
February 22nd 2011Robert BrowningFra Lippo Lippi
February 21st 2011Siegfried SassoonTo My Brother
February 20th 2011Andrew Barton PatersonT.y.s.o.n.
February 19th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Leaning Tower
February 18th 2011Mary OliverAt Blackwater Pond
February 17th 2011Kobayashi IssaIn the thicket's shade
February 16th 2011A.E. HousmanWhen the Lad for Longing Sighs
February 15th 2011Michael DraytonSonnet L: As in Some Countries
February 14th 2011William Butler YeatsBeautiful Lofty Things
February 13th 2011George HerbertA Wreath
February 12th 2011Robert William ServiceLocal Lad
February 11th 2011Samuel ColeridgeKubla Khan
February 10th 2011A.E. HousmanHo, everyone that thirsteth
February 9th 2011William Butler YeatsThe Three Hermits
February 8th 2011D.H. LawrenceNew Year's Eve
February 7th 2011Robert HerrickTHE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY
February 6th 2011Robert William ServiceThe Trail Of No Return
February 5th 2011Lord ByronStanzas To A Lady, On Leaving England
February 4th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheLOVE'S DISTRESSES.
February 3rd 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXXVIII
February 2nd 2011John DonneHoly Sonnet XVI: Father, Part Of His Double Interest
January 2011
January 31st 2011John KeatsEndymion: Book I
January 30th 2011Emily BronteAt Castle Wood
January 29th 2011Siegfried SassoonFalling Asleep
January 28th 2011Robert BrowningChilde Roland To The Dark Tower Came
January 27th 2011John WilmotBy All Love's Soft, Yet Mighty Powers
January 26th 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXXIIII
January 25th 2011Robert Burns173. Elegy on Stella
January 24th 2011Thomas HardyA Wasted Illness
January 23rd 2011Rupert Brooke1914 I: Peace
January 22nd 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheNIGHT THOUGHTS.
January 21st 2011Ellen Bryant VoigtLesson
January 20th 2011Siegfried SassoonThe Effect
January 19th 2011Vernon ScannellJuan In Middle Age
January 18th 2011Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXXIX
January 17th 2011Ben JonsonTo Lucy, Countess of Bedford, with John Donne's Satires
January 16th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheCONSTANCY IN CHANGE.
January 15th 2011Siegfried SassoonMiddle-Ages
January 14th 2011Matthew ArnoldMorality
January 13th 2011Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 29 - I think of thee!—my thoughts do twine and bud
January 12th 2011Li PoAutumn River Song
January 11th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheON THE NEW YEAR
January 10th 2011Robert Burns455. Epitaph on a noted coxcomb
January 9th 2011Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE SPRING ORACLE.
January 8th 2011Siegfried SassoonTrench Duty
January 7th 2011George William Russell16. The Gift
January 6th 2011Wislawa SzymborskaPi
January 5th 2011Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H. Obiit: 124. That which we dare invoke
January 4th 2011Robert William ServiceFunk
January 3rd 2011Robert William ServiceJaloppy Joy
January 2nd 2011Andree ChedidThe Voice
January 1st 2011Hugo WilliamsSaturday Morning
December 2010
December 31st 2010Siegfried SassoonNight on the Convoy
December 30th 2010Algernon Charles SwinburneFirst Footsteps
December 29th 2010Edmund SpenserSonnet XXXVIII
December 28th 2010Constantine P. CavafyIthaka
December 27th 2010Robert William ServiceFlorentine Pilgrim
December 26th 2010Henry LawsonFreedom on the Wallaby
December 25th 2010John MiltonMethought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint
December 24th 2010Edmund SpenserAmoretti LXXIV: Most Happy Letters
December 23rd 2010Robert William ServiceFinality
December 22nd 2010Vasko PopaGive Me Back My Rags #12
December 21st 2010Percy Bysshe ShelleyThe Witch Of Atlas
December 20th 2010Robert HerrickSOFT MUSIC
December 19th 2010Charlotte BronteWinter Stores
December 18th 2010Robert William ServiceOmmission
December 17th 2010William ShakespeareSonnet 42: That thou hast her, it is not all my grief
December 16th 2010Robert William ServiceThe Ballad Of The Northern Lights
December 15th 2010Robert HerrickTHE WAKE
December 14th 2010George HerbertThe Flower
December 13th 2010HomerThe Odyssey: Book XIX
December 12th 2010William Butler YeatsThose Images
December 11th 2010Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. HIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 56. So careful of the type? but no.: 55. The wish, that of the living whol
December 10th 2010Sir Thomas BrownI bended unto me a Bough
December 9th 2010Alden NowlanThe Bull Moose
December 8th 2010Anna AkhmatovaWhite Night
December 7th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE WALKING BELL
December 6th 2010Alfred Lord TennysonAfter-Thought
December 5th 2010John DonneLove's Deity
December 4th 2010Christina RossettiA Birthday
December 3rd 2010John KeatsLa Belle Dame Sans Merci
December 2nd 2010Algernon Charles SwinburneTenebrae
December 1st 2010Robert William ServiceBill The Bomber
November 2010
November 30th 2010Robert William ServiceHenry
November 29th 2010William ShakespeareSonnet 131: Thou art as tyrannous, so as thou art
November 28th 2010Robert HerrickTHE MAD MAID'S SONG
November 27th 2010John BetjemanFelixstowe, or The Last of Her Order
November 26th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTrilogy of Passion: I. TO WERTHER.
November 25th 2010Kobayashi IssaA cuckoo sings
November 24th 2010John MiltonThe Passion
November 23rd 2010John MiltonThe Hymn
November 22nd 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoethePETITION.
November 21st 2010Ben JonsonHymn To Diana
November 20th 2010Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: Tears, Idle Tears
November 19th 2010Walter Savage LandorRemain!
November 18th 2010Les MurrayAmanda's Painting
November 17th 2010Roald DahlSt Ives
November 16th 2010William Butler YeatsThe Balloon Of The Mind
November 15th 2010John ClareWood Rides
November 14th 2010W. H. AudenO What Is That Sound
November 13th 2010John KeatsGive Me Women, Wine, and Snuff
November 12th 2010Robert Burns387. Epigram on Miss Fontenelle
November 11th 2010Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: The Prelude
November 10th 2010Edmund SpenserAstrophel
November 9th 2010Rainer Maria RilkeEve
November 8th 2010Lord ByronRemember Him, Whom Passion's Power
November 7th 2010Andrew MarvellA Dialogue Between the Resolved Soul, And Created Pleasure
November 6th 2010Robert GravesSymptoms of Love
November 5th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE SHEPHERD'S LAMENT.
November 4th 2010Mary OliverA Meeting
November 3rd 2010Edmund SpenserPoem 96
November 2nd 2010Thomas HardyGeorge Meredith
November 1st 2010William ShakespeareSonnet 66: Tired with all these, for restful death I cry
October 2010
October 31st 2010D.H. LawrenceThe Bride
October 30th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGROWTH.
October 29th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheDISTICHS.
October 28th 2010William BlakeThe Book of Urizen: Chapter VIII
October 27th 2010Oliver GoldsmithThe Deserted Village
October 26th 2010James WrightTrying To Pray
October 25th 2010Henry LawsonSend Round the Hat
October 24th 2010Andrew MarvellCromwell's Return
October 23rd 2010Matthew ArnoldSohrab and Rustum
October 22nd 2010Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 19 - The soul's Rialto hath its merchandise
October 21st 2010Alfred Lord TennysonSir Launcelot and Queen Guinevere
October 15th 2010Percy Bysshe ShelleyAnd like a Dying Lady, Lean and Pale
October 14th 2010Alexander PopeThe Rape of the Lock: Canto 3
October 13th 2010Ernest DowsonNon Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae
October 12th 2010Robert BrowningEpilogue To Asolando
October 11th 2010Federico Garcia LorcaBalada Amarilla IV
October 10th 2010Michael DraytonSonnet X: To Nothing Fitter
October 9th 2010Samuel ColeridgeFrost At Midnight
October 8th 2010Rainer Maria RilkePalm
October 7th 2010Robert William ServiceAspiration
October 6th 2010Les MurrayBat's Ultrasound
October 5th 2010Michael DraytonSonnet LVI: When Like an Eaglet
October 4th 2010Robert William ServiceCows
October 3rd 2010Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Soul's Expression
October 2nd 2010Robert Burns66. Elegy on the Death of Robert Ruisseaux
October 1st 2010William Butler YeatsTo A Young Beauty
September 2010
September 30th 2010Andrew Barton PatersonTommy Corrigan
September 29th 2010Thomas HardyThe Mother Mourns
September 28th 2010Carol Ann DuffyTalent
September 27th 2010Matthew ArnoldStrayed Reveller, The
September 26th 2010William ShakespeareSonnet 84: Who is it that says most, which can say more
September 25th 2010Wang WeiToward the Temple of Heaped Fragrance
September 24th 2010Seamus HeaneyAnahorish
September 23rd 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTRUE ENJOYMENT.
September 22nd 2010Elizabeth BishopAnaphora
September 21st 2010Vernon ScannellIncendiary
September 20th 2010Robert Burns96. The Inventory
September 19th 2010Thomas HardyThe Seasons of Her Year
September 18th 2010Christina RossettiBride Song
September 17th 2010John WilmotUpon Nothing
September 16th 2010Sir Philip SidneySonnet XLI: Having This Day My Horse
September 15th 2010Edmund SpenserPoem 93
September 14th 2010Derek WalcottSabbaths, W.I.
September 13th 2010John BetjemanLenten Thoughts of a High Anglican
September 12th 2010Charlotte BrontePresentiment
September 11th 2010Andrew Barton PatersonEl Mahdi to the Australian Troops
September 10th 2010James Henry Leigh HuntThe Glove and The Lions
September 9th 2010John DonneWoman's Constancy
September 8th 2010Wang WeiRandom Poem
September 7th 2010Hilaire BellocTime Cures All
September 6th 2010Robert William ServiceDivine Detachment
September 5th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheBY THE RIVER.
September 4th 2010Oscar WildePAN - DOUBLE VILLANELLE
September 3rd 2010Andrew Barton PatersonThe Sausage Candidate-A Tale of the Elections
September 2nd 2010Alexander PopeThe Riddle of the World
September 1st 2010W. H. AudenAugust 1968
August 2010
August 31st 2010Samuel ColeridgeDejection: An Ode
August 30th 2010Robert GravesCorporal Stare
August 29th 2010Philip LarkinAubade
August 28th 2010Robert Burns471. Epigram on Jessy Staig’s recovery
August 27th 2010Robert William ServiceBreton Wife
August 26th 2010Robert William ServiceRoulette
August 25th 2010William Butler YeatsCoole Park, 1929
August 24th 2010Vasko PopaBefore The Game
August 23rd 2010William BlakeThe Chimney-Sweeper (Experience)
August 22nd 2010Osip MandelstamBrothers, let us glorify freedom’s twilight
August 21st 2010Michael DraytonTo the Reader of These Sonnets
August 20th 2010Algernon Charles SwinburneDiscord
August 19th 2010Andrew Barton Paterson"We're All Australians Now"
August 18th 2010Andrew MarvellAn Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland
August 17th 2010William Butler YeatsHer Vision In The Wood
August 16th 2010W. H. AudenAs I Walked Out One Evening
August 15th 2010G.K. ChestertonThe Song Of The Strange Ascetic
August 14th 2010John MiltonParadise Regained: The Fourth Book
August 13th 2010Robert William ServiceFinale
August 12th 2010George William Russell84. The Memory of Earth
August 11th 2010Robert William ServiceUnholy Trinity
August 10th 2010Federico Garcia LorcaArbolé, Arbolé . . .
August 9th 2010Kobayashi IssaDon't know about the people
August 8th 2010George HerbertLove (III)
August 7th 2010William BlakeEarth's Answer
August 6th 2010Edmund SpenserPoem 91
August 5th 2010Jon AndersonThe Parachutist
August 4th 2010Sir Henry NewboltClifton Chapel
August 3rd 2010Sir Walter RaleighNature that Washed Her Hands in Milk
August 2nd 2010William Butler YeatsQuarrel In Old Age
August 1st 2010Christopher SmartA Song to David (excerpt)
July 2010
July 31st 2010John ClareIn Hilly-Wood
July 30th 2010William CowperLiving and a Dead Faith
July 29th 2010Thomas CarewCelia Beeding, To the Surgeon
July 28th 2010William BlakeI Heard an Angel
July 27th 2010A.E. HousmanBredon Hill
July 26th 2010Robert William ServicePatches
July 25th 2010A.E. HousmanLoitering with a Vacant Eye
July 24th 2010William BlakeTo Thomas Butts
July 23rd 2010Andrew Barton PatersonA Bunch of Roses
July 22nd 2010Lord ByronEuthanasia
July 21st 2010Percy Bysshe Shelleyfragment: To The Moon
July 20th 2010Robert GravesThe Thieves
July 19th 2010Sir Philip SidneySong from Arcadia
July 18th 2010Robert William ServiceMy Picture
July 17th 2010Federico Garcia LorcaLa Casada Infiel
July 16th 2010Yehuda AmichaiForgetting Someone
July 15th 2010Matthew ArnoldMemorial Verses
July 14th 2010Lewis CarrollPoeta Fit, Non Nascitur
July 13th 2010John BetjemanIn A Bath Teashop
July 12th 2010Matsuo BashoFirst winter rain
July 11th 2010Samuel ColeridgeA Tombless Epitaph
July 10th 2010Andrew MarvellThoughts in a Garden
July 9th 2010Thomas HardyThe Inconsistent
July 8th 2010Samuel ColeridgeTo the Nightingale
July 7th 2010Robert William ServiceRoom 7: The Coco-Fiend
July 6th 2010G.K. ChestertonBy the Babe Unborn
July 5th 2010Robert William ServiceL'Envoi
July 4th 2010Elizabeth SmartTrying To Write
July 3rd 2010Eavan BolandThe Harbour
July 2nd 2010Gabriela MistralThe Sad Mother
July 1st 2010Michael DraytonSonnet VIII: There's Nothing Grieves Me
June 2010
June 30th 2010Thomas HardyDeparture
June 29th 2010Lord ByronThe Vision of Judgment
June 28th 2010Robert William ServiceMy Prisoner
June 27th 2010Theodore RoethkeThe Reckoning
June 26th 2010Walter Savage LandorCorinna, from Athens, to Tanagra
June 25th 2010Federico Garcia LorcaMuerte De Antoñito El Camborio
June 24th 2010Samuel ColeridgeSonnet
June 23rd 2010William CowperJehovah-Rophi. I Am the Lord That Healeth Thee
June 22nd 2010John KeatsStanzas
June 21st 2010OvidMetamorphoses: Book The Sixth
June 20th 2010Robert William ServiceLittle Puddleton
June 19th 2010Matsuo BashoWinter solitude
June 18th 2010Robert Burns547. Verses to Collector Mitchell
June 17th 2010Edmund SpenserPoem 22
June 16th 2010Thomas HardyThe Souls of the Slain
June 15th 2010Oscar WildePoem: Sonnet On Approaching Italy
June 14th 2010Sir Walter RaleighThe Nymph's Reply To The Shepherd
June 13th 2010John KeatsIn Drear-Nighted December
June 12th 2010Anna AkhmatovaYou Will Hear Thunder
June 11th 2010Andrew MarvellThe Unfortunate Lover
June 10th 2010Walter Savage LandorGod Scatters Beauty
June 9th 2010Christina RossettiIs it Well with the Child?
June 8th 2010Robert GravesI Wonder What It Feels Like to be Drowned?
June 7th 2010Sir Walter RaleighA Literature Lesson. Sir Patrick Spens in the Eighteenth Century Manner
June 6th 2010James Henry Leigh HuntThe Nile
June 5th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE GARLANDS.
June 4th 2010Gerard Manley HopkinsMy Own Heart Let Me Have More Have Pity On; Let
June 3rd 2010Rupert BrookeKindliness
June 2nd 2010Robert Burns59. Death and Dr. Hornbook
June 1st 2010Gerard Manley HopkinsHenry Purcell
May 2010
May 31st 2010Edmund SpenserSonnet XXXI
May 30th 2010A.S.J. TessimondThe British
May 29th 2010Robert HerrickUPON MAN
May 28th 2010Bertolt BrechtTo Those Born After
May 27th 2010Peter CherchesWhere Is She?
May 26th 2010Andrew Barton PatersonTar and Feathers
May 25th 2010Henry LawsonThe Song Of Old Joe Swallow
May 24th 2010Alexander PopeUniversal Prayer
May 23rd 2010Dylan ThomasWhen All My Five And Country Senses See
May 22nd 2010Thomas HardyTo An Orphan Child
May 21st 2010Thomas HardyShe, to Him, II
May 20th 2010Robert William ServiceMy Rocking-Chair
May 19th 2010Czeslaw MiloszA Poem For the End of the Century
May 18th 2010Rainer Maria RilkeThe Panther
May 17th 2010W. H. AudenGanymede
May 16th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE HAPPY COUPLE.
May 15th 2010Mary OliverMoccasin Flowers
May 14th 2010Robert William ServiceSpanish Men
May 13th 2010Robert Burns162. The Bookworms
May 12th 2010Stevie SmithConviction (ii)
May 11th 2010Ben JonsonAn Epitaph On A Child Of Queen Elizabeth's Chapel
May 10th 2010Robert William ServicePrelude
May 9th 2010William Butler YeatsIn Memory Of Alfred Pollexfen
May 8th 2010D.H. LawrenceTortoise Shell
May 7th 2010Rainer Maria RilkeFor Hans Carossa
May 6th 2010Gerard Manley HopkinsFelix Randal
May 5th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO THE MOON.
May 4th 2010Edmund SpenserSonnet XXIII
May 3rd 2010John BurnsideSeptuagesima
May 2nd 2010John MasefieldSea Fever
May 1st 2010Edmund SpenserThe Faerie Queene, Book VI, Canto X
April 2010
April 30th 2010Wilfred OwenThe Young Soldier
April 29th 2010Robert William ServiceThe Mystery Of Mister Smith
April 28th 2010Edmund SpenserSonnet XXXV
April 27th 2010Robert Burns244. The Henpecked Husband
April 26th 2010Robert Burns109. My Highland Lassie, O
April 25th 2010Robert William ServiceThe Lone Trail
April 24th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE FOX AND HUNTSMAN.
April 23rd 2010Samuel ColeridgeReason
April 22nd 2010Samuel ColeridgeThe Good, Great Man
April 21st 2010Robert William ServiceA Song For Kilts
April 20th 2010W. H. AudenOne Evening
April 19th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTrilogy of Passion: III. ATONEMENT.
April 18th 2010Tony HarrisonV
April 17th 2010Andrew Barton Paterson"Ave Ceasar"
April 16th 2010Paul MuldoonCuba
April 15th 2010Ben JonsonSong To Diana
April 14th 2010Robert William ServiceBed Sitter
April 13th 2010Robert William ServiceAdoption
April 12th 2010Les MurrayOn Home Beaches
April 11th 2010Michael DonaghyMachines
April 10th 2010Czeslaw MiloszAnd Yet The Books
April 9th 2010John MiltonPsalm 84
April 8th 2010Robert Burns161. Epigram Addressed to an Artist
April 7th 2010Elizabeth Barrett BrowningTo Flush, My Dog
April 6th 2010Walter Savage LandorVerse
April 5th 2010Hilaire BellocOn Vital Statistics
April 4th 2010Robert William ServiceThe Alcázar
April 3rd 2010Algernon Charles SwinburneTo Walt Whitman In America
April 2nd 2010Robert Burns521. Inscription for an Alter of Independence
April 1st 2010G.K. ChestertonThe Logical Vegetarian
March 2010
March 31st 2010Percy Bysshe ShelleySong: Rarely, rarely, comest thou
March 30th 2010John MasefieldNight Is On The Downland
March 29th 2010George William Russell123. Mistrust
March 28th 2010Henry LawsonFor'ard'
March 27th 2010James Henry Leigh HuntThe Negro Boy
March 26th 2010Robert William ServiceIntolerance
March 25th 2010Siegfried SassoonSouth Wind
March 24th 2010William Lisle BowlesTo a Friend
March 23rd 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheEPIPHANIAS.
March 22nd 2010John MiltonSonnet 05
March 21st 2010Robert William ServiceWheels
March 20th 2010Samuel ColeridgeThe Suicide's Argument
March 19th 2010William Butler YeatsA Dialogue Of Self And Soul
March 18th 2010Constantine P. CavafyHidden Things
March 17th 2010William ShakespeareSonnet 100: Where art thou, Muse, that thou forget'st so long
March 16th 2010Thomas HardyAt Lulworth Cove A Century Back
March 15th 2010A.A. MilneIndependence
March 14th 2010Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 38 - First time he kissed me, he but only kissed
March 13th 2010Czeslaw MiloszWoe!
March 12th 2010George HerbertAffliction (IV)
March 11th 2010Robert Burns270. Song—The Captain’s Lady
March 10th 2010A.A. MilneMissing
March 9th 2010Andrew Barton PatersonCome-by-Chance
March 8th 2010D.H. LawrenceThe Deepest Sensuality
March 7th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE WRANGLER.
March 6th 2010Robert William ServiceSimplicity
March 5th 2010Derek WalcottThe Schooner 'Flight'
March 4th 2010Henry LawsonThe Bush Girl
March 3rd 2010Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess (part 6)
March 2nd 2010Robert BurnsScots, Wha Hae Wi' Wallace Bled
March 1st 2010Andrew Barton PatersonThe Pannikin Poet
February 2010
February 28th 2010Lisel MuellerImmortality
February 27th 2010Anna SwirThe Sea And The Man
February 26th 2010Robert Burns51. On Tam the Chapman
February 25th 2010Marianne MooreHe "Digesteth Harde Yron"
February 24th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE DILETTANTE AND THE CRITIC.
February 23rd 2010Michael DraytonSonnet XLIX: Thou Leaden Brain
February 22nd 2010John KeatsHis Last Sonnet
February 21st 2010Robert William ServiceThe Whistle Of Sandy McGraw
February 20th 2010Rainer Maria RilkeInterior Portrait
February 19th 2010Robert HerrickTHE PRIMROSE
February 18th 2010Robert William ServicePoor Poet
February 17th 2010John DrydenSong To A Fair Young Lady Going Out Of Town In The Spring
February 16th 2010Constantine P. CavafyExiles
February 15th 2010Robert William ServiceDeath Of A Cockroach
February 14th 2010Alfred Lord TennysonMaud: A Monodrama (Part II, excerpt)
February 13th 2010Kobayashi IssaThe pheasant cries
February 12th 2010Matthew ArnoldLines Written in Kensington Gardens
February 11th 2010Christopher Smartfrom Jubilate Agno, Fragment B, lines 695-768
February 10th 2010John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 04
February 9th 2010Philip LarkinLove Again
February 8th 2010Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point
February 7th 2010Alexander PopeSummer
February 6th 2010Robert Burns264. Song—On a Bank of Flowers
February 5th 2010Rupert BrookeMenelaus and Helen
February 4th 2010John MiltonParadise Regained: The Second Book
February 3rd 2010Alfred Lord TennysonThe Revenge - A Ballad of the Fleet
February 2nd 2010Robert William ServiceRivera Honeymoon
February 1st 2010D.H. LawrenceThe Song of a Man Who has Come Through
January 2010
January 31st 2010Robert William ServiceThe Man From Cook's
January 30th 2010Robert William ServiceWhy?
January 29th 2010Lord ByronStanzas To Jessy
January 28th 2010Michael OndaatjeThe Cinnamon Peeler
January 27th 2010Robert HerrickWhat Kind Of Mistress He Would Have
January 26th 2010Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE NEW AMADIS.
January 25th 2010Robert William ServiceLost Shepherd
January 24th 2010Rainer Maria RilkeGoing Blind
January 23rd 2010Henry LawsonScots of the Riverina
January 22nd 2010Edmund SpenserPoem 18
January 21st 2010Robert William ServiceMy House
January 20th 2010Lord ByronThere Was A Time, I Need Not Name
January 19th 2010Thomas CarewSong. Mediocrity in love rejected.
January 18th 2010Siegfried SassoonRepression of War Experience
January 17th 2010Richard CrashawDivine Epigrams: Samson to his Delilah
January 16th 2010William Butler YeatsSixteen Dead Men
January 15th 2010Hilaire BellocBecause My Faltering Feet
January 14th 2010John WilmotA Woman's Honour
January 13th 2010Emily BronteLove and Friendship
January 12th 2010Walter Savage LandorOn Catullus
January 11th 2010John DrydenSong From An Evening's Love
January 10th 2010Robert William ServiceMy Ancestors
January 9th 2010Robert William ServiceOld Codger
January 8th 2010Vasko PopaThe Little Box
January 7th 2010William DrummondThis Life Which Seems So Fair
January 6th 2010John MiltonTo Mr. H. Lawes on His Airs
January 5th 2010Robert Burns186. Lines on the Fall of Fyers
January 4th 2010Mary OliverAt Great Pond
January 3rd 2010Siegfried SassoonAncestors
January 2nd 2010Elizabeth BishopCirque D'Hiver
January 1st 2010John MiltonTo The Nightingale
December 2009
December 31st 2009Thomas HardyThe Sun On The Bookcase
December 30th 2009Jonathan SwiftOn Stella's Birth-Day 1719
December 29th 2009Richard CrashawThe Flaming Heart
December 28th 2009John BetjemanMeditation on the A30
December 27th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSONGS.
December 26th 2009William BlakeThe Book of Thel
December 25th 2009William Butler YeatsA Memory Of Youth
December 24th 2009George William Russell142. The Robing of the King
December 23rd 2009William Butler YeatsMohini Chatterjee
December 22nd 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneSuper Flumina Babylonis
December 21st 2009Constantine P. CavafyPictured
December 20th 2009Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 14 - If thou must love me, let it be for nought
December 19th 2009W. H. AudenAt Last the Secret is Out
December 18th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheIN SUMMER.
December 17th 2009Matthew PriorA True Maid
December 16th 2009George William Russell54. Dawn Song
December 15th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Ballad Of Hank The Finn
December 14th 2009William Butler YeatsSweet Dancer
December 13th 2009Li PoSpring Night in Lo-yang Hearing a Flute
December 12th 2009Robert Burns198. Song—Braving Angry Winer’s Storms
December 11th 2009Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel And Stella-Sonnet LIV
December 10th 2009Robert William ServiceImmortality
December 9th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonA Mountain Station
December 8th 2009Ben JonsonHave You Seen But A Bright Lily Grow
December 7th 2009Yves BonnefoyThe house where I was born (01)
December 6th 2009William Butler YeatsLines Written In Dejection
December 5th 2009Robert Burns212. Song—Raving Winds Around her Blowing
December 4th 2009James Henry Leigh HuntHow Robin and His Outlaws Lived in The Woods
December 3rd 2009Robert BurnsJohn Anderson
December 2nd 2009Charlotte BronteLife
December 1st 2009Robert William ServiceSchizophrenic
November 2009
November 30th 2009Lewis CarrollTema con Variazioni
November 29th 2009William Butler YeatsThe Players Ask For A Blessing On The Psalteries And On Themselves
November 28th 2009Robert William ServiceHoratio
November 27th 2009Christina RossettiIn An Artist's Studio
November 26th 2009Michael DraytonSonnet XXXV: Some, Misbelieving
November 25th 2009Alfred Lord TennysonSpring
November 24th 2009Siegfried SassoonA Child's Prayer
November 23rd 2009Thomas HardyRom: On the Palatine
November 22nd 2009Wang WeiTemple Tree Path
November 21st 2009Robert William ServiceThe Aftermath
November 20th 2009William BlakeTo the Evening Star
November 19th 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneBlessed Among Women --To The Signora Cairoli
November 18th 2009Robert Burns385. Song—Auld Rob Morris
November 17th 2009William Butler YeatsVeronica's Napkin
November 16th 2009William BlakeThe New Jerusalem
November 15th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE SAME.
November 14th 2009Robert HerrickUPON LOVE:BY WAY OF QUESTION AND ANSWER
November 13th 2009Robert GravesThe Caterpillar
November 12th 2009Robert William ServiceAthabaska Dick
November 11th 2009Charles SorleySaints Have Adored the Lofty Soul of You
November 10th 2009Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: Our Enemies have Fall'n
November 9th 2009Thomas HardyThe Dance At The Phoenix
November 8th 2009Robert Burns236. Song—I Reign in Jeanie’s Bosom
November 7th 2009Siegfried SassoonRemorse
November 6th 2009James Henry Leigh HuntMay and the Poets
November 5th 2009D.H. LawrenceTortoise Gallantry
November 3rd 2009Robert William ServiceStowaway
November 2nd 2009Robert BrowningTime's Revenges
November 1st 2009Siegfried SassoonSick Leave
October 2009
October 31st 2009Lisel MuellerA Day Like Any Other
October 30th 2009Robert HerrickUPON THE DETRACTER
October 29th 2009Lord ByronFarewell To The Muse
October 28th 2009William ShakespeareSonnet 96: Some say thy fault is youth, some wantonness
October 27th 2009Samuel ColeridgeFrom 'Religious Musings'
October 26th 2009Wang WeiFine Apricot Lodge
October 25th 2009William CowperThe Waiting Soul
October 24th 2009Robert HerrickTO HIS SWEET SAVIOUR
October 23rd 2009Robert BrowningRespectability
October 22nd 2009Robert BrowningThe Wanderers
October 21st 2009Thomas HardyRome: The Vatican-Sala Delle Muse.
October 20th 2009Isaac RosenbergDead Man's Dump
October 19th 2009William Butler YeatsHe Thinks Of Those Who Have Spoken Evil Of His Beloved
October 18th 2009Thomas HardyThoughts Of Phena
October 17th 2009Joseph BrodskyGalatea Encore
October 16th 2009Christopher SmartOn a Lady Throwing Snow-Balls at Her Lover
October 15th 2009Ben JonsonTo Heaven
October 14th 2009Michael DraytonSonnet XLVII: In Pride of Wit
October 13th 2009Robert William ServiceSensitive Burglar
October 12th 2009Emily BronteAnticipation
October 11th 2009D.H. LawrenceSnap-Dragon
October 10th 2009Andrew MarvellOn A Drop Of Dew
October 9th 2009George William Russell144. On a Hillside
October 8th 2009Vernon ScannellA Case Of Murder
October 7th 2009Robert William ServiceOld David Smail
October 6th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Blood-Red Fourragere
October 5th 2009Richard CrashawThe Weeper
October 4th 2009Thomas HardyThe Contretemps
October 3rd 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE GODLIKE.
October 1st 2009Federico Garcia LorcaPaisaje
September 2009
September 30th 2009D.H. LawrenceThe Punisher
September 29th 2009Marianne MooreNo Swan So Fine
September 28th 2009Elizabeth BishopSandpiper
September 27th 2009Mary OliverThe Truro Bear
September 26th 2009Thomas CarewHe That Loves A Rosy Cheek
September 25th 2009Robert William ServiceIf You Had A Friend
September 24th 2009Siegfried SassoonA Letter Home
September 23rd 2009Hilaire BellocThe Evenlode
September 22nd 2009Wilfred OwenDisabled
September 21st 2009Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 121. Sad Hesper o'er the buried sun
September 20th 2009Robert HerrickWHY FLOWERS CHANGE COLOUR
September 19th 2009Robert William ServiceAgnostic
September 18th 2009Yehuda AmichaiEin Yahav
September 17th 2009John WilmotAbsent of Thee I Languish Still
September 16th 2009Walter Savage LandorMother, I cannot mind my Wheel
September 15th 2009Robert BrowningThe Confessional
September 14th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Wife
September 13th 2009Oscar WildePoem: Sonnet On Hearing The Dies Irae Sung In The Sistine Chapel
September 12th 2009Lord ByronDamætas
September 11th 2009Robert HerrickUPON JULIA'S RIBBON
September 10th 2009Vasko PopaFar Within Us #5
September 9th 2009Robert William ServicePedlar
September 8th 2009Ted HughesCrow's Nerve Fails
September 7th 2009Alexander PopeThe Dunciad: Book IV
September 6th 2009Seamus HeaneySong
September 5th 2009Joseph BrodskySeven Strophes
September 4th 2009Percy Bysshe ShelleyTo Coleridge
September 3rd 2009Charles BaudelaireTravelling Bohemians
September 2nd 2009Oscar WildeLOUIS NAPOLEON
September 1st 2009Henry LawsonQueen Hilda of Virland
August 2009
August 31st 2009Paul MuldoonAnseo
August 30th 2009William ShakespeareSonnet 107: Not mine own fears, nor the prophetic soul
August 29th 2009Robert William ServiceHome And Love
August 28th 2009Robert BrowningBefore
August 27th 2009William Butler YeatsThe Everlasting Voices
August 26th 2009Charlotte BrontePassion
August 25th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Men That Don't Fit In
August 24th 2009Robert William ServiceMy Piney Wood
August 23rd 2009Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 82. I wage not any feud with death
August 22nd 2009Pablo NerudaMagellanic Penguin
August 21st 2009Alfred Lord TennysonSweet And Low
August 19th 2009Robert BrowningPan and Luna
August 18th 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneBen Jonson
August 17th 2009Marianne MoorePeter
August 16th 2009Robert Burns167. Epitaph for Mr. William Michie, Schoolmaster
August 15th 2009John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 01
August 14th 2009William Butler YeatsTwo Years Later
August 13th 2009Anna SwirThe Greatest Love
August 12th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonA Motor Courtship
August 11th 2009Henry LawsonEurunderee
August 10th 2009Robert Burns295. Epistle to Dr. Blacklock
August 9th 2009Vasko PopaThe Enemies Of The Little Box
August 8th 2009William Butler YeatsThese Are The Clouds
August 7th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Visionary
August 6th 2009Lord ByronSo We'll Go No More a-Roving
August 5th 2009Margaret AtwoodYou Fit Into Me
August 4th 2009Sir Philip SidneySonnet XVIII: With What Sharp Checks
August 3rd 2009William ShakespeareSonnet 153: Cupid laid by his brand and fell asleep
August 2nd 2009Robert GravesThe Travellers' Curse after Misdirection
August 1st 2009Robert Burns124. Motto prefixed to the Author’s first Publication
July 2009
July 31st 2009Vasko PopaAnne Pennington
July 30th 2009Henry LawsonRepublican Pioneers
July 29th 2009Richard CrashawA Song
July 28th 2009Oscar WildePoem: Amor Intellectualis
July 27th 2009Rainer Maria RilkeAlong The Sun-Drenched Roadside
July 26th 2009Kobayashi IssaEven with insects
July 25th 2009Paul MuldoonAisling
July 24th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonThere's Another Blessed Horse Fell Down
July 23rd 2009Robert William ServiceNavels
July 22nd 2009Paul MuldoonThe Frog
July 21st 2009G.K. ChestertonAmericanisation
July 20th 2009Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 67. When on my bed the moonlight fall
July 19th 2009Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess: A Medley: O Swallow
July 18th 2009Lewis CarrollSpeak Roughly to Your Little Boy
July 17th 2009Robert William ServiceGrandad
July 16th 2009Dylan ThomasThe Conversation Of Prayer
July 15th 2009Li PoWaterfall at Lu-shan
July 14th 2009Thomas HardyCatullus: XXXI
July 13th 2009John BetjemanInexpensive Progress
July 12th 2009William Butler YeatsThe Folly Of Being Comforted
July 11th 2009Vasko PopaHide-And-Seek
July 10th 2009Gerard Manley HopkinsFor A Picture Of St. Dorothea
July 9th 2009William BlakeAn Imitation of Spenser
July 8th 2009Edmund SpenserRuins of Rome, by Bellay
July 7th 2009Robert HerrickTo Julia
July 6th 2009D.H. LawrenceFirelight and Nightfall
July 5th 2009Alexander PopeYou Know Where You Did Despise
July 4th 2009Charles BaudelaireTHE EYES OF BEAUTY
July 3rd 2009Percy Bysshe ShelleyArchy's Song from Charles the First
July 2nd 2009Stevie SmithSunt Leones
July 1st 2009D.H. LawrenceStudy
June 2009
June 30th 2009Philip LarkinSad Steps
June 29th 2009Walter Savage LandorSoon, O Ianthe! life is o'er
June 28th 2009Robert Burns273. Song—Tam Glen
June 27th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Bread-Knife Ballad
June 26th 2009Hilaire BellocOn Two Ministers of State
June 25th 2009Robert Burns498. Song—For the sake o’ Somebody
June 24th 2009Christopher SmartJubilate Agno: Fragment D
June 23rd 2009William ShakespeareSonnet 92: But do thy worst to steal thy self away
June 22nd 2009Hugo WilliamsDuring An Absence
June 21st 2009George William Russell111. Prayer
June 20th 2009Robert William ServiceLearn To Like
June 19th 2009James WrightDepressed By A Book Of Bad Poetry, I Walk Toward An Unused Pasture And Invite The Insects To Join Me
June 18th 2009Hilaire BellocThe Whale
June 17th 2009Robert William ServiceTo The Man Of The High North
June 16th 2009Margaret AtwoodThis Is A Photograph Of Me
June 15th 2009William BlakeMad Song
June 14th 2009Siegfried SassoonDavid Cleek
June 13th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Prospector
June 12th 2009Alfred Lord TennysonThe Lotos-eaters
June 11th 2009William BlakeThe Question Answered
June 10th 2009William Lisle BowlesVII. At a Village in Scotland....
June 9th 2009Algernon Charles SwinburnePlus Ultra
June 8th 2009Robert Burns289. Song—Awa’, Whigs, Awa’
June 7th 2009John FletcherBeauty Clear and Fair
June 6th 2009Algernon Charles SwinburnePerinde AC Cadaver
June 4th 2009W. H. AudenAnother Time
June 3rd 2009Rainer Maria RilkeThe Unicorn
June 2nd 2009Robert William ServiceThe Tunnel
June 1st 2009Samuel ColeridgeThis Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison
May 2009
May 31st 2009Robert William ServiceI Have Some Friends
May 30th 2009Robert William ServiceDetachment
May 29th 2009Kobayashi IssaPissing in the snow
May 28th 2009Bertolt BrechtAlabama Song
May 27th 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneChorus
May 26th 2009William DrummondSummons To Love
May 25th 2009William Butler YeatsThe New Faces
May 24th 2009Matsuo BashoThe morning glory also
May 23rd 2009Robert William ServiceL'Escargot D'Or
May 22nd 2009John ClareEvening
May 21st 2009William ShakespeareSonnet 128: How oft, when thou, my music, music play'st
May 20th 2009Michael DraytonSonnet XXII: Love, Banish'd Heav'n
May 19th 2009Elizabeth Barrett BrowningChange Upon Change
May 18th 2009Edmund SpenserSonnet LXVIII
May 17th 2009Mark StrandThe Remains
May 16th 2009Marianne MooreMarriage
May 15th 2009Robert Burns27. The Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie
May 14th 2009William Butler YeatsHe Gives His Beloved Certain Rhymes
May 13th 2009Derek WalcottIn The Virgins
May 12th 2009Siegfried SassoonThe Dream
May 11th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonRiders in the Stand
May 10th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Artist
May 9th 2009Ben JonsonOde to Himself upon the Censure of his New Inn
May 8th 2009Alexander PopeTwo Or Three: A Recipe To Make A Cuckold
May 7th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonThe Bushfire - an Allegory
May 6th 2009George William Russell53. Night
May 5th 2009Rupert BrookeThe Vision of the Archangels
May 4th 2009Thomas HardyThe Pity Of It
May 3rd 2009Robert William ServiceThe Song Of The Soldier-Born
May 2nd 2009Elizabeth BishopChemin De Fer
May 1st 2009Oscar WildeLE JARDIN
April 2009
April 30th 2009William Butler YeatsThe Madness Of King Goll
April 29th 2009Robert HerrickA HYMN TO LOVE
April 28th 2009Emily BronteBlue Bell, The
April 27th 2009Robert Burns265. Song—Young Jockie was the Blythest Lad
April 26th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonThat V.C.
April 25th 2009Joseph BrodskyFolk Tune
April 24th 2009William BlakeI Rose Up at the Dawn of Day
April 23rd 2009Leonard CohenSisters Of Mercy
April 22nd 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneÉtude Réaliste (excerpts)
April 21st 2009Robert Burns522. Song—The Cardin o’t, the Spinning o’t
April 20th 2009Robert William ServiceProfane Poet
April 19th 2009Oscar WildeTO MILTON
April 18th 2009Marianne MooreNevertheless
April 17th 2009Yosa BusonThe willow leaves fallen
April 16th 2009Joseph BrodskyStone Villages
April 15th 2009Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 25 - A heavy heart, Beloved, have I borne
April 14th 2009Edmund SpenserSonnet XV
April 13th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE WANDERER.
April 12th 2009William BlakeOn Anothers Sorrow
April 11th 2009William Butler YeatsAdam's Curse
April 10th 2009George William Russell114. Remembrance
April 9th 2009Hilaire BellocBallade to Our Lady of Czestochowa
April 8th 2009Robert William ServiceConqueror
April 7th 2009John BurnsideSnake
April 6th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMY ONLY PROPERTY.
April 5th 2009Elizabeth Barrett BrowningIrreparableness
April 4th 2009Edmund SpenserAn Hymn Of Heavenly Beauty
April 3rd 2009Robert William ServiceAgnostic Apology
April 2nd 2009Robert Burns475. Epigram on a Country Laird (Cardoness)
April 1st 2009Robert William ServiceLand Mine
March 2009
March 31st 2009Robert William ServiceThe Three Voices
March 30th 2009Siegfried SassoonBreak of Day
March 29th 2009Elizabeth BishopGiant Toad
March 28th 2009James WrightBeginning
March 27th 2009Robert HerrickTime was upon
March 26th 2009Robert William ServiceThe Legless Man
March 25th 2009Samuel ColeridgeThe Garden Of Boccaccio
March 24th 2009Robert Burns473. On Chloris requesting a sprig of blossom’d thorn
March 23rd 2009Walter Savage LandorChild of a Day
March 22nd 2009Robert William ServiceBirthdays
March 21st 2009John KeatsTo Hope
March 20th 2009Robert William ServiceRetired
March 19th 2009Samuel ColeridgeAplolgia Pro Vita Sua
March 18th 2009Osip MandelstamPetropolis
March 17th 2009William Lisle BowlesIn Youth
March 16th 2009William Butler YeatsThe Wanderings of Oisin: Book II
March 15th 2009Michael DraytonSonnet XIII: Letters and Lines
March 14th 2009Pablo NerudaA Dog Has Died
March 13th 2009Guillaume ApollinaireMirabeau Bridge
March 12th 2009John MiltonPsalm 03
March 11th 2009Alfred Lord TennysonUlysses
March 10th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSICILIAN SONG.
March 9th 2009Robert William ServiceTom
March 8th 2009Robert Burns483. Esteem for Chloris
March 7th 2009William ShakespeareSonnet 77: Thy glass will show thee how thy beauties wear
March 6th 2009Edmund SpenserSonnet XIIII
March 5th 2009Siegfried SassoonTwo Hundred Years After
March 4th 2009John FletcherHymn to Pan
March 3rd 2009Robert Burns239. Song—My Bonie Mary
March 2nd 2009William Butler YeatsBaile And Aillinn
March 1st 2009Sir Walter RaleighStans Puer ad Mensam
February 2009
February 28th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheIII.  THE PARIAH'S THANKS.
February 27th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonA Bush Christening
February 26th 2009Margaret AtwoodHelen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing
February 25th 2009George William Russell129. A Prayer
February 24th 2009Robert GravesThe Lady Visitor in the Pauper Ward
February 23rd 2009Robert Burns410. Epigram—Kirk and State Excisemen
February 22nd 2009Hilaire BellocJim
February 21st 2009Robert William ServiceHobo
February 20th 2009Philip LarkinThe Importance Of Elsewhere
February 19th 2009Czeslaw MiloszA Task
February 18th 2009Christina RossettiHoly Innocents
February 17th 2009Henry LawsonThe Cambaroora Star
February 16th 2009Robert HerrickNOTHING FREE-COST
February 15th 2009Robert William ServiceTriumph
February 14th 2009John MiltonPsalm 86
February 13th 2009George HerbertBitter-Sweet
February 12th 2009Walter Savage LandorRose Aylmer
February 11th 2009Rainer Maria RilkeWorld Was In The Face Of The Beloved
February 10th 2009Harold PinterThe Ventriloquists
February 9th 2009Lisel MuellerBedtime Story
February 8th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonThe Ballad of Cockatoo Dock
February 7th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE PUPIL IN MAGIC.
February 6th 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneA Ballad of Death
February 5th 2009OvidMetamorphoses: Book The Second
February 4th 2009Patrick KavanaghIn Memory Of My Mother
February 3rd 2009Algernon Charles SwinburneA Dialogue
February 2nd 2009William Butler YeatsTo A Poet, Who Would Have Me Praise Certain Bad Poets, Imitators Of His And Mine
February 1st 2009Robert Burns207. Song—I’m O’er Young to Marry yet
January 2009
January 31st 2009Robert William ServiceDunce
January 30th 2009Robert BrowningAny Wife To Any Husband
January 29th 2009William BlakeThe Book of Urizen (excerpts)
January 28th 2009Lord ByronSonnet to Lake Leman
January 27th 2009Robert BrowningEarth's Immortalities
January 26th 2009Alfred Lord Tennyson‘And ask ye why these sad tears stream?’
January 25th 2009Geoffrey ChaucerThe Miller's Tale
January 24th 2009Edmund SpenserSonnet L
January 23rd 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO CHARLOTTE.
January 22nd 2009Philip LarkinCounting
January 21st 2009Thomas HardyThe Darkling Thrush
January 20th 2009William BlakeTo Autumn
January 19th 2009Robert William ServiceGrand-Pa's Whim
January 18th 2009Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE EPOCHS.
January 17th 2009Yehuda AmichaiQuick And Bitter
January 16th 2009Yehuda AmichaiOn Rabbi Kook's Street
January 15th 2009Sir Philip SidneyPhilomela
January 14th 2009Andrew Barton PatersonThose Names
January 13th 2009Ben JonsonSong To Celia - II
January 12th 2009Li PoTo Wang Lun
January 11th 2009Thomas HardyFrom Victor Hugo
January 10th 2009Robert William ServiceHeart O' The North
January 9th 2009Rainer Maria RilkeDeath
January 8th 2009Emily BronteTo Imagination
January 7th 2009Siegfried SassoonThe Road
January 6th 2009Robert Burns523. Song—The Cooper o’ Cuddy
January 5th 2009Robert William ServiceUnforgotten
January 4th 2009Robert HerrickUPON HIMSELF
January 3rd 2009Constantine P. CavafyIn Harbor
January 2nd 2009Oscar WildePoem: Vita Nuova
January 1st 2009Robert William ServiceBrave New World
December 2008
December 31st 2008Thomas HardyGod's Funeral
December 30th 2008Robert William ServiceKail Yard Bard
December 29th 2008Gerard Manley HopkinsThou Art Indeed Just, Lord, If I Contend
December 28th 2008Robert Burns29. Song—The Rigs o’ Barley
December 27th 2008Robert William ServiceCafé Comedy
December 26th 2008Mary OliverSunrise
December 25th 2008Isaac RosenbergGod
December 24th 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 83: I never saw that you did painting need
December 23rd 2008Siegfried SassoonConscripts
December 22nd 2008Oscar WildePoem: A Vision
December 21st 2008Oscar WildePoem: The Grave Of Shelley
December 20th 2008Robert William ServiceOur Pote
December 19th 2008John MasefieldSea Change
December 18th 2008Andrew Barton PatersonWho is Kator Anyhow?
December 17th 2008William BlakeThe Fly
December 16th 2008Lewis CarrollThe White Knight's Song
December 15th 2008Paul CelanTwelve Years
December 14th 2008Ernest DowsonWhat Is Love?
December 13th 2008Robert GravesThe Cruel Moon
December 12th 2008William Butler YeatsMichael Robartes And The Dancer
December 11th 2008William CowperThe Future Peace and Glory of the Church
December 10th 2008Robert Burns337. Song—Fragment—Altho’ he has left me
December 9th 2008Robert HerrickHIS MISTRESS TO HIM AT HIS FAREWELL
December 8th 2008Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Loss Of The Eurydice
December 7th 2008Robert HerrickHIS DESIRE
December 6th 2008Siegfried SassoonWhen I’m among a Blaze of Lights
December 5th 2008Matthew ArnoldRugby Chapel
December 4th 2008Pablo NerudaThe Dictators
December 3rd 2008Yosa BusonThe behavior of the pigeon
December 2nd 2008Robert William ServiceIndifference
December 1st 2008Robert William ServiceThe Enigma
November 2008
November 30th 2008Margaret AtwoodThe Shadow Voice
November 29th 2008Robert HerrickTHE BRIDE-CAKE
November 28th 2008George William Russell92. Fantasy
November 27th 2008Siegfried SassoonButterflies
November 26th 2008John BetjemanDevonshire Street W.1
November 25th 2008Andrew Barton PatersonSaltbush Bill, J.P.
November 24th 2008Robert HerrickTHE TRANSFIGURATION
November 23rd 2008Nazim HikmetLion In An Iron Cage
November 22nd 2008D.H. LawrenceThe Virgin Mother
November 21st 2008Robert HerrickCorinna's Going A-Maying
November 20th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO THE HUSBANDMAN.
November 19th 2008A.S.J. TessimondDon Juan
November 18th 2008John ClareClock-O'-Clay
November 17th 2008Henry LawsonThe Christ of the 'Never'
November 16th 2008Thomas HardyNight In The Old Home
November 15th 2008George William Russell11. Day
November 14th 2008Yosa BusonEarly summer rain
November 13th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Wonderer
November 12th 2008Paul MuldoonImmrama
November 11th 2008John DonneA Hymn To Christ At The Author's Last Going Into Germany
November 10th 2008Oscar WildePoem: Portia
November 9th 2008Lewis CarrollHiawathas' photographing ( Part VI )
November 8th 2008Robert BrowningSoliloquy Of The Spanish Cloister
November 7th 2008Les MurrayTowards The Imminent Days (Section 4)
November 6th 2008Lewis CarrollPunctuality
November 5th 2008Robert HerrickDELIGHT IN DISORDER
November 4th 2008Lewis CarrollFit the Third ( Hunting of the Snark )
November 3rd 2008Sir Thomas BrownIbant Obscuræ
November 2nd 2008Robert Burns451. Epitaph on the same
November 1st 2008Algernon Charles SwinburneThree Faces
October 2008
October 31st 2008W. H. AudenIn Memory of Sigmund Freud
October 30th 2008John DonneSong (Go And Catch A Falling Star)
October 29th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTO A GOLDEN HEART THAT HE WORE ROUND HIS NECK.
October 28th 2008Isaac RosenbergIn the Trenches
October 27th 2008Samuel ColeridgeOn A Ruined house In A Romantic Country
October 26th 2008D.H. LawrenceWhales Weep Not!
October 25th 2008George BradleyAt The Other End Of The Telescope
October 24th 2008John ClareThe Cuckoo
October 23rd 2008Rupert BrookeSleeping Out: Full Moon
October 22nd 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 46: Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war
October 21st 2008John MiltonOn His Blindness
October 20th 2008Yehuda AmichaiIf I Forget Thee, Jerusalem
October 19th 2008Ted HughesHawk Roosting
October 18th 2008Robert William ServiceYoung Mother
October 17th 2008Hilaire BellocDrinking Song, On the Excellence of Burgundy Wine
October 16th 2008D.H. LawrenceSearch for Truth
October 15th 2008John MiltonIl Penseroso
October 14th 2008Robert Burns104. The Lament
October 13th 2008John WilmotLove and Life
October 12th 2008Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Blessed Virgin Compared To The Air We Breathe
October 11th 2008Robert Burns71. Second Epistle to Davie
October 10th 2008Siegfried SassoonThe Dreamers
October 9th 2008Seamus HeaneyLimbo
October 8th 2008Lord ByronReply to Some Verses of J.M.B. Pigot, Esq.
October 7th 2008Thomas CarewPersuasions to Joy, a Song
October 6th 2008Henry LawsonTo Be Amused
October 5th 2008Jonathan SwiftThe Beasts' Confession
October 4th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Shorter Catechism
October 3rd 2008Robert HerrickTO MUSIC, TO BECALM A SWEET SICK YOUTH
October 2nd 2008D.H. LawrenceThe Enkindled Spring
October 1st 2008Lord ByronOde to Napoleon Bonaparte
September 2008
September 30th 2008Lord ByronStanzas For Music: There's Not A Joy The World Can Give
September 29th 2008John DrydenAlexander's Feast; Or, The Power Of Music
September 28th 2008Thomas Hardy"I Have Lived With Shades"
September 27th 2008Robert Burns379. Song—Fragment—Love for love
September 26th 2008Edmund SpenserMy Love Is Like To Ice
September 25th 2008Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Poet And The Bird
September 24th 2008Siegfried SassoonBefore the Battle
September 23rd 2008Robert HerrickThe Bellman
September 22nd 2008Mary OliverStanley Kunitz
September 21st 2008Sir Walter RaleighTo His Love When He Had Obtained Her
September 20th 2008Siegfried SassoonGolgotha
September 19th 2008A.E. HousmanTell me not here, it needs not saying
September 18th 2008Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXII: In Highest Way of Heav'n
September 17th 2008Margaret AtwoodSekhmet, the Lion-headed Goddess of War
September 16th 2008John BetjemanBusiness Girls
September 15th 2008Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 04 - Thou hast thy calling to some palace-floor
September 14th 2008Nazim HikmetLetters From A Man In Solitary
September 13th 2008William BlakeHow Sweet I Roam'd
September 12th 2008Thomas CarewI Do Not Love Thee For That Fair
September 11th 2008D.H. LawrenceScent of Irises
September 10th 2008A.S.J. TessimondCats
September 9th 2008Robert Burns372. Song—Kellyburn Braes
September 8th 2008Philip LarkinReasons For Attendance
September 7th 2008Federico Garcia LorcaGacela of the Dead Child
September 6th 2008Dante AlighieriThere is a Gentle Thought
September 5th 2008Algernon Charles SwinburneChristmas Antiphones
September 4th 2008Philip LarkinWants
September 3rd 2008John FletcherTake, Oh Take Those Lips Away
September 2nd 2008Lewis CarrollA Game of Fives
September 1st 2008A.R. AmmonsRapids
August 2008
August 31st 2008William BarnesTokens
August 30th 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 142: Love is my sin, and thy dear virtue hate
August 29th 2008Rainer Maria RilkeSunset
August 28th 2008Mary OliverGannets
August 27th 2008A.E. HousmanWestward on the High-Hilled Plains
August 26th 2008Elizabeth BishopArrival At Santos
August 25th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheCOMFORT IN TEARS.
August 24th 2008Rupert BrookeI. Peace
August 23rd 2008John ClareRemembrances
August 22nd 2008Joseph BrodskyTsushima Screen
August 21st 2008Margaret AtwoodFlying Inside Your Own Body
August 20th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE REMEMBRANCE OF THE GOOD
August 19th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheHANS SACHS' POETICAL MISSION.
August 18th 2008A.A. MilneWind on the Hill
August 17th 2008Robert BrowningMesmerism
August 16th 2008R.S. ThomasA Welsh Testament
August 15th 2008William Ernest HenleyThe Rain and the Wind
August 14th 2008Les MurrayA Retrospect Of Humidity
August 13th 2008Elizabeth Barrett BrowningPast And Future
August 12th 2008Robert Burns533. Song—Forlorn, my love, no comfort here
August 11th 2008Charles BaudelaireThe Venal Muse
August 10th 2008Edmund SpenserPoem 16
August 9th 2008Robert Burns286. Song—Highland Harry back again
August 8th 2008John MiltonTo the Lady Margaret Ley
August 7th 2008Bertolt BrechtQuestions From A Worker Who Reads
August 6th 2008John MiltonParadise Lost: Book 09
August 5th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Widow
August 4th 2008John BetjemanThe Licorice Fields at Pontefract
August 3rd 2008Robert Burns458. Epitaph on John Busby, Esq., Tinwald Downs
August 2nd 2008Robert William ServiceMy Madonna
August 1st 2008Henry LawsonDan, The Wreck
July 2008
July 31st 2008William BlakeThe Book of Urizen: Chapter IV
July 30th 2008John KeatsA Thing of Beauty (Endymion)
July 29th 2008Siegfried SassoonAt Carnoy
July 28th 2008George HerbertPrayer
July 27th 2008Oscar WildePoem: The Ballad Of Reading Gaol
July 26th 2008Elizabeth JenningsAnswers
July 25th 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 26: Lord of my love, to whom in vassalage
July 24th 2008G.K. ChestertonEternities
July 23rd 2008A.E. HousmanOh fair enough are sky and plain
July 22nd 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 81: Or I shall live your epitaph to make
July 21st 2008Wilfred OwenThe Chances
July 20th 2008Thomas HardyThe Rambler
July 19th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Song Of The Wage-Slave
July 18th 2008A.R. AmmonsRelease
July 17th 2008Pablo NerudaI Crave Your Mouth, Your Voice, Your Hair
July 16th 2008Robert GravesFaun
July 15th 2008Charles SorleySuch, Such Is Death
July 14th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonLancelot And Elaine
July 13th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheJUNE.
July 12th 2008Theodore RoethkeEpidermal Macabre
July 11th 2008Henry LawsonThe Professional Wanderer
July 10th 2008William BlakeIntroduction to the Songs of Innocence
July 9th 2008Thomas HardyIn a Wood
July 8th 2008William BlakeSilent, Silent Night
July 7th 2008John FletcherAway, Delights
July 6th 2008Robert William ServiceAn Olive Fire
July 5th 2008William Butler YeatsA Man Young And Old: V. The Empty Cup
July 4th 2008Robert William ServiceI Will Not Fight
July 3rd 2008Robert Burns331. Epigram at Brownhill Inn
July 2nd 2008Elizabeth BishopNorth Haven
July 1st 2008Robert BrowningNow!
June 2008
June 30th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonCrossing The Bar
June 29th 2008Alexander PopeSolitude: An Ode
June 28th 2008Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Starlight Night
June 27th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoethePROCEMION.
June 26th 2008Robert Burns277. Song—My Eppie Adair
June 25th 2008Robert Burns542. Song—Fragment—the Wren’s Nest
June 24th 2008Robert Burns214. Song—How Long and Dreary is the Night
June 23rd 2008William Butler YeatsUnder Saturn
June 22nd 2008Siegfried SassoonTo His Dead Body
June 21st 2008John KeatsThis Living Hand
June 20th 2008Marianne MooreThe Steeple-Jack
June 19th 2008John DonneElegy X: The Dream
June 18th 2008Jonathan SwiftStella's Birthday March 13, 1727
June 17th 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 80: O, how I faint when I of you do write
June 16th 2008Mary OliverThe Rapture
June 15th 2008Robert HerrickTO THE VIRGINS, TO MAKE MUCH OF TIME
June 14th 2008Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 05 - I lift my heavy heart up solemnly
June 13th 2008Percy Bysshe ShelleySong Of Proserpine
June 12th 2008William CowperThe Task: Book II, The Time-Piece (excerpts)
June 11th 2008Robert Burns419. Bonie Jean: A Ballad
June 10th 2008Michael OndaatjeApplication For A Driving License
June 9th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE TRAVELLER AND THE FARM~MAIDEN.
June 8th 2008Yosa BusonThe spring sea rising
June 7th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonBeautiful City
June 6th 2008Andrew Barton PatersonThe Scapegoat
June 5th 2008Robert William ServiceWhite Christmas
June 4th 2008Hilaire BellocThe Telephone
June 3rd 2008Thomas HardyTo Flowers From Italy in Winter
May 2008
May 31st 2008John DonneElegy VII
May 30th 2008Robert Burns18. The First Six Verses of the Ninetieth Psalm versified
May 29th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H. Obiit MDCCCXXXIII: 3. O Sorrow, cruel
May 28th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheEXCUSE.
May 27th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonThe Higher Pantheism
May 26th 2008Robert GravesStrong Beer
May 25th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Man Who Knew
May 24th 2008Robert Burns99. To a Louse
May 23rd 2008Robert HerrickHIS SAILING FROM JULIA
May 22nd 2008Algernon Charles SwinburneWilliam Shakespeare
May 21st 2008Robert Burns118. A Bard’s Epitaph
May 20th 2008Edward LearThe Pobble Who Has No Toes
May 19th 2008Yehuda AmichaiI Know A Man
May 18th 2008A.S.J. TessimondEarthfast
May 17th 2008Charles BaudelaireTHE SWAN
May 16th 2008Kobayashi IssaIn these latter-day
May 15th 2008Thomas HardyA Meeting With Despair
May 14th 2008Edward LearThere Was an Old Lady Whose Folly
May 13th 2008Edward LearThere was a Young Lady Whose Eyes
May 12th 2008Robert William ServiceBird Sanctuary
May 11th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSPIRIT SONG OVER THE WATERS.
May 10th 2008Robert HerrickRewards
May 9th 2008Thomas CarewDisdain Returned
May 8th 2008Robert William ServiceWine Bibber
May 7th 2008Paul MuldoonThe Birth
May 6th 2008Robert William ServiceYour Poem
May 5th 2008A.S.J. TessimondAny Man Speaks
May 4th 2008Peter HuchelEastern River
May 3rd 2008Seamus HeaneyDigging
May 2nd 2008Constantine P. CavafyBut Wise Men Perceive Approaching Things
May 1st 2008Robert Burns46. The Belles of Mauchline
April 2008
April 30th 2008Siegfried SassoonVillon
April 29th 2008Dylan ThomasBefore I Knocked
April 28th 2008Thomas HardyAt An Inn
April 27th 2008Wislawa SzymborskaSome Like Poetry
April 26th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam 131: O Living Will That Shalt Endure
April 25th 2008Robert William ServiceJim
April 24th 2008John MiltonSonnet 03
April 23rd 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoethePRESERVATION.
April 22nd 2008Robert William ServiceSpartan Mother
April 21st 2008James WrightAt The Executed Murderer's Grave
April 20th 2008HomerThe Odyssey: Book XVII
April 19th 2008Robert HerrickThe Hock-cart, or Harvest Home
April 18th 2008A.E. HousmanInto My Heart an Air that Kills
April 17th 2008Robert HerrickDiscontents In Devon
April 16th 2008Michael Ondaatje(Inner Tube)
April 15th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFOUND.
April 14th 2008Robert HerrickHIS WINDING-SHEET
April 13th 2008Percy Bysshe ShelleyAn Exhortation
April 12th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Call Of The Wild
April 11th 2008Robert William ServiceWinnie
April 10th 2008Lewis CarrollPrologue
April 9th 2008Philip LarkinFriday Night At The Royal Station Hotel
April 8th 2008George William Russell69. The Faces of Memory
April 7th 2008Sir Philip SidneyRing Out Your Bells
April 6th 2008Robert Burns135. Epigram on Rough Roads
April 5th 2008Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 20 - Beloved, my Beloved, when I think
April 4th 2008Henry LawsonBen Duggan
April 3rd 2008HomerThe Odyssey: Book VI
April 2nd 2008Theodore RoethkeThe Sloth
April 1st 2008Robert Burns183. Verses Written with a Pencil at the Inn at Kenmore
March 2008
March 31st 2008Rupert Brooke1914 V: The Soldier
March 30th 2008Robert HerrickTO THE WILLOW-TREE
March 29th 2008Thomas HardyAt The Railway Station, Upways
March 28th 2008Christina RossettiWhat Would I Give
March 27th 2008Matsuo BashoAutumn moonlight
March 26th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheON THE LAKE,
March 25th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 54. Oh, yet we Trust that somehow Goo
March 24th 2008Rupert BrookeThe Call
March 23rd 2008G.K. ChestertonThe Song of Education
March 22nd 2008Robert William ServiceThe Under-Dogs
March 21st 2008John DonneHoly Sonnet XV: Wilt Thou Love God, As He Thee? Then Digest
March 20th 2008John KeatsOn First Looking Into Chapman's Homer
March 19th 2008Andrew Barton PatersonA Singer of the Bush
March 18th 2008Edmund SpenserSonnet X
March 17th 2008John DonneHoly Sonnet VII: At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners Blow
March 16th 2008Edgar BowersVariations on an Elizabethan Theme
March 15th 2008Thomas HardyThe Problem
March 14th 2008Andrew Barton PatersonAustralia Today 1916
March 13th 2008Andrew Barton PatersonThe Lost Leichardt
March 12th 2008Sir Henry NewboltThe Fighting Téméraire
March 11th 2008OvidElegy V
March 10th 2008John BetjemanWinter Landscape
March 9th 2008Patrick KavanaghCanal Bank Walk
March 8th 2008Robert William ServiceSinister Sooth
March 7th 2008George William Russell18. Frolic
March 6th 2008Robert William ServiceAllouette
March 5th 2008Kobayashi IssaThe moon tonight
March 4th 2008William BlakeA Dream
March 3rd 2008Anna SwirShe Does Not Remember
March 2nd 2008William Butler YeatsA Bronze Head
March 1st 2008HomerThe Iliad: Book XIX
February 2008
February 29th 2008Samuel ColeridgeThe Netherlands (fragment)
February 28th 2008Siegfried SassoonSurvivors
February 27th 2008Robert William ServiceTwo Graves
February 26th 2008Robert William ServicePost Office Romance
February 25th 2008Matthew PriorThe Lady who offers her Looking-Glass to Venus
February 24th 2008Robert William ServiceConvicts Love Canaries
February 23rd 2008Rainer Maria RilkeDuino Elegies: The Tenth Elegy
February 22nd 2008Robert William ServiceYou Can't Can Love
February 21st 2008Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Garden of Proserpine
February 20th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Soldier Of Fortune
February 19th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheIDYLL.
February 18th 2008Robert HerrickUp Scoble
February 17th 2008Algernon Charles SwinburneA New Year's Message To Joseph Mazzini
February 16th 2008Bertolt BrechtRadio Poem
February 15th 2008Pablo NerudaCome With Me, I Said, And No One Knew (VII)
February 14th 2008Robert BrowningThe Englishman In Italy
February 13th 2008Elizabeth JenningsOne Flesh
February 12th 2008Robert Burns554. Song—A Health to ane I loe dear
February 11th 2008Henry LawsonEvery Man Should have a Rifle
February 10th 2008Philip LarkinThis Be The Verse
February 9th 2008William Butler YeatsMen Improve With The Years
February 8th 2008Richard CrashawChrist Crucified
February 7th 2008William ShakespeareSonnet 89: Say that thou didst forsake me for some fault
February 6th 2008Mary OliverThe Buddha's Last Instruction
February 5th 2008John BetjemanMortality
February 4th 2008Robert HerrickTO THE ROSE: SONG
February 3rd 2008George HerbertH. Baptism
February 2nd 2008Stevie SmithNor We Of Her To Him
February 1st 2008Robert BrowningCristina
January 2008
January 31st 2008Sir Philip SidneySonnet XX: Fly, Fly, My Friends
January 30th 2008Pierre ReverdyFor The Moment
January 29th 2008Matthew PriorA Better Answer
January 28th 2008William BlakeWhen Klopstock England Defied
January 27th 2008John DonneThe Primrose
January 26th 2008Samuel ColeridgeChristabel
January 25th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Three Bares
January 24th 2008A.E. HousmanNow Hollow Fires Burn Out to Black
January 23rd 2008Czeslaw MiloszEncounter
January 22nd 2008Robert GravesShe Tells Her Love
January 21st 2008Andrew Barton PatersonThe Story of Mongrel Grey
January 20th 2008John WilmotA Letter from Artemesia in the Town to Chloe in the Country
January 19th 2008Robert Burns226. Song—I hae a Wife o’ my Ain
January 18th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonHome They Brought Her Warrior Dead
January 17th 2008William CowperOn Receipt Of My Mother's Picture
January 16th 2008Robert William ServiceRemorse
January 15th 2008Robert William ServiceContentment
January 14th 2008John DrydenA Song From The Italian
January 13th 2008G.K. ChestertonThe Song against Grocers
January 12th 2008Oscar WildeTHE NEW REMORSE
January 11th 2008Christina RossettiSong (She Sat And Sang Alway)
January 10th 2008Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE KING OF THULE.*
January 9th 2008Robert Burns274. Song—Carle, an’ the King come
January 8th 2008Robert William ServiceWhile The Bannock Bakes
January 7th 2008Alfred Lord TennysonRing Out, Wild Bells
January 6th 2008Oscar WildePoem: La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente
January 5th 2008Robert William ServiceThe Headliner And The Breadliner
January 4th 2008Henry LawsonThe Man Who Raised Charlestown
January 3rd 2008George HerbertSighs And Groans
January 2nd 2008Robert William ServiceThe Choice
January 1st 2008A.S.J. TessimondNursery Rhyme For A Twenty-First Birthday
December 2007
December 31st 2007OvidMetamorphoses: Book The Fourteenth
December 30th 2007William BlakeSong
December 29th 2007Nazim HikmetThe Strangest Creature On Earth
December 28th 2007Kobayashi IssaNew Year's morning
December 27th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Great Recall
December 26th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonMove Eastward, Happy Earth
December 25th 2007George William Russell108. Indian Song
December 24th 2007Robert HerrickTO HIS VERSES
December 23rd 2007Andrew MarvellUpon Appleton House, to My Lord Fairfax
December 22nd 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsIn The Valley Of The Elwy
December 21st 2007Robert HerrickTO SILVIA
December 20th 2007Algernon Charles SwinburneA Year's Carols
December 19th 2007Robert William ServiceOnly A Boche
December 18th 2007Lewis CarrollEchoes
December 17th 2007Lewis CarrollShe's All My Fancy Painted Him
December 16th 2007Robert William ServiceCelebates
December 15th 2007Stevie SmithIn The Night
December 14th 2007Guillaume ApollinaireLes Colchiques
December 13th 2007W. H. AudenBase Words Are Uttered
December 12th 2007William Butler YeatsThe O'Rahilly
December 11th 2007Kobayashi IssaThis moth saw brightness
December 10th 2007George William Russell33. Childhood
December 9th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonCamouflage
December 8th 2007Thomas BlackburnHospital For Defectives
December 7th 2007William Butler YeatsA Dream Of Death
December 6th 2007Hugo WilliamsUnobtainable
December 5th 2007Thomas CarewA Song: When June is Past, the Fading Rose
December 4th 2007HomerThe Odyssey: Book I
December 3rd 2007William BlakeWhy Should I Care for the Men of Thames
December 2nd 2007Robert Burns8. Song—Montgomerie’s Peggy
December 1st 2007Tony HarrisonLong Distance II
November 2007
November 30th 2007Oscar WildePoem: From Spring Days To Winter (For Music)
November 29th 2007Robert William ServiceYellow
November 28th 2007Lewis CarrollPhantasmagoria CANTO V ( Byckerment )
November 27th 2007Michael DraytonSonnet XXIV: I Hear Some Say
November 26th 2007Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella: XX
November 25th 2007William ShakespeareSonnet 119: What potions have I drunk of Siren tears
November 24th 2007Robert HerrickTHE SHOWER OF BLOSSOMS
November 23rd 2007Vasko PopaThe Admirers Of The Little Box
November 22nd 2007Henry LawsonTo Hannah
November 21st 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsTo a Young Child
November 20th 2007Charles BaudelaireEXOTIC PERFUME
November 19th 2007William BlakeThe School Boy
November 18th 2007George William Russell159. Hope in Failure
November 17th 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsSumma
November 16th 2007Robert Burns97. To John Kennedy, Dumfries House
November 15th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Ballad Of Lenin's Tomb
November 14th 2007Dante AlighieriLove and the Gentle Heart
November 13th 2007Thomas HardyThe Impercipient
November 12th 2007Robert GravesThe Poet in the Nursery
November 11th 2007Robert Burns401. Song—Meg o’ the Mill
November 10th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Land God Forgot
November 9th 2007William BlakeThe Grey Monk (Excerpts)
November 8th 2007Kobayashi IssaFace of the spring moon
November 7th 2007Federico Garcia LorcaLandscape of a Vomiting Multitude
November 6th 2007Richard LovelaceTo Lucasta, Going To The Wars
November 5th 2007Jorge Luis BorgesHistory Of The Night
November 4th 2007William ShakespeareSonnet 126: O thou, my lovely boy, who in thy power
November 3rd 2007Eavan BolandMy Country in Darkness
November 2nd 2007Pablo NerudaXVII (I do not love you...)
November 1st 2007William BlakeGwin King of Norway
October 2007
October 31st 2007Robert HerrickTHE COUNTRY LIFE:
October 30th 2007Rupert BrookeOne Day
October 29th 2007Sir Walter RaleighThe Silent Lover i
October 28th 2007Robert William ServiceVillage Virtue
October 27th 2007John KeatsIsabella or The Pot of Basil
October 26th 2007Stevie SmithExeat
October 25th 2007D.H. LawrenceWe are Transmitters
October 24th 2007William Butler YeatsThe Lover Speaks To The Hearers Of His Songs In Coming Days
October 23rd 2007William ShakespeareSonnet 73: That time of year thou mayst in me behold
October 22nd 2007Lord ByronTo Thomas Moore
October 21st 2007Algernon Charles SwinburneHad I Wist
October 20th 2007Christopher SmartThe Sweets of Evening
October 19th 2007Robert William ServiceHer Letter
October 18th 2007Henry LawsonAustralia's Peril
October 17th 2007John KeatsTo Autumn
October 16th 2007Lisel MuellerCurriculum Vitae
October 15th 2007Edmund SpenserSonnet XXX
October 14th 2007Percy Bysshe ShelleyFrom "Adonais," 49-52
October 13th 2007George William Russell153. Twilight by the Cabin
October 12th 2007John WilmotEpitaph on Charles II
October 11th 2007Wang WeiReturning to Songshan Mountain
October 10th 2007Percy Bysshe ShelleyRosalind and Helen: a Modern Eclogue
October 9th 2007Mahmoud DarwishRita And The Rifle
October 8th 2007Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 34 - With the same heart, I said, I'll answer thee
October 7th 2007P.K. PageAdolescence
October 6th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheNIGHT SONG,
October 5th 2007Robert HerrickTHE BUBBLE: A SONG
October 4th 2007Matthew ArnoldQuiet Work
October 3rd 2007Arthur Hugh CloughWith Whom is no Variableness, Neither Shadow of Turning
October 2nd 2007John MiltonSonnet 10
October 1st 2007Oscar WildePoem: By The Arno
September 2007
September 30th 2007Siegfried SassoonThe Tombstone-Maker
September 29th 2007Henry LawsonThe Paroo
September 28th 2007HomerThe Odyssey: Book XI
September 27th 2007Siegfried SassoonNoah
September 26th 2007G.K. ChestertonA Hymn
September 25th 2007W. H. AudenWe're Late
September 24th 2007John DonneThe Dissolution
September 23rd 2007Thomas GrayThe Fatal Sisters
September 22nd 2007Robert William ServiceThe Baldness Of Chewed-Ear
September 21st 2007Charles SorleyTo Germany
September 20th 2007Stevie SmithI Remember
September 19th 2007Samuel ColeridgeFrance: An Ode
September 18th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheNOVEMBER SONG.
September 17th 2007Elizabeth Barrett BrowningCheerfulness Taught By Reason
September 16th 2007D.H. LawrenceWorm Either Way
September 15th 2007Lewis CarrollLays of Sorrow
September 14th 2007Percy Bysshe ShelleyLift Not The Painted Veil Which Those Who Live
September 13th 2007Robert Burns493. Song—Contented wi’ little, and cantie wi’ mair
September 12th 2007Thomas HardyI Have Lived With Shades
September 11th 2007William ShakespeareSonnet 8: Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly?
September 10th 2007Robert William ServiceMoon-Lover
September 9th 2007Wang WeiJinzhu Ridge
September 8th 2007John MiltonThe Fifth Ode Of Horace. Lib. I
September 7th 2007W. H. AudenThe More Loving One
September 6th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Bulls
September 5th 2007Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: Book 2: I
September 4th 2007Robert Burns421. Epitaph on a Lap-dog
September 3rd 2007Robert William ServiceContentment
September 2nd 2007Robert BrowningThe Italian In England
September 1st 2007Mary OliverThe Sun
August 2007
August 31st 2007John ClareNovember
August 30th 2007Robert HerrickMONEY MAKES THE MIRTH
August 29th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Song Of The Pacifist
August 28th 2007Robert HerrickIMPOSSIBILITIES: TO HIS FRIEND
August 27th 2007Michael DraytonSonnet XLVIII: Cupid, I Hate Thee
August 26th 2007D.H. LawrenceVirgin Youth
August 25th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Parson's Son
August 24th 2007William CowperSardis
August 23rd 2007Alfred Lord TennysonIdylls of the King: The Last Tournament (excerpt)
August 22nd 2007William Butler YeatsA Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety
August 21st 2007Charlotte BronteThe Wife's Will
August 20th 2007William CowperJehovah-Nissi. The Lord My Banner
August 19th 2007Robert BrowningHeretic's Tragedy, The
August 18th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonRecollection of the Arabian Nights
August 17th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonPoliceman G.
August 16th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE LEGEND OF THE HORSESHOE.
August 15th 2007D.H. LawrenceDiscord in Childhood
August 14th 2007Robert Burns15. Winter: A Dirge
August 13th 2007Siegfried SassoonIn Barracks
August 12th 2007Lewis CarrollMy Fairy
August 11th 2007Robert William ServiceFinnigan's Finish
August 10th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonDo They Know?
August 9th 2007Nazim HikmetThings I Didn't Know I Loved
August 8th 2007Robert William ServiceSpanish Women
August 7th 2007Vita Sackville-WestMoonlight
August 6th 2007Richard CrashawIn the Holy Nativity of our Lord
August 5th 2007John MasefieldThe Wanderer
August 4th 2007Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: I
August 3rd 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE VISIT.
August 2nd 2007Thomas GrayThe Progress of Poesy
August 1st 2007Anna AkhmatovaHow can you bear to look at the Neva?
July 2007
July 31st 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE ERL-KING.
July 30th 2007William Butler YeatsNo Second Troy
July 29th 2007Jorge Luis BorgesThe Art Of Poetry
July 28th 2007Li PoFarewell to Secretary Shu-yun at the Hsieh Tiao Villa in Hsuan-Chou
July 27th 2007Robert HerrickTO HIS PATERNAL COUNTRY
July 26th 2007Robert William ServicePipe Smoker
July 25th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonThe Man from Goondiwindi, Q.
July 24th 2007Percy Bysshe ShelleyOde To The West Wind
July 23rd 2007Federico Garcia LorcaNocturnos De La Ventana
July 22nd 2007Robert William ServiceWords
July 21st 2007Henry LawsonThe Shame of Going Back
July 20th 2007Walter Savage LandorThe Chrysolites and Rubies Bacchus Brings
July 19th 2007Emily BronteMy Comforter
July 18th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheCHRISTEL.
July 17th 2007Ernest DowsonThe Moon Maiden's Song
July 16th 2007John MiltonPsalm 07
July 15th 2007Oscar WildePoem: Quantum Mutata
July 14th 2007William BlakeFrench Revolution, The (excerpt)
July 13th 2007Christopher SmartEpistle to Mrs. Tyler
July 12th 2007Robert William ServiceL'Envoi
July 11th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheRULES FOR MONARCHS.
July 10th 2007Theodore RoethkeJourney Into The Interior
July 9th 2007A.A. MilneAt the Zoo
July 8th 2007Federico Garcia LorcaAdivinanza De La Guitarra
July 7th 2007William BlakeThe Little Boy Found
July 6th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonBottle 'O'
July 5th 2007Siegfried SassoonToday
July 4th 2007Robert BrowningMisconceptions
July 3rd 2007William BlakeThe Clod & The Pebble
July 2nd 2007Matthew PriorPhyllis's Age
July 1st 2007Robert Burns205. Song—Go on, Sweet Bird, and Soothe my Care
June 2007
June 30th 2007William Butler YeatsTom O'Roughley
June 29th 2007G.K. ChestertonThe House of Christmas
June 28th 2007Robert Burns126. Lines written on a Bank-note
June 27th 2007Michael DraytonEndimion and Phoebe (excerpts)
June 26th 2007Geoffrey HillMercian Hymns XVII
June 25th 2007Robert GravesDead Cow Farm
June 24th 2007Hilaire BellocHeretics All
June 23rd 2007Lord ByronThere Be None of Beauty's Daughters
June 22nd 2007Robert HerrickSweet Disorder
June 21st 2007Lord ByronI Would I Were a Careless Child
June 20th 2007Anna SwirIn A Meadow
June 19th 2007Robert Burns229. Song—Anna, thy Charms
June 18th 2007Samuel ColeridgeFragment
June 17th 2007Robert HerrickLOVE LIGHTLY PLEASED
June 16th 2007Robert GravesLove Without Hope
June 15th 2007Christopher SmartThe Pig
June 14th 2007Michael DraytonSonnet LIX: As Love and I
June 13th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheOPEN TABLE.
June 12th 2007Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 07 - The face of all the world is changed, I think
June 11th 2007Rudyard KiplingThe Prodigal Son
June 10th 2007A.S.J. TessimondFlight Of Stairs
June 9th 2007Thomas HardyMiddle-Age Enthusiasms
June 8th 2007William Butler YeatsBeggar To Beggar Cried
June 7th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Sum-Up
June 6th 2007Vernon ScannellA City Remembered
June 5th 2007Osip MandelstamThis
June 4th 2007Lewis CarrollHiawathas' photographing ( Part V )
June 3rd 2007Jonathan SwiftOysters
June 2nd 2007Robert HerrickAMBITION
June 1st 2007Robert Burns476. Epigram on the same Laird’s Country Seat
May 2007
May 31st 2007Ben JonsonVenus' Runaway
May 30th 2007Robert William ServiceAnt Hill
May 29th 2007Thomas HardyTransformations
May 28th 2007Edmund SpenserSonnet LII
May 27th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE FOX AND CRANE.
May 26th 2007Yehuda AmichaiWhat Kind Of A Person
May 25th 2007Robert Burns281. Sonnet to R. Graham, Esq., on Receiving a Favour
May 24th 2007Robert BrowningWomen And Roses
May 23rd 2007Charles BaudelaireHarmonie du Soir
May 22nd 2007William Butler YeatsThe Mask
May 21st 2007Robert Burns532. Song—Their groves o’ sweet myrtle
May 19th 2007Yehuda AmichaiDo Not Accept
May 18th 2007Robert Burns507. Song—Bonie Peg-a-Ramsay
May 17th 2007John MasefieldThe Passing Strange
May 16th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheLOVE AS A LANDSCAPE PAINTER.
May 15th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonThe Ballad of the Calliope
May 14th 2007Robert William ServiceInfidelity
May 13th 2007Robert William ServiceTourist
May 12th 2007Henry LawsonEureka
May 11th 2007Sir Walter RaleighHer Reply
May 10th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Auction Sale
May 9th 2007Robert HerrickA Thanksgiving to God for His House
May 8th 2007Kobayashi IssaUnder my house
May 7th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam 82: I Wage Not Any Feud With Death
May 6th 2007George William Russell91. Truth
May 5th 2007Kobayashi IssaWriting shit about new snow
May 4th 2007Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSubstitution
May 3rd 2007Elizabeth BishopThe Bight
May 2nd 2007Matthew ArnoldRequiescat
May 1st 2007Wilfred OwenThe Dead-Beat
April 2007
April 30th 2007Christina RossettiAn Echo from Willowood
April 29th 2007Rupert BrookeIV. The Dead
April 28th 2007Robert GravesThe Spoilsport
April 27th 2007Seamus HeaneyThe Early Purges
April 26th 2007D.H. LawrenceDreams
April 25th 2007Robert William ServiceOld Bob
April 24th 2007Isaac RosenbergThe Immortals
April 23rd 2007Dame Edith SitwellThe Fan
April 22nd 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheDIFFERENT EMOTIONS ON THE SAME SPOT.
April 21st 2007William Butler YeatsRed Hanrahan's Song About Ireland
April 20th 2007Matthew PriorAn Epitaph
April 19th 2007Dylan ThomasPoem In October
April 18th 2007Robert William ServiceGolden Days
April 17th 2007Robert William ServiceThe Christmas Tree
April 16th 2007Robert William ServiceImagination
April 15th 2007Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella: XXXIX
April 14th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonWaltzing Matilda
April 13th 2007Rupert BrookeTiare Tahiti
April 12th 2007A.E. HousmanTo An Athlete Dying Young
April 11th 2007Rupert BrookeThe Life Beyond
April 10th 2007Robert HerrickLOVE, WHAT IT IS
April 9th 2007William ShakespeareSonnet 79: Whilst I alone did call upon thy aid
April 8th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess (part 7)
April 7th 2007Edmund SpenserThe Shepheardes Calender: April
April 6th 2007Leonard CohenWaiting For The Miracle
April 5th 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsAt The Wedding March
April 4th 2007Robert Burns479. Epigram on a Swearing Coxcomb
April 3rd 2007Michael OndaatjeNotes For The Legend Of Salad Woman
April 2nd 2007Robert William ServiceTourists
April 1st 2007W. H. AudenThe Labyrinth
March 2007
March 31st 2007Yehuda AmichaiAnd We Shall Not Get Excited
March 30th 2007Rainer Maria RilkeTo Say Before Going To Sleep
March 29th 2007Robert Burns415. Song—The last time I cam o’er the Moor
March 28th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE UNEQUAL MARRIAGE,
March 27th 2007William Butler YeatsThe Witch
March 26th 2007Charles BaudelaireTHE SADNESS OF THE MOON
March 25th 2007Rupert BrookeMutability
March 24th 2007George William Russell49. The Spirit of the Gay
March 23rd 2007Katherine PhilipsTo One Persuading A Lady To Marriage
March 22nd 2007Matthew PriorA Simile
March 21st 2007Thomas CarewAn Elegy upon the Death of the Dean of St. Paul's, Dr. John
March 20th 2007Robert Burns375. Song—The Deuks dang o’er my Daddie
March 19th 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsEaster Communion
March 18th 2007Robert Burns63. One Night as I did Wander
March 17th 2007Siegfried SassoonElegy
March 16th 2007Robert Burns223. Song—The Chevalier’s Lament
March 15th 2007Dylan ThomasWas There A Time
March 14th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheBLINDMAN'S BUFF.
March 13th 2007Thomas Hardy"Between Us Now"
March 12th 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Half-way House
March 11th 2007Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Roundel
March 10th 2007Robert HerrickBe My Mistress Short or Tall
March 9th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess (prologue)
March 8th 2007Thomas GrayOn The Death Of A Favourite Cat, Drowned In A Tub Of Gold Fishes
March 7th 2007Algernon Charles SwinburnePrelude
March 6th 2007Hilaire BellocThe Night
March 5th 2007W. H. AudenLet History Be My Judge
March 4th 2007Emily BronteMild the mist upon the hill
March 3rd 2007Mary OliverThe Humpbacks
March 2nd 2007Robert Burns374. Song—O can ye Labour Lea?
March 1st 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE METAMORPHOSIS OF PLANTS.
February 2007
February 28th 2007Robert William ServiceEyrie
February 27th 2007Dame Edith SitwellBells Of Gray Crystal
February 26th 2007Henry LawsonSweeney
February 25th 2007William Butler YeatsThe Song Of The Old Mother
February 24th 2007Thomas HardyThe Roman Road
February 23rd 2007Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Bugler's First Communion
February 22nd 2007Rupert BrookeClouds
February 21st 2007Rafael GuillenNot Fear
February 20th 2007D.H. LawrenceThe Prophet
February 19th 2007Andrew Barton PatersonThe Reveille
February 18th 2007Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSAKONTALA.
February 17th 2007Siegfried SassoonArms and the Man
February 16th 2007D.H. LawrenceThe White Horse
February 15th 2007Robert GravesDouble Red Daisies
February 14th 2007Robert William ServiceGods In The Gutter
February 13th 2007William Lisle BowlesX. On Dover Cliffs.
February 12th 2007Henry LawsonThe Shearers Dream
February 11th 2007Matthew ArnoldBuried Life, The
February 10th 2007Robert HerrickWRITING
February 9th 2007Siegfried SassoonBanishment
February 8th 2007William Butler YeatsTom At Cruachan
February 7th 2007Sir Walter RaleighThe Artist
February 6th 2007Czeslaw MiloszForget
February 5th 2007John MasefieldTewkesbury Road
February 4th 2007Francois VillonThe Debate Between Villon And His Heart
February 3rd 2007Robert William ServiceThe Pines
February 2nd 2007George William Russell78. A Summer Night
February 1st 2007John BetjemanMiddlesex
January 2007
January 31st 2007John MiltonSonnet 11
January 30th 2007James Henry Leigh HuntAbou Ben Adhem
January 29th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonThe Princess (part 4)
January 28th 2007John DonneConfined Love
January 27th 2007Czeslaw MiloszDedication
January 26th 2007Henry LawsonThe Things We Dare Not Tell
January 25th 2007Thomas HardyLines On The Loss Of The "Titanic"
January 24th 2007Robert GravesThe Next War
January 23rd 2007Lord ByronLines Written Beneath An Elm In The Churchyard Of Harrow
January 22nd 2007Siegfried SassoonMemorial Tablet
January 21st 2007George HerbertRepentance
January 20th 2007William BlakeEngland! awake! awake! awake!
January 19th 2007Pablo NerudaOde To Tomatoes
January 18th 2007Robert HerrickFELICITY QUICK OF FLIGHT
January 16th 2007William BlakeWhy Was Cupid a Boy
January 15th 2007Siegfried SassoonWisdom
January 13th 2007Samuel ColeridgeLimbo
January 12th 2007Siegfried SassoonConcert Party
January 11th 2007Matthew ArnoldThe Song Of Empedocles
January 10th 2007Thomas HardyThe Levelled Churchyard
January 9th 2007Seamus HeaneyStrange Fruit
January 8th 2007W. H. AudenThe Hidden Law
January 7th 2007George HerbertThe H. Communion
January 6th 2007R.S. ThomasA Peasant
January 5th 2007Alfred Lord TennysonThe Garden
December 2006
December 26th 2006Charlotte BronteFrances
December 23rd 2006William BlakeThree Things to Remember
December 17th 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Scottish Engineer
December 16th 2006John BetjemanBack From Australia
December 15th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE MAID OF THE MILL'S TREACHERY.
December 14th 2006Wang WeiStopping at Incense Storing Temple
December 13th 2006Thomas HardyThe Bullfinches
December 12th 2006Rupert Brooke1914 II: Safety
December 11th 2006A.E. HousmanThe Carpenter's Son
December 10th 2006Robert Burns69. Third Epistle to J. Lapraik
December 9th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTABLE SONG.
December 8th 2006Robert William ServiceTrees Against The Sky
December 7th 2006Robert Burns470. Song—She says she loes me best of a’
December 6th 2006Lisel MuellerAlive Together
December 5th 2006Elizabeth JenningsIn a Garden
December 4th 2006Alfred Lord TennysonBoadicea
December 3rd 2006Andrew Barton PatersonShearing With a Hoe
December 2nd 2006Robert William ServiceSpanish Peasant
December 1st 2006Matthew ArnoldTo a Republican Friend
November 2006
November 30th 2006Thomas HardyThe Subalterns
November 29th 2006Robert Burns87. The Twa Dogs
November 28th 2006Constantine P. CavafyRemember, Body...
November 27th 2006Hilaire BellocKings live in Palaces, and Pigs in sties
November 26th 2006Robert William ServiceThe Summing Up
November 25th 2006Christopher MarloweThe face that launch'd a thousand ships
November 24th 2006R.S. ThomasWelsh Landscape
November 23rd 2006Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam 3: O Sorrow, Cruel Fellowship
November 22nd 2006Robert William ServiceAfternoon Tea
November 21st 2006Algernon Charles SwinburneAt Sea
November 20th 2006Robert Burns181. Reply to the Threat of a Censorious Critic
November 19th 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Protest
November 18th 2006Paul CelanNight Ray
November 17th 2006Robert Burns456. Epitaph on Captain Lascelles
November 16th 2006John DrydenOde
November 15th 2006Alexander PopeEssay on Man
November 14th 2006HomerThe Iliad: Book IV
November 13th 2006Robert William ServiceBelated Bard
November 12th 2006Joseph BrodskyElegy
November 11th 2006Robert William ServiceThe Sceptic
November 10th 2006Michael DraytonSonnet XLI: Why Do I Speak of Joy
November 9th 2006Kobayashi IssaAsked how old he was
November 8th 2006John WilmotTunbridge Wells
November 7th 2006Robert Burns468. Song—On the Seas and far away
November 6th 2006John ClareSummer Evening
November 5th 2006Robert William ServiceThe Bohemian
November 4th 2006Mary OliverTurtle
November 3rd 2006Henry LawsonReedy River
November 2nd 2006Robert Burns436. Song—Deluded swain, the pleasure
November 1st 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Fitzroy Blacksmith
October 2006
October 31st 2006Gerard Manley HopkinsThe Shepherd’s Brow, Fronting Forked Lightning, Owns
October 30th 2006A.A. MilneHoppity
October 29th 2006Algernon Charles SwinburneLeave-Taking
October 28th 2006R.S. ThomasThe Village
October 27th 2006D.H. LawrenceThe Gods! The Gods!
October 26th 2006Thomas HardyThe Puzzled Game-Birds
October 25th 2006Allen GinsbergWar Profit Litany
October 24th 2006Paul CelanCorona
October 23rd 2006Elizabeth BishopLullaby For The Cat
October 22nd 2006Allen GinsbergPlutonian Ode
October 21st 2006Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella VII: WhenNature Made her Chief Work
October 20th 2006Stevie SmithMy Heart Goes Out
October 19th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE MAID OF THE MILL'S REPENTANCE.
October 18th 2006Edward LearThere was an old man on the Border
October 17th 2006Robert William ServiceThe Law Of The Yukon
October 16th 2006George William Russell81. Creation
October 15th 2006William BlakeSongs Of Innocence: Introduction
October 14th 2006William Butler YeatsThe Old Men Admiring Themselves In The Water
October 13th 2006Michael DraytonSonnet XLIV: Whilst Thus My Pen
October 12th 2006A.S.J. TessimondBells, Pool And Sleep
October 11th 2006Robert Burns102. To a Mountain Daisy
October 10th 2006Robert William ServiceThe Twins
October 9th 2006William CowperJehovah-Jireh. The Lord Will Provide
October 8th 2006Hilaire BellocLines For A Christmas Card
October 7th 2006Allen GinsbergA Desolation
October 6th 2006A.R. AmmonsRivulose
October 5th 2006Henry LawsonThe Glass On The Bar
October 4th 2006Robert William ServiceCardiac
October 3rd 2006Andrew Barton PatersonSaltbush Bill's Second Flight
October 2nd 2006Robert Burns553. Song—O lay thy loof in mine, lass
October 1st 2006Czeslaw MiloszLove
September 2006
September 30th 2006John DrydenAbsalom And Achitophel
September 29th 2006Robert William ServiceArmistice Day (1953)
September 28th 2006Walter Savage LandorFæsulan Idyl
September 27th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheFROM THE MOUNTAIN.
September 26th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheRECIPROCAL INVITATION TO THE DANCE.
September 25th 2006Samuel ColeridgeThe Improvisatore
September 24th 2006Sir Philip SidneySonnet XV: You That Do Search
September 23rd 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Silent Shearer
September 22nd 2006Algernon Charles SwinburneIn the Bay
September 21st 2006Matthew PriorJinny the Just
September 20th 2006Philip LarkinVers De Société
September 19th 2006Wang WeiThinking of My Brothers in Shantung on the Ninth Day of the Ninth Month
September 18th 2006Michael DraytonSonnet XXXI: Methinks I See
September 17th 2006Siegfried SassoonThe General
September 16th 2006Seamus HeaneyKeeping Going
September 15th 2006D.H. LawrenceBavarian Gentians
September 14th 2006George HerbertMan's Medley
September 13th 2006Robert William ServiceTwo Children
September 12th 2006Thomas HardyAt Castle Boterel
September 11th 2006Elizabeth BishopThe Weed
September 10th 2006A.S.J. TessimondEpitaph On A Disturber Of His Times
September 9th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE.
September 8th 2006Thomas HardyWives in the Sere
September 7th 2006Andrew Barton PatersonWhy the Jackass Laughs
September 6th 2006A.A. MilnePinkle Purr
September 5th 2006Robert HerrickUPON TEARS
September 4th 2006Seamus HeaneyFollower
September 3rd 2006William Butler YeatsThe Fiddler Of Dooney
September 2nd 2006William Butler YeatsLong-Legged Fly
September 1st 2006William BlakeBlind Man's Buff
August 2006
August 31st 2006Robert William ServiceWhite-Collar Spaniard
August 30th 2006Michael DraytonSonnet XXII: With Fools and Children
August 29th 2006Robert William ServiceAccordion
August 28th 2006Robert Burns107. Versified Reply to an Invitation
August 27th 2006Robert HerrickTO MUSIC
August 26th 2006Helen DunmoreAll The Things You Are Not Yet
August 25th 2006Robert HerrickTHE WATCH
August 24th 2006William Butler YeatsThe Results Of Thought
August 23rd 2006Robert GravesAn Old Twenty-Third Man
August 22nd 2006Yosa BusonListening to the moon
August 21st 2006Lord ByronOn A Distant View Of Harrow
August 20th 2006Rupert BrookeChoriambics -- II
August 19th 2006Algernon Charles SwinburneThe Oblation
August 18th 2006Ted HughesWind
August 17th 2006Percy Bysshe ShelleyTo A Skylark
August 16th 2006Robert William ServiceLeaves
August 15th 2006Charles BaudelaireUne Charogne
August 14th 2006Elizabeth BishopThe Unbeliever
August 13th 2006Robert BrowningA Serenade At The Villa
August 12th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheROLLICKING HANS.
August 11th 2006William Butler YeatsA Nativity
August 10th 2006Robert Burns31. Song—My Nanie, O!
August 9th 2006Paul CelanTwelve Years
August 8th 2006Emily BronteHigh waving heather 'neath stormy blasts bending
August 7th 2006Robert William ServiceThe World's All Right
August 6th 2006Robert BrowningYou'll love me yet!—and I can tarry
August 5th 2006Robert Burns13. Song—Bonie Peggy Alison
August 4th 2006Robert GravesA Child's Nightmare
August 3rd 2006Federico Garcia LorcaSaturday Paseo: Adelina
August 2nd 2006Li PoTo Tan-Ch'iu
August 1st 2006Mary OliverHummingbird Pauses at the Trumpet Vine
July 2006
July 31st 2006Robert BrowningThe Year's At The Spring
July 30th 2006Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 40 - Oh, yes! they love through all this world of ours!
July 29th 2006Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel And Stella-First Song
July 28th 2006A.S.J. TessimondUnlyric Love Song
July 27th 2006John MiltonSonnet 04
July 26th 2006Andrew Barton PatersonBlack Harry's Team
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July 24th 2006Robert William ServiceIt Is Later Than You Think
July 23rd 2006D.H. LawrenceCruelty and Love
July 22nd 2006Philip LarkinStory
July 21st 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Ghost of the Murderer's Hut
July 20th 2006Robert William ServiceSacrifice
July 19th 2006Matsuo BashoSpring rain
July 18th 2006Robert HerrickTO HIS MUSE
July 17th 2006William Butler YeatsTo A Child Dancing In The Wind
July 16th 2006Ben JonsonAn Elegy
July 15th 2006Robert Burns191. Song—Theniel Menzies’ Bonie Mary
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July 5th 2006Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE BLISS OF SORROW.
July 4th 2006Robert Burns67. Epistle to John Goldie, in Kilmarnock
July 3rd 2006Thomas CarewSong
July 2nd 2006D.H. LawrenceA Winter's Tale
July 1st 2006Robert William ServiceDistracted Druggist
June 2006
June 30th 2006William Butler YeatsTwo Songs Of A Fool
June 29th 2006Li PoThe Cold Clear Spring At Nanyang
June 28th 2006John ClareWhere She Told Her Love
June 27th 2006Alden NowlanA Certain Kind of Holy Men
June 26th 2006OvidLove in the afternoon
June 25th 2006Tony HarrisonMarked with D.
June 24th 2006George William Russell58. Self-Discipline
June 23rd 2006Robert Burns246. Song—Robin Shure in Hairst
June 22nd 2006John BetjemanThe Plantster's Vision
June 21st 2006George William Russell89. The Grey Eros
June 20th 2006Henry LawsonAndy's Gone With Cattle
June 19th 2006Robert Burns549. Epistle to Colonel de Peyster
June 18th 2006W. H. AudenRefugee Blues
June 17th 2006Dylan ThomasI Have Longed To Move Away
June 16th 2006Li PoLooking For A Monk And Not Finding Him
June 15th 2006G.K. ChestertonThe Higher Unity
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June 13th 2006Robert HerrickTO BE MERRY
June 12th 2006Sir Walter RaleighLike Truthless Dreams, So Are My Joys Expired
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June 10th 2006Rupert BrookeRetrospect
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June 6th 2006Alfred Lord TennysonIn Memoriam A. H. H.: 45. The baby new to earth and sky
June 5th 2006Li PoBefore The Cask of Wine
June 4th 2006D.H. LawrenceAt the Window
June 3rd 2006Alfred Lord TennysonTithonus
June 2nd 2006Robert William ServiceWeary
June 1st 2006Edwin MorganOne Cigarette
May 2006
May 31st 2006Robert William ServiceMy Vineyard
May 30th 2006Robert HerrickSAFETY ON THE SHORE
May 29th 2006Robert William ServiceLottery Ticket
May 28th 2006Robert Burns132. Reply to a Trimming Epistle, received from a Tailor
May 27th 2006Robert William ServicePrelude
May 26th 2006A.E. HousmanBring, In This Timeless Grave To Throw
May 25th 2006A.E. HousmanOn Moonlit Heath and Lonesome Bank
May 24th 2006Seamus HeaneyThe Tollund Man
May 23rd 2006Thomas HardyThe Dead Drummer
May 22nd 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Deficit Demon
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May 19th 2006Emily BronteStars
May 18th 2006Robert William ServicePilgrims
May 17th 2006John WilmotPoems to Mulgrave and Scroope
May 16th 2006Robert Burns302. Elegy on Willie Nicol’s Mare
May 15th 2006Robert Burns457. Epitaph on Wm. Graham, Esq., of Mossknowe
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May 12th 2006George HerbertDenial
May 11th 2006Christina RossettiThe Thread of Life
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May 9th 2006William CowperWisdom
May 8th 2006Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Weakest Thing
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May 6th 2006Derek WalcottEgypt, Tobago
May 5th 2006Andrew Barton PatersonThe Man Who Was Away
May 4th 2006Alexander PopeLines on Curll
May 3rd 2006Thomas HardyFragment
May 2nd 2006Robert William ServiceThe Booby-Trap
May 1st 2006Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella: XCII
April 2006
April 30th 2006Robert William ServiceTourist
April 29th 2006Robert Burns441. Complimentary Epigram to Mrs. Riddell
April 28th 2006Seamus HeaneyThe Otter
April 27th 2006Constantine P. CavafyInterruption
April 26th 2006Elizabeth Barrett BrowningA Year's Spinning
April 25th 2006Algernon Charles SwinburneMarzo Pazzo
April 24th 2006Czeslaw MiloszFather Explains
April 23rd 2006Robert William ServiceEscape
April 22nd 2006Andrew MarvellThe Match
April 21st 2006Sir Walter RaleighThe Silent Lover ii
April 20th 2006Algernon Charles SwinburneA Night-Piece By Millet
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April 11th 2006Constantine P. CavafyThe Bandaged Shoulder
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April 9th 2006A.S.J. TessimondO
April 8th 2006Samuel ColeridgeReflections On Having Left A Place Of Retirement
April 7th 2006Elizabeth BishopInsomnia
April 5th 2006Seamus HeaneyThe Perch
March 2006
March 30th 2006Wislawa SzymborskaHunger Camp At Jaslo
March 29th 2006A.S.J. TessimondOne Almost Might
March 28th 2006Robert HerrickA CANTICLE TO APOLLO
March 27th 2006Thomas HardyThe Church-Builder
March 26th 2006Mary OliverThe Journey
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March 20th 2006Robert Burns275. Song—The Laddie’s dear sel’
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March 18th 2006Katherine PhilipsLa Solitude de St. Amant
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March 7th 2006Christina RossettiRest
March 6th 2006Lewis CarrollFit the Eighth (Hunting of the Snark )
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March 4th 2006Robert BrowningCaliban upon Setebos or, Natural Theology in the Island
March 3rd 2006Charles BaudelaireTHE OWLS
March 2nd 2006Robert William ServiceThe Afflicted
March 1st 2006Henry LawsonThe Old Jimmy Woodser
February 2006
February 28th 2006A.E. HousmanThe Laws of God, The Laws of Man
February 27th 2006Kobayashi IssaDon't worry, spiders
February 26th 2006Andrew Barton PatersonConroy's Gap
February 25th 2006George William Russell98. The Seer
February 24th 2006Robert HerrickHIS CONTENT IN THE COUNTRY
February 23rd 2006Vasko PopaGive Me Back My Rags #11
February 22nd 2006Alexander PopeThe Dying Christian to His Soul
February 21st 2006Elizabeth JenningsAbsence
February 20th 2006Rupert BrookeSonnet (Suggested By Some Of The Proceedings Of The Society For Psychical Research )
February 19th 2006Samuel ColeridgeThe Faded Flower
February 18th 2006John DonneFor Whom The Bell Tolls
February 17th 2006Yosa BusonLighting one candle
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February 15th 2006Robert Burns53. Lines on the Author’s Death
February 14th 2006Bertolt BrechtTo read in the morning and at night...
February 13th 2006Theodore RoethkeElegy For Jane
February 12th 2006Robert GravesI'd Love To Be A Fairy's Child
February 11th 2006Robert HerrickCOCK-CROW
February 10th 2006D.H. LawrenceIn Trouble and Shame
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February 7th 2006Matsuo BashoFour Haiku
February 6th 2006Rupert BrookeThe Song of the Pilgrims
February 5th 2006Robert William ServiceMichael
February 4th 2006Robert William ServiceSon
February 3rd 2006Robert William ServiceBird Watcher
February 2nd 2006John DonneThe Token
February 1st 2006Anna AkhmatovaI Don't Know If You're Alive Or Dead
January 2006
January 31st 2006William BarnesMy Orcha'd in Linden Lea
January 30th 2006D.H. LawrenceDissolute
January 29th 2006John WilmotA Song Of A Young Lady To Her Ancient Lover
January 28th 2006Robert William ServiceEach Day A Life
January 27th 2006Robert Burns332. Song—You’re welcome, Willie Stewart
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January 25th 2006Robert William ServiceThe Wanderlust
January 24th 2006Thomas HardyAt a Hasty Wedding
January 23rd 2006Alexander PopeEpistles to Several Persons: Epistle IV, To Richard Boyle,
January 22nd 2006D.H. LawrenceThe End
January 21st 2006Wilfred OwenThe End
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January 18th 2006A.A. MilneRice Pudding
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January 15th 2006Yehuda AmichaiMemorial Day For The War Dead
January 14th 2006Georg TraklKlage
January 13th 2006Samuel ColeridgeDespair
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January 3rd 2006Hilaire BellocThe Pelagian Drinking Song
January 2nd 2006Edward LearThere was an old man of Thermopylæ
January 1st 2006Yehuda AmichaiBefore
December 2005
December 31st 2005Isaac RosenbergReturning, We Hear the Larks
December 30th 2005Robert William ServiceApollo Belvedere
December 29th 2005Lord ByronThe Siege and Conquest of Alhama
December 28th 2005Rainer Maria RilkeEvening
December 27th 2005Elizabeth JenningsIn Memory of Anyone Unknown to Me
December 26th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheCHARADE.
December 25th 2005William BarnesThe Girt Woak Tree
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December 23rd 2005William Butler YeatsA Song
December 22nd 2005Pablo NerudaA Song Of Despair
December 21st 2005W. H. AudenBut I Can't
December 20th 2005Algernon Charles SwinburneMentana : First Anniversary
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December 17th 2005Robert Burns323. Epigram on Miss Davies
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December 15th 2005Lord ByronTo A Lady
December 14th 2005Michael DraytonSonnet LII: What? Dost Thou Mean
December 13th 2005Sir Walter RaleighHis Pilgrimage
December 12th 2005Thomas HardyThe Selfsame Song
December 11th 2005Thomas HardyThe Milkmaid
December 10th 2005Richard CrashawAn Epitaph upon Husband and Wife
December 9th 2005Robert HerrickUpon Parson Beanes
December 8th 2005Henry LawsonOut Back
December 7th 2005William CowperThe Sower
December 6th 2005Robert William ServiceDyspeptic Clerk
December 5th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Three Beggars
December 4th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Ballad Of Touch-The-Button Nell
December 3rd 2005Thomas HardyThe Sick God
December 2nd 2005Richard CrashawDivine Epigrams: On the Miracle of the Multiplied Loaves
December 1st 2005A.E. HousmanThe Merry Guide
November 2005
November 30th 2005Robert HerrickTO LIVE FREELY
November 29th 2005G.K. ChestertonThe Song of Quoodle
November 28th 2005John MiltonSonnet 13
November 27th 2005Nazim HikmetOn Living
November 26th 2005Robert William ServiceSilence
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November 23rd 2005Robert William ServiceBirds Of A Feather
November 22nd 2005Robert William ServiceEighty Not Out
November 21st 2005Robert Burns362. Song—Thou Gloomy December
November 20th 2005Walter Savage LandorDirce
November 19th 2005Lord ByronSaul
November 18th 2005A.A. MilneThe Morning Walk
November 17th 2005George William Russell126. Weariness
November 16th 2005G.K. ChestertonA Christmas Carol
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November 14th 2005Alfred Lord TennysonThe Letters
November 13th 2005Margaret AtwoodMore and More
November 12th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheMOTIVES.
November 11th 2005Robert William ServiceWounded
November 10th 2005Philip LarkinGoing
November 9th 2005Ted HughesEarth-Moon
November 8th 2005Thomas HardyThe Sergeant's Song
November 7th 2005Robert HerrickWlT PUNISHED PROSPERS MOST
November 6th 2005Thom GunnMy Sad Captains
November 5th 2005Octavio PazBetween Going And Staying
November 4th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Pretty Lady
November 3rd 2005A.E. HousmanLoveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now
November 2nd 2005Alfred Lord TennysonOf Old Sat Freedom
November 1st 2005Leonard CohenDemocracy
October 2005
October 31st 2005Robert GravesGoliath and David
October 30th 2005Edmund SpenserThe Faerie Queene: Book I, Canto I
October 29th 2005William WordsworthI Wandered Lonely As A Cloud
October 28th 2005Robert William ServicePremonition
October 27th 2005Robert Burns61. Second Epistle to J. Lapraik
October 26th 2005Robert William ServiceHumility
October 25th 2005George HerbertSin's Round
October 24th 2005Li PoGood Old Moon
October 23rd 2005Robert HerrickThe Hour-glass
October 22nd 2005Lewis CarrollPreface to Hunting of the Snark
October 21st 2005Robert GravesLove and Black Magic
October 20th 2005Robert BrowningThe Patriot
October 19th 2005Alfred Lord TennysonTo E. Fitzgerald: Tiresias
October 18th 2005Robert Burns481. Epigram on Andrew Turner
October 17th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Rose Of Peace
October 16th 2005Robert HerrickPOVERTY AND RICHES
October 15th 2005John BetjemanDawlish
October 14th 2005George HerbertNature
October 13th 2005Li PoFor Meng Hao-Jan
October 12th 2005Thomas Hardy"I Need Not Go"
October 11th 2005Algernon Charles SwinburneNot A Child
October 10th 2005Christina RossettiWhen I am dead, my dearest
October 9th 2005Andrew Barton PatersonA Change of Menu
October 8th 2005Yehuda AmichaiLove Of Jerusalem
October 7th 2005Alfred Lord TennysonOf Old Sat Freedom on the Heights
October 6th 2005A.E. HousmanWake Not for the World-Heard Thunder
October 5th 2005Constantine P. CavafyI Went
October 4th 2005Ben JonsonIt Is Not Growing Like A Tree
October 3rd 2005Robert Burns141. Tam Samson’s Elegy
October 2nd 2005John ClareThe Thrush's Nest
October 1st 2005Robert GravesSorley’s Weather
September 2005
September 30th 2005William BlakeSpring
September 29th 2005George William Russell97. In As Much …
September 28th 2005Robert HerrickUPON A CHILD THAT DIED
September 27th 2005Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Autumn
September 26th 2005William Butler YeatsLullaby
September 25th 2005A.E. HousmanAs Through the Wild Green Hills of Wyre
September 24th 2005Robert William ServiceKittens
September 23rd 2005Robert HerrickUPON HER EYES
September 22nd 2005Vasko PopaWedding
September 21st 2005William CowperEphraim Repenting
September 20th 2005Yehuda AmichaiA Precise Woman
September 19th 2005William Butler YeatsAn Appointment
September 18th 2005Robert Burns544. Song—Crowdie ever mair
September 17th 2005Siegfried SassoonLimitations
September 16th 2005Wislawa SzymborskaTortures
September 15th 2005Rupert BrookeThe Voice
September 14th 2005Robert William ServiceConfetti In The Wind
September 13th 2005Elizabeth BishopThe Imaginary Iceberg
September 12th 2005Christina RossettiFluttered Wings
September 11th 2005Yosa BusonHis Holiness the Abbot
September 10th 2005Bertolt BrechtSend Me A Leaf
September 9th 2005Edmund SpenserSonnet LXXVI
September 8th 2005Anna AkhmatovaTwenty-First. Night. Monday
September 7th 2005Robert William ServiceNeighbours
September 6th 2005Robert HerrickA NEW YEAR'S GIFT,SENT TO SIR SIMEON STEWARD
September 5th 2005D.H. LawrenceBirdcage Walk
September 4th 2005John BetjemanHarrow-on-the-Hill
September 3rd 2005Samuel ColeridgeTo Nature
September 2nd 2005Yosa BusonWhite blossoms of the pear
September 1st 2005Edward LearThe Quangle Wangle's Hat
August 2005
August 31st 2005Philip LarkinFirst Sight
August 30th 2005Jorge Luis BorgesBrowning Decides To Be A Poet
August 29th 2005Robert William ServiceTwo Blind Men
August 28th 2005Arthur Hugh CloughThere Is No God, the Wicked Sayeth
August 27th 2005William Butler YeatsHis Confidence
August 26th 2005Thomas HardyDitty
August 25th 2005Robert Burns235. Song—The Fall of the Leaf
August 24th 2005Thomas HardyIn A Museum
August 23rd 2005William CowperJehovah Our Righteousness
August 22nd 2005William Lisle BowlesXI. Written at Ostend
August 21st 2005Percy Bysshe ShelleyEnglish In 1819
August 20th 2005William Butler YeatsTom The Lunatic
August 19th 2005William Butler YeatsAnashuya And Vijaya
August 18th 2005Robert BurnsOh Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast
August 17th 2005Andrew Barton PatersonThe Rum Parade
August 16th 2005Rupert BrookeII. Safety
August 15th 2005W. H. AudenTaller To-day
August 14th 2005Matsuo BashoWhen the winter chrysanthemums go
August 13th 2005Robert William ServiceSeven
August 12th 2005R.S. ThomasSorry
August 11th 2005William Butler YeatsHigh Talk
August 10th 2005Ben JonsonSimplex Munditiis
August 9th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheCOPTIC SONG.
August 8th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Old Stone Cross
August 7th 2005John BetjemanIn Westminster Abbey
August 6th 2005Percy Bysshe ShelleyFrom the Arabic, an Imitation
August 5th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Pencil Seller
August 4th 2005William CowperMourning and Longing
August 3rd 2005Robert William ServiceBirthday
August 2nd 2005Robert BrowningA Lovers' Quarrel
August 1st 2005Algernon Charles SwinburneA Singing Lesson
July 2005
July 31st 2005Robert Burns359. Song—O May, thy Morn
July 30th 2005Gerard Manley HopkinsMoonless darkness stands between
July 29th 2005Robert William ServiceShakespeare And Cervantes
July 28th 2005William BlakeThe Sky is an Immortal Tent Built by the Sons of Los (from
July 27th 2005Wilfred OwenThe Show
July 26th 2005Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Seraph and the Poet
July 25th 2005Thomas HardyThe Burghers
July 24th 2005Andrew MarvellHortus
July 23rd 2005Robert Burns68. The Holy Fair
July 22nd 2005Elizabeth BishopExchanging Hats
July 21st 2005Richard CrashawPrayer
July 20th 2005A.S.J. TessimondMeeting
July 19th 2005Siegfried SassoonWhat the Captain Said at the Point-to-Point
July 18th 2005Robert William ServiceResignation
July 17th 2005Robert William ServiceBill's Grave
July 16th 2005Elizabeth Barrett BrowningThe Look
July 15th 2005Robert BrowningBy The Fire-Side
July 14th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheAUTHORS.
July 13th 2005Robert Burns138. Address to the Toothache
July 12th 2005Nazim HikmetHymn To Life
July 11th 2005Robert Burns484. Song—Saw you my dear, my Philly
July 10th 2005G.K. ChestertonThe Black Virgin
July 9th 2005Allen GinsbergAn Eastern Ballad
July 8th 2005Walter Savage LandorAutumn
July 7th 2005William Butler YeatsHe Mourns For The Change That Has Come Upon Him And His Beloved, And Longs For The End Of The World
July 6th 2005Geoffrey ChaucerTroilus And Criseyde: Book 03
July 5th 2005Algernon Charles SwinburneCleopatra
July 4th 2005Rupert BrookeThe Dead
July 3rd 2005Robert William ServiceThe Fool
July 2nd 2005George HerbertGood Friday
July 1st 2005William Butler YeatsThe Fool By The Roadside
June 2005
June 30th 2005Michael DraytonIdea XXXVII: Dear, why should you command me to my rest
June 29th 2005Walter Savage LandorWell I Remember How You Smiled
June 28th 2005Leonard CohenDance Me To The End Of Love
June 26th 2005Sir Philip SidneySleep
June 25th 2005Ben JonsonTo The Reader
June 24th 2005Elizabeth BishopThe Armadillo
June 23rd 2005Sir Philip SidneySonnet XXVII: Because I Oft
June 22nd 2005John MiltonPsalm 06
June 21st 2005Elizabeth BishopO Breath
June 19th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Locket
June 18th 2005Siegfried SassoonSlumber-Song
June 17th 2005Robert William ServiceEnemy Conscript
June 16th 2005Henry LawsonIn the Street
June 15th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Contented Man
June 14th 2005Percy Bysshe ShelleyThe Triumph of Life
June 13th 2005Robert HerrickTO LAURELS
June 12th 2005Lisel MuellerReading The Brothers Grimm To Jenny
June 11th 2005Philip LarkinMother, Summer, I
June 10th 2005Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 33 - Yes, call me by my pet-name! let me hear
June 9th 2005Matthew PriorA Reasonable Affliction
June 8th 2005Li PoSong of the Forge
June 7th 2005Robert Burns487. The Lover’s Morning Salute to his Mistress
June 6th 2005Pablo NerudaOde To an Artichoke
June 5th 2005William BlakeAuguries Of Innocence
June 4th 2005George William Russell72. Affinity
June 3rd 2005Emily BronteCome hither, child
June 2nd 2005William Butler YeatsHe Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
June 1st 2005Andrew Barton PatersonThe Road to Old Man's Town
May 2005
May 31st 2005Pablo NerudaPuedo Escribir
May 30th 2005Constantine P. CavafyThermopylae
May 29th 2005Thomas HardyThe Choirmaster's Burial
May 28th 2005Lewis CarrollThe Three Voices
May 27th 2005Edmund SpenserPoem 1
May 26th 2005William Butler YeatsCuchulan's Fight With The Sea
May 25th 2005George William Russell70. The Message
May 24th 2005William Butler YeatsDeath
May 23rd 2005Sir Philip SidneyAstrophel and Stella: I
May 22nd 2005Andrew Barton PatersonOpening of the Railway Line
May 21st 2005D.H. LawrenceThe Revolutionary
May 20th 2005Robert William ServiceSecurity
May 19th 2005Percy Bysshe ShelleyGood-Night
May 18th 2005Carol Ann DuffyStuffed
May 17th 2005Rainer Maria RilkeThe Apple Orchard
May 16th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Ballad Of Moll Magee
May 15th 2005Andrew Barton PatersonOut of Sight
May 14th 2005Robert William ServiceTim
May 13th 2005D.H. LawrenceSilence
May 12th 2005Joseph BrodskyA Polar Explorer
May 11th 2005Robert William ServiceFreedom's Fool
May 10th 2005Robert GravesLike Snow
May 9th 2005Robert William ServiceA Cabbage Patch
May 8th 2005Andrew Barton PatersonThe First Surveyor
May 7th 2005Samuel ColeridgeLife
May 6th 2005Thomas HardyAn Autumn Rain-Scene
May 5th 2005Robert William ServiceFulfilment
May 4th 2005Constantine P. CavafyFootsteps
May 3rd 2005John MiltonL'Allegro
May 2nd 2005Robert BrowningSong
May 1st 2005Lord ByronPrometheus
April 2005
April 30th 2005George William Russell107. Om
April 29th 2005Lewis CarrollFit the Second ( Hunting of the Snark )
April 28th 2005Robert Burns319. Lament for James, Earl of Glencairn
April 27th 2005Rupert BrookeThe Hill
April 26th 2005HomerThe Iliad: Book XIV
April 25th 2005Robert William ServicePortent
April 24th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Contrast
April 23rd 2005Robert William ServiceEpitaph
April 22nd 2005Gabriela MistralTo See Him Again
April 21st 2005John DrydenAn Ode, On The Death Of Mr. Henry Purcell
April 20th 2005Alfred Lord TennysonCradle Song
April 19th 2005William BlakeThe Marriage of Heaven and Hell (excerpt)
April 18th 2005Gerard Manley HopkinsBinsey Poplars
April 17th 2005Paul MuldoonThe Avenue
April 16th 2005Percy Bysshe ShelleyFeelings Of A Republican On The Fall Of Bonaparte
April 15th 2005Robert Burns309. Verses on Captain Grose
April 14th 2005Robert Burns400. Song—Lovely young Jessie
April 13th 2005Robert Burns368. Song—Scroggam, my dearie
April 12th 2005Isaac RosenbergThe Jew
April 11th 2005George HerbertPeace
April 10th 2005G.K. ChestertonThe Convert
April 9th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE EAGLE AND DOVE.
April 8th 2005William BlakeThe Caverns of the Grave I've Seen
April 7th 2005Robert BrowningSaul
April 6th 2005Derek WalcottThe Star-Apple Kingdom
April 5th 2005Constantine P. CavafyThe Windows
April 4th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Undying
April 3rd 2005Alfred Lord TennysonSea Dreams
April 2nd 2005Charles BaudelaireA FORMER LIFE
April 1st 2005Constantine P. CavafyIn Church
March 2005
March 31st 2005Czeslaw MiloszLake
March 30th 2005William Butler YeatsA Poet To His Beloved
March 29th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE BRIDEGROOM.*
March 28th 2005Alfred Lord TennysonThe Last Tournament
March 27th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Living Dead
March 26th 2005John DonneAir And Angels
March 25th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheWHEN I WAS STILL A YOUTHFUL WIGHT
March 24th 2005Matthew ArnoldWorldly Place
March 23rd 2005Andrew Barton PatersonAn Emu Hunt
March 22nd 2005Robert William ServiceLongevity
March 21st 2005Robert William ServiceBessie's Boil
March 20th 2005William CowperThe Christian
March 19th 2005William Butler YeatsHe Remembers Forgotten Beauty
March 18th 2005Andrew Barton PatersonWith French to Kimberley
March 17th 2005Mary OliverClapp's Pond
March 16th 2005Robert William ServiceDark Glasses
March 15th 2005Leonard CohenTower Of Song
March 14th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Lady's Third Song
March 13th 2005Oscar WildePoem: Santa Decca
March 12th 2005John MiltonOn The Morning Of Christs Nativity
March 11th 2005Robert William ServiceGod's Skallywags
March 10th 2005Constantine P. CavafySince Nine O'Clock
March 9th 2005John KeatsLines
March 8th 2005Nazim HikmetOptimistic Man
March 7th 2005Robert William ServiceFreethinker
March 6th 2005A.S.J. TessimondJune Sick Room
March 5th 2005Algernon Charles SwinburneA Leave-Taking
March 4th 2005Stevie SmithOur Bog Is Dood
March 3rd 2005Robert Burns228. To Alex. Cunningham, Esq., Writer, Edinburgh
March 2nd 2005Robert Burns395. Sonnet on the Author’s Birthday
March 1st 2005Dylan ThomasJanuary 1939
February 2005
February 28th 2005William Butler YeatsA Faery Song
February 27th 2005Robert William ServiceSurtax
February 26th 2005George William Russell137. The Well of All-Healing
February 25th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Phases Of The Moon
February 24th 2005Thomas HardyThen And Now
February 23rd 2005George William Russell101. Recall
February 22nd 2005Rupert BrookeThe Treasure
February 21st 2005John KeatsTo Solitude
February 20th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheWHO'LL BUY GODS OF LOVE?
February 19th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE GOLDSMITH'S APPRENTICE.
February 18th 2005Yehuda AmichaiThe Little Park Planted
February 17th 2005HomerThe Iliad: Book VIII
February 16th 2005William Butler YeatsA Man Young And Old: II. Human Dignity
February 15th 2005Robert William ServiceMy Library
February 14th 2005Oscar WildePoem: Ave Maria Gratia Plena
February 13th 2005Robert William ServiceI Shall Not Burn
February 12th 2005Philip LarkinToads Revisited
February 11th 2005Robert William ServiceFaith
February 10th 2005Robert Burns40. Reply to an Announcement by J. Rankine
February 9th 2005Bertolt BrechtO Germany, Pale Mother!
February 8th 2005John ClareAutumn Birds
February 7th 2005Bertolt BrechtThe Solution
February 6th 2005Conrad AikenTurns And Movies: Dancing Adairs
February 5th 2005James WrightFear Is What Quickens Me
February 4th 2005George William Russell56. The Heroes
February 3rd 2005John MiltonSamson Agonistes
February 2nd 2005John ClareThe Landrail
February 1st 2005John ClareChristmass
January 2005
January 31st 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE BOUNDARIES OF HUMANITY.
January 30th 2005Robert William ServiceOld Scout
January 29th 2005Robert Burns225. Song—Of a’ the Airts the Wind can Blaw
January 28th 2005Elizabeth BishopSestina
January 27th 2005Rainer Maria RilkeThe Last Supper
January 26th 2005Edgar BowersDedication for a House
January 25th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Ghosts
January 24th 2005Rainer Maria RilkeSpanish Dancer
January 23rd 2005Robert William ServiceBrave Coward
January 22nd 2005Louise GluckFirst Memory
January 21st 2005William BlakeThe Little Black Boy
January 20th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheTHE BRETHREN.
January 19th 2005Robert Burns510. Song—Fragment—Wee Willie Gray
January 18th 2005Robert William ServiceThe Dauber
January 17th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Blessed
January 16th 2005Kobayashi IssaThe man pulling radishes
January 15th 2005Robert William ServiceAlpine Holiday
January 14th 2005Allen GinsbergFootnote To Howl
January 13th 2005Johann Wolfgang von GoetheNEXT YEAR'S SPRING.
January 12th 2005Robert Burns509. Song—Fragment—There was a Bonie Lass
January 11th 2005Robert William ServiceSlugging Saint
January 10th 2005Stevie SmithBag-Snatching In Dublin
January 9th 2005Robert William ServiceA Verseman's Apology
January 8th 2005Robert Burns103. To Ruin
January 7th 2005William Butler YeatsThe Two Trees
January 6th 2005Robert William ServiceTo Sunnydale
January 5th 2005William Butler YeatsA Man Young And Old: I. First Love
January 4th 2005Kobayashi IssaEven on the smallest islands
January 3rd 2005James WrightThe Jewel
January 2nd 2005Philip LarkinThe Building
January 1st 2005Oscar WildePoem: Athanasia
December 2004
December 31st 2004Yehuda AmichaiTemporary Poem Of My Time
December 30th 2004John DonneHoly Sonnet XVIII: Show me, dear Christ, thy Spouse, so bright and clear
December 29th 2004John DonneThe Triple Fool
December 28th 2004Robert William ServiceMiracles
December 27th 2004Robert William ServiceA Character
December 26th 2004Charles BaudelaireBeacons
December 25th 2004Robert William ServiceThe Law Of Laws
December 24th 2004Robert William ServiceMy Guardian Angel
December 23rd 2004Robert William ServiceBaby Sitter
December 22nd 2004Robert William ServiceOld Sweethearts
December 21st 2004Robert William ServiceCourage
December 20th 2004Robert William ServiceHighland Hospitality
December 19th 2004Thomas HardyThe Fallow Deer At The Lonely House
December 18th 2004John KeatsEndymion: Book II
December 17th 2004Robert Burns241. Written in Friars’ Carse Hermitage (Second Version)
December 16th 2004John DrydenReligio Laici
December 15th 2004John ClareThe Nightingale's Nest
December 14th 2004Robert Burns215. Song—Hey, the Dusty Miller
December 13th 2004Robert Burns106. To Gavin Hamilton, Esq., Mauchline, recommending a Boy
December 12th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeFalling Stars
December 11th 2004Robert William ServiceDeath's Way
December 10th 2004William BlakeThe Lamb
December 9th 2004Philip LarkinDublinesque
December 8th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Swan
December 7th 2004Oscar WildeIN THE FOREST
December 6th 2004William BlakeHoly Thursday (Experience)
December 5th 2004Wilfred OwenExposure
December 4th 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 10: Sudden Death
December 3rd 2004Robert Burns551. Ballad on Mr. Heron’s Election—No. 4
December 2nd 2004Rainer Maria RilkeMusic
December 1st 2004Robert Burns496. Song—My Nanie’s awa
November 2004
November 30th 2004William BlakeSongs Of Experience: Introduction
November 29th 2004Robert Burns19. A Prayer in the Prospect of Death
November 27th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Apparitions
November 26th 2004William BlakeThe Land Of Dreams
November 25th 2004Philip LarkinModesties
November 24th 2004Oscar WildePoem: Easter Day
November 23rd 2004Elizabeth BishopLove Lies Sleeping
November 22nd 2004George William Russell117. Blindness
November 21st 2004Robert BurnsLament For Culloden
November 20th 2004Wilfred OwenThe Send-Off
November 19th 2004Allen GinsbergKissass
November 18th 2004Pablo NerudaDrunk As Drunk
November 17th 2004Robert BurnsYe Banks And Braes O'Bonnie Doon
November 16th 2004Stevie SmithDrugs Made Pauline Vague
November 15th 2004Robert Burns548. The Dean of Faculty: A new Ballad
November 14th 2004Dylan ThomasOnce It Was The Colour Of Saying
November 13th 2004HomerThe Odyssey: Book IV
November 12th 2004Dylan ThomasFern Hill
November 11th 2004Robert Burns283. Song—Willie brew’d a Peck o’ Maut
November 10th 2004Dylan ThomasSometimes The Sky's Too Bright
November 8th 2004Robert Burns192. Song—The Bonie Lass of Albany
November 7th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Lover Pleads With His Friend For Old Friends
November 6th 2004Robert Burns397. Song—Wandering Willie (Revised Version)
November 5th 2004A.R. AmmonsCalled Into Play
November 4th 2004Mary OliverCold Poem
November 3rd 2004Robert Burns280. The Kirk of Scotland’s Alarm: A Ballad
November 2nd 2004Matthew ArnoldThe Scholar Gypsy
November 1st 2004Theodore RoethkeMy Papa's Waltz
October 2004
October 31st 2004Robert Burns324. Song—The Charms of Lovely Davies
October 30th 2004Alexander PopeSolitude
October 29th 2004Dylan ThomasIn My Craft Or Sullen Art
October 28th 2004Dylan ThomasEspecially When The October Wind
October 27th 2004Alfred Lord TennysonThe Mermaid
October 26th 2004Robert Burns164. Song—A Bottle and Friend
October 25th 2004Robert Burns62. Epistle to William Simson
October 24th 2004Lewis CarrollYou Are Old, Father William
October 23rd 2004George William Russell131. Ordeal
October 22nd 2004George William Russell27. Dust
October 21st 2004Matsuo BashoMidfield
October 20th 2004Elizabeth BishopOne Art
October 19th 2004Philip LarkinToads
October 18th 2004Lewis CarrollMy Fancy
October 17th 2004George William Russell15. Answer
October 16th 2004A.R. AmmonsRogue Elephant
October 15th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Lover Mourns For The Loss Of Love
October 14th 2004Philip LarkinTo My Wife
October 13th 2004William Butler YeatsHis Phoenix
October 12th 2004George William Russell172. Reconciliation
October 11th 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 05: Melody In A Restaurant
October 8th 2004Robert BrowningProspice
October 7th 2004Dylan ThomasAmong Those Killed In The Dawn Raid Was A Man Aged A Hundred
October 6th 2004William BlakeNurses Song (Experience)
October 5th 2004William Butler YeatsAll Things Can Tempt Me
October 4th 2004Oscar WildePoem: Impression De Voyage
October 3rd 2004Robert Burns480. Epigram on an Innkeeper (“The Marquis”)
October 2nd 2004Robert Burns170. Epigram to Miss Ainslie in Church
October 1st 2004Robert Burns105. Despondency: An Ode
September 2004
September 29th 2004James WrightA Poem About George Doty In The Death House
September 27th 2004John KeatsEndymion: Book III
September 26th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Lamentation Of The Old Pensioner
September 25th 2004Robert Burns2. Song—O Tibbie, I hae seen the day
September 24th 2004Matsuo BashoStillness
September 23rd 2004Robert Burns321. Song—Craigieburn Wood
September 22nd 2004Robert Burns497. Song—The Tear-drop—“Wae is my heart”
September 21st 2004William Butler YeatsGirl's Song
September 20th 2004A.R. AmmonsEaster Morning
September 19th 2004Elizabeth Barrett BrowningBianca Among The Nightingales
September 18th 2004Robert Burns292. Song—Farewell to the Highlands
September 17th 2004Dylan ThomasWhen Once The Twilight Locks No Longer
September 16th 2004Robert Burns529. Song—How cruel are the parents
September 15th 2004James WrightHook
September 14th 2004Robert Burns414. Impromptu on Dumourier’s Desertion of the French Republican Army
September 13th 2004Philip LarkinNo Road
September 12th 2004Robert Burns305. Song—Gudewife, count the lawin
September 11th 2004Robert Burns361. Song—Behold the Hour, the Boat, arrive
September 10th 2004HomerThe Odyssey: Book X
September 9th 2004Wilfred OwenArms And The Boy
September 8th 2004Robert Burns352. The Song of Death
September 7th 2004George William Russell113. The Mid-World
September 6th 2004Robert Burns256. Song—Beware o’ Bonie Ann
September 5th 2004Robert Burns477. Epigram on Dr. Babington’s looks
September 4th 2004Oscar WildePoem: Her Voice
September 3rd 2004Elizabeth BishopThe Moose
September 2nd 2004William Butler YeatsA Prayer On Going Into My House
September 1st 2004Elizabeth BishopFlorida
August 2004
August 31st 2004Robert Burns58. Epitaph on Holy Willie
August 30th 2004Dylan ThomasEars In The Turrets Hear
August 29th 2004Oscar WildePoem: The Garden Of Eros
August 28th 2004Matsuo BashoThe oak tree
August 27th 2004John KeatsAnswer To A Sonnet By J.H.Reynolds
August 26th 2004Philip LarkinNext, Please
August 25th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Old Age Of Queen Maeve
August 24th 2004Robert Burns133. The Brigs of Ayr
August 23rd 2004Philip LarkinWild Oats
August 22nd 2004Robert Burns392. Song—Poortith cauld and restless love
August 21st 2004Robert Burns417. Song—Blythe hae I been on yon hill
August 20th 2004George William Russell32. Natural Magic
August 19th 2004Elizabeth BishopGiant Snail
August 18th 2004Robert Burns178. Impromptu on Carron Iron Works
August 17th 2004W. H. AudenA Walk After Dark
August 16th 2004Conrad AikenSenlin: His Cloudy Destiny
August 15th 2004John KeatsHow Many Bards Gild The Lapses Of Time!
August 14th 2004William BlakeA Poison Tree
August 13th 2004Langston HughesFire-Caught
August 12th 2004Robert Burns203. Sylvander to Clarinda
August 11th 2004Geoffrey ChaucerThe Man of Law's Tale
August 10th 2004Mary OliverThe Fish
August 9th 2004Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 36 - When we met first and loved, I did not build
August 8th 2004Robert Burns115. The Farewell to the Brethren of St. James’s Lodge, Tarbolton
August 7th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeDedication To M...
August 6th 2004Matthew ArnoldShakespeare
August 5th 2004Robert Burns261. The Wounded Hare
August 4th 2004Conrad AikenTurns And Movies: Zudora
August 3rd 2004Robert Burns65. Song—Rantin, Rovin Robin
August 2nd 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Song Of The Beggar
August 1st 2004Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 44 - Beloved, thou hast brought me many flowers
July 2004
July 31st 2004Robert Burns512. Song—Guid ale keeps the heart aboon
July 30th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeTo Lou Andreas-Salome
July 29th 2004Robert Burns222. Verses to Clarinda, with Drinking Glasses
July 28th 2004William Butler YeatsResponsibilities - Introduction
July 27th 2004Alfred Lord TennysonTears, Idle Tears
July 26th 2004Robert Burns425. Song—Had I a cave
July 25th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: X
July 24th 2004William BlakeLaughing Song
July 23rd 2004Wilfred OwenPreface
July 22nd 2004William Butler YeatsUnder The Round Tower
July 21st 2004Robert Burns540. Inscription to Chloris
July 20th 2004Anna AkhmatovaMarch Elegy
July 19th 2004Mary OliverA Visitor
July 18th 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 04: 04: Counterpoint: Two Rooms
July 17th 2004William Butler YeatsUpon A House Shaken By The Land Agitation
July 16th 2004William Butler YeatsHe Thinks Of His Past Greatness When A Part Of The Constellations Of Heaven
July 15th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeRememberance
July 14th 2004George William Russell103. The Last Hero
July 13th 2004Elizabeth Barrett BrowningGrief
July 12th 2004Robert Burns77. Epitaph on John Dove, Innkeeper
July 11th 2004George William Russell59. The Man to the Angel
July 10th 2004George William Russell173. Epilogue
July 9th 2004Robert Burns349. Song—Kenmure’s on and awa, Willie
July 8th 2004Philip LarkinWater
July 7th 2004W. H. AudenMusée des Beaux Arts
July 6th 2004Robert Burns145. Song—Yon Wild Mossy Mountains
July 5th 2004Philip LarkinHe Hears That His Beloved Has Become Engaged
July 4th 2004Robert Burns98. To Mr. M’Adam, of Craigen-Gillan
July 3rd 2004William Butler YeatsMeditations In Time Of Civil War
July 2nd 2004Dylan ThomasNow
July 1st 2004William Butler YeatsUpon A Dying Lady
June 2004
June 30th 2004William Butler YeatsAfter Long Silence
June 29th 2004Matthew ArnoldIsolation: To Marguerite
June 28th 2004Elizabeth BishopFilling Station
June 27th 2004Margaret AtwoodIn The Secular Night
June 26th 2004Allen GinsbergFirst Party At Ken Kesey's With Hell's Angels
June 25th 2004Elizabeth BishopCape Breton
June 24th 2004Alfred Lord TennysonCome Into The Garden, Maud
June 23rd 2004George William Russell145. A Return
June 22nd 2004Robert Burns508. Inscription at Friars’ Carse Hermitage
June 21st 2004Robert Burns341. Song—My Bonie Bell
June 20th 2004Robert Burns110. Epistle to a Young Friend
June 19th 2004Matthew ArnoldPhilomela
June 18th 2004Philip LarkinFor Sidney Bechet
June 17th 2004William Butler YeatsTowards Break Of Day
June 16th 2004Mark StrandLines For Winter
June 15th 2004HomerThe Odyssey: Book XIV
June 14th 2004Robert Burns409. Epigram—The Raptures of Folly
June 13th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Hour Before Dawn
June 12th 2004Conrad AikenMorning Song Of Senlin
June 11th 2004Langston HughesMinstrel Man
June 10th 2004Robert Burns472. To the beautiful Miss Eliza J——n, on her principles of Liberty and Eqality
June 9th 2004William Butler YeatsHis Dream
June 8th 2004Robert Burns435. Song—Where are the Joys I have met
June 7th 2004Robert Burns151. Song—Bonie Dundee: A Fragment
June 6th 2004George William Russell1. Epigram
June 5th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeDedication
June 4th 2004Robert Burns474. On seeing Mrs. Kemble in Yarico
June 3rd 2004Robert Burns174. The Bard at Inverary
June 2nd 2004Robert Burns351. Second Epistle to Robert Graham, Esq., of Fintry
June 1st 2004William Butler YeatsCrazy Jane Reproved
May 2004
May 31st 2004W. H. AudenLullaby
May 30th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Fisherman
May 29th 2004George William Russell29. Dana
May 28th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Valley Of The Black Pig
May 27th 2004George William Russell116. The Christ-sword
May 26th 2004William Butler YeatsReconciliation
May 25th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Song Of The Blindman
May 24th 2004Allen GinsbergThose Two
May 23rd 2004William Butler YeatsEgo Dominus Tuus
May 22nd 2004Rainer Maria RilkeEvening Love Song
May 21st 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 09: Cabaret
May 20th 2004Robert Burns437. Song—Thine am I, my faithful Fair
May 19th 2004Marianne MooreThe Pangolin
May 18th 2004William Butler YeatsPolitics
May 17th 2004Robert Burns157. Prologue, spoken by Mr. Woods at Edinburgh
May 16th 2004Robert Burns404. Epigram—The True Loyal Natives
May 15th 2004Dylan ThomasElegy
May 14th 2004Robert Burns220. Song—The Winter it is Past
May 13th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeYou Who Never Arrived
May 12th 2004Elizabeth BishopConversation
May 11th 2004George William Russell52. Parting
May 10th 2004Robert Burns140. Masonic Song—Ye Sons of Old Killie
May 9th 2004William Butler YeatsFragments
May 8th 2004Stevie SmithTenuous And Precarious
May 7th 2004Philip LarkinGrief
May 6th 2004Matsuo BashoAwake at night
May 5th 2004Dylan ThomasDeaths And Entrances
May 4th 2004Robert Burns25. My Father was a Farmer: A Ballad
May 3rd 2004William Butler YeatsRunning To Paradise
May 2nd 2004Robert Burns93. The Rantin Dog, the Daddie o’t
May 1st 2004William Butler YeatsA First Confession
April 2004
April 30th 2004Robert Burns354. Epigram—The Toad-eater
April 29th 2004William Butler YeatsUnder Ben Bulben
April 28th 2004Wilfred OwenConscious
April 27th 2004Elizabeth BishopRain Towards Morning
April 26th 2004Robert BrowningThe Pied Piper Of Hamelin
April 25th 2004Robert BurnsTibbie Dunbar
April 24th 2004Mary OliverYes! No!
April 23rd 2004Pablo NerudaOde To a Large Tuna in the Market
April 22nd 2004William Butler YeatsOwen Aherne And His Dancers
April 21st 2004William Butler YeatsHer Praise
April 20th 2004Robert Burns52. Epitaph on John Rankine
April 19th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeA Walk
April 18th 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 01: 04: Up high black walls, up sombre terraces
April 17th 2004Robert Burns440. Address spoken by Miss Fontenelle
April 16th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Rose Tree
April 15th 2004Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 09 - Can it be right to give what I can give?
April 14th 2004George William Russell24. Rest
April 13th 2004Dylan ThomasI Fellowed Sleep
April 12th 2004Robert Burns306. Election Ballad at close of Contest for representing the Dumfries Burghs, 1790
April 11th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Double Vision Of Michael Robartes
April 10th 2004John KeatsOde On Indolence
April 9th 2004Robert Burns303. Song—The Gowden Locks of Anna
April 8th 2004Robert Burns44. The Mauchline Lady: A Fragment
April 7th 2004George William Russell95. The Master Singer
April 6th 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 04: 05: The Bitter Love-Song
April 5th 2004Matthew ArnoldConsolation
April 4th 2004Matsuo BashoFirst snow
April 3rd 2004William Butler YeatsColonel Martin
April 2nd 2004Wilfred OwenS. I. W.
April 1st 2004Philip LarkinThe Trees
March 2004
March 31st 2004Dylan ThomasDo Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
March 30th 2004Robert Burns284. Song—Ca’ the Yowes to the Knowes (older set)
March 29th 2004Philip LarkinPoetry Of Departures
March 28th 2004Wilfred OwenOn Seeing A Piece Of Our Artillery Brought Into Action
March 27th 2004Philip LarkinArrival
March 26th 2004William BlakeInfant Joy
March 25th 2004Robert Burns545. Song—Mally’s meek, Mally’s sweet
March 24th 2004Elizabeth BishopRoosters
March 23rd 2004W. H. AudenThe Shield Of Achilles
March 22nd 2004Robert Burns333. Song—Lovely Polly Stewart
March 21st 2004Dylan ThomasAll All And All The Dry Worlds Lever
March 20th 2004Samuel ColeridgeKubla Khan
March 19th 2004Robert Burns463. Song—The Highland Balou
March 18th 2004Robert Burns294. Song—To Mary in Heaven
March 17th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: Book 2: VI
March 16th 2004William BarnesVull a Man
March 15th 2004Elizabeth BishopSleeping On The Ceiling
March 14th 2004Robert Burns399. Song—Open the door to me, oh
March 13th 2004Dylan ThomasThere Was A Saviour
March 12th 2004Philip LarkinWhen First We Faced, And Touching Showed
March 11th 2004Mary OliverThat Sweet Flute John Clare
March 10th 2004Matthew ArnoldHayeswater
March 9th 2004Elizabeth BishopThe Burglar Of Babylon
March 8th 2004Conrad AikenThe Window
March 4th 2004William BlakeThe Garden Of Love
March 3rd 2004William Butler YeatsThe Countess Cathleen In Paradise
March 2nd 2004William Butler YeatsThe Chambermaid's Second Song
March 1st 2004Robert Burns24. Song—No Churchman am I
February 2004
February 29th 2004William Butler YeatsTo His Heart, Bidding It Have No Fear
February 28th 2004Langston HughesProblems
February 27th 2004William Butler YeatsColonus' Praise
February 26th 2004Theodore RoethkeCuttings
February 25th 2004Ogden NashThe Purist
February 23rd 2004William Butler YeatsCrazy Jane And The Bishop
February 22nd 2004Emily DickinsonMorning -- is the place for Dew
February 21st 2004Carl SandburgBlue Island Intersection
February 20th 2004William Butler YeatsA Cradle Song
February 19th 2004Robert Burns211. Song—My Hoggie
February 18th 2004Sylvia PlathAn Appearance
February 17th 2004William Butler YeatsPaudeen
February 16th 2004Emily DickinsonA Tooth upon Our Peace
February 15th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Cold Heaven
February 14th 2004Henry David ThoreauFriendship
February 13th 2004William BlakeThe Little Girl Found
February 12th 2004Emily DickinsonSome Rainbow -- coming from the Fair!
February 11th 2004Walt WhitmanI will Take an Egg Out of the Robin’s Nest.
February 10th 2004Emily DickinsonI've nothing else -- to bring, You know
February 9th 2004Emily DickinsonNo matter where the Saints abide,
February 8th 2004Emily DickinsonThere is a solitude of space
February 7th 2004Langston HughesLife Is Fine
February 6th 2004Allen GinsbergHaiku (Never Published)
February 5th 2004Conrad AikenThe Carver
February 4th 2004Robert BrowningA Light Woman
February 3rd 2004William Butler YeatsThe Dancer At Cruachan And Cro-Patrick
February 2nd 2004Emily DickinsonThe Grass so little has to do
February 1st 2004Emily DickinsonNot any higher stands the Grave
January 2004
January 31st 2004Robert Burns85. Scotch Drink
January 30th 2004Emily DickinsonWere natural mortal lady
January 29th 2004Emily DickinsonWe shun it ere it comes,
January 28th 2004Anna AkhmatovaMemory Of Sun
January 27th 2004Emily DickinsonVictory comes late --
January 26th 2004William BlakeLondon
January 25th 2004William Butler YeatsIn Memory Of Eva Gore-Booth And Con Markiewicz
January 24th 2004Emily DickinsonDeath warrants are supposed to be
January 23rd 2004Dylan ThomasThe Hand That Signed The Paper
January 22nd 2004Emily DickinsonBack from the cordial Grave I drag thee
January 21st 2004William Butler YeatsThe Sorrow Of Love
January 20th 2004Emily DickinsonI sing to use the Waiting
January 19th 2004Emily Dickinson"Hope" is the thing with feathers
January 18th 2004Allen GinsbergAmerica
January 17th 2004Emily DickinsonThere is a June when Corn is cut
January 16th 2004HomerThe Odyssey: Book XVI
January 15th 2004George William Russell149. A Farewell
January 14th 2004Emily DickinsonNow I lay thee down to Sleep --
January 13th 2004Emily DickinsonThe spry Arms of the Wind
January 12th 2004Robert Burns112. A Dream
January 11th 2004William Butler YeatsCoole Park And Ballylee, 1931
January 10th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Wait
January 9th 2004George William Russell68. Babylon
January 8th 2004Wilfred OwenThe Parable Of The Old Men And The Young
January 7th 2004William Butler YeatsThe Magi
January 6th 2004Robert Burns195. Song—A Rose-bud by my Early Walk
January 5th 2004Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: Book 2: XIII
January 4th 2004John KeatsOn The Grasshopper And Cricket
January 3rd 2004William Butler YeatsImitated From The Japanese
January 2nd 2004George William Russell60. A Vision of Beauty
January 1st 2004Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 09: Interlude
December 2003
December 31st 2003Mary OliverThe Chance To Love Everything
December 30th 2003James WrightTo The Muse
December 29th 2003Elizabeth BishopSong For The Rainy Season
December 28th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Poet Pleads With The Elemental Powers
December 27th 2003Robert BurnsTam O'Shanter
December 26th 2003George William Russell14. Winter
December 25th 2003Matsuo BashoFirst day of spring
December 24th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeNight (This night, agitated by the growing storm)
December 23rd 2003Rainer Maria RilkeFire's Reflection
December 22nd 2003William Butler YeatsA Thought From Propertius
December 21st 2003William Butler YeatsHer Dream
December 20th 2003Samuel ColeridgeEpigram
December 19th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeThe Future
December 18th 2003Anna AkhmatovaThe Sentence
December 17th 2003William Butler YeatsWho Goes With Fergus?
December 16th 2003Philip LarkinTräumerei
December 15th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Great Day
December 14th 2003James WrightMay Morning
December 13th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Dawn
December 12th 2003A.R. AmmonsEyesight
December 11th 2003Dante AlighieriInferno (English)
December 10th 2003William Butler YeatsIn Tara's Halls
December 9th 2003Stevie SmithConviction (i)
December 8th 2003William Butler YeatsIn The Seven Woods
December 7th 2003James WrightIn Response To A Rumor That The Oldest Whorehouse In Wheeling, West Virginia, Has Been Condemned
December 6th 2003Elizabeth BishopThe Monument
December 5th 2003Lord ByronShe Walks In Beauty
December 4th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: XIX
December 3rd 2003Dylan ThomasVision and Prayer [I]
December 2nd 2003William Butler YeatsTo A Wealthy Man Who Promised A Second Subscription To The Dublin Municipal Gallery If It Were Proved The People Wanted Pictures
December 1st 2003Robert BrowningPorphyria's Lover
November 2003
November 30th 2003Mary OliverWhen Death Comes
November 29th 2003Charles BaudelaireAu Lecteur
November 28th 2003William Butler YeatsOil And Blood
November 27th 2003Pablo NerudaSaddest Poem
November 26th 2003William Butler YeatsA Drinking Song
November 25th 2003William Butler YeatsA Meditation In Time Of War
November 24th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Man Who Dreamed Of Faeryland
November 23rd 2003Rainer Maria RilkeParting
November 22nd 2003George William Russell120. The Morning Star
November 21st 2003A.R. AmmonsWeathering
November 20th 2003Robert BrowningUp At A Villa— Down In The City
November 19th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Dolls
November 18th 2003Conrad AikenAll Lovely Things
November 17th 2003Mary OliverMusic
November 16th 2003Dante AlighieriInferno (Italian)
November 15th 2003Robert BrowningIn A Gondola
November 14th 2003Pablo NerudaCat's Dream
November 13th 2003Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 11 - And therefore if to love can be desert
November 12th 2003George William Russell8. Dusk
November 11th 2003Langston HughesJuke Box Love Song
November 10th 2003A.R. AmmonsAn Improvisation For Angular Momentum
November 9th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Lady's First Song
November 7th 2003George William Russell35. Symbolism
November 6th 2003Wilfred OwenMental Cases
November 5th 2003William Butler YeatsA Song From 'The Player Queen'
November 4th 2003William WordsworthLines Written In Early Spring
November 3rd 2003William BlakeThe Sick Rose
November 2nd 2003George William Russell165. Transformations
November 1st 2003Philip LarkinHigh Windows
October 2003
October 31st 2003William BlakeLove's Secret
October 30th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeThe Grown-Up
October 29th 2003William WordsworthComposed Upon Westminster Bridge
October 28th 2003James WrightNorthern Pike
October 27th 2003William Butler YeatsAn Acre Of Grass
October 26th 2003John KeatsTo My Brothers
October 25th 2003Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 31 - Thou comest! all is said without a word
October 24th 2003Philip LarkinDeceptions
October 23rd 2003Elizabeth BishopA Miracle For Breakfast
October 22nd 2003Algernon Charles SwinburneDickens
October 21st 2003William Butler YeatsOld Tom Again
October 20th 2003W. H. AudenThe Two
October 19th 2003Dylan ThomasI, In My Intricate Image
October 18th 2003George William Russell3. By the Margin of the Great Deep
October 17th 2003Conrad AikenTurns And Movies: The Cornet
October 16th 2003Conrad AikenTurns And Movies: Duval's Birds
October 15th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeAgain And Again, However We Know The Landscape Of Love
October 14th 2003Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 27 - My own Beloved, who hast lifted me
October 13th 2003Margaret AtwoodYou Begin
October 12th 2003George William Russell105. Unconscious
October 11th 2003Philip LarkinHome Is So Sad
October 10th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeSong
October 9th 2003Philip LarkinHomage To A Government
October 8th 2003Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Complete (Long)
October 7th 2003William Butler YeatsThose Dancing Days Are Gone
October 6th 2003Samuel ColeridgeWork Without Hope
October 5th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeArchaic Torso Of Apollo
October 4th 2003George William Russell2. Awakening
October 3rd 2003William Butler YeatsTo Be Carved On A Stone At Thoor Ballylee
October 2nd 2003Conrad AikenHatteras Calling
October 1st 2003Elizabeth BishopPoem
September 2003
September 30th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeExtinguish Thou My Eyes
September 29th 2003Mary OliverMorning Poem
September 28th 2003Philip LarkinLove, We Must Part Now
September 27th 2003James WrightLying In A Hammock At William Duffy's Farm In Pine Island, Minnesota
September 26th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Ghost Of Roger Casement
September 25th 2003Matthew ArnoldGrowing Old
September 24th 2003Conrad AikenChiarascuro: Rose
September 23rd 2003Matsuo BashoThis old village
September 22nd 2003Mark StrandComing To This
September 21st 2003A.R. AmmonsCrowride
September 20th 2003William Butler YeatsRemorse For Intemperate Speech
September 19th 2003W. H. AudenThe Fall Of Rome
September 18th 2003Elizabeth BishopIn The Waiting Room
September 17th 2003Philip LarkinTo Failure
September 16th 2003Mark StrandAnswers
September 15th 2003A.R. AmmonsStill
September 14th 2003Pablo NerudaI Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You
September 13th 2003Wilfred OwenThe Sentry
September 12th 2003John KeatsHither, Hither, Love
September 11th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeThe Sonnets To Orpheus: XXV
September 10th 2003A.R. AmmonsRecovery
September 9th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeLoneliness
September 8th 2003Anna AkhmatovaSolitude
September 7th 2003John KeatsTo—
September 6th 2003Langston HughesMerry-Go-Round
September 5th 2003Langston HughesDream Variations
September 3rd 2003Rainer Maria RilkeSong Of The Sea
September 2nd 2003George William Russell25. Pity
September 1st 2003Dylan ThomasHold Hard, These Ancient Minutes In The Cuckoo's Month
August 2003
August 31st 2003Rainer Maria RilkeEncounter In The Chestnut Avenue
August 30th 2003William Butler YeatsCome Gather Round Me, Parnellites
August 29th 2003Pablo NerudaDon't Go Far Off, Not Even For A Day
August 28th 2003George William Russell44. Freedom
August 27th 2003Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 02: 02: The Fulfilled Dream
August 26th 2003George William Russell41. On a Hill-top
August 25th 2003Alexander PopeSound And Sense
August 24th 2003Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 02 - But only three in all God's universe
August 23rd 2003William Butler YeatsThe Stolen Child
August 22nd 2003Matsuo BashoHeat waves shimmering
August 21st 2003Matsuo BashoTaking a nap
August 20th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Arrow
August 19th 2003Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 13: The half-shut doors through which we heard that music
August 18th 2003William Butler YeatsParnell's Funeral
August 17th 2003William Butler YeatsKing And No King
August 16th 2003Mary OliverPeonies
August 15th 2003Stevie SmithFreddy
August 14th 2003Anna AkhmatovaI Wrung My Hands
August 13th 2003Anna AkhmatovaWhy Is This Age Worse...?
August 12th 2003William Butler YeatsSpilt Milk
August 11th 2003George William Russell147. Magic
August 10th 2003John KeatsTo My Brother George
August 9th 2003Philip LarkinAutobiography At An Air-Station
August 8th 2003Elizabeth BishopAt The Fishhouses
August 7th 2003Elizabeth BishopLetter To N.Y.
August 6th 2003William Butler YeatsWhy Should Not Old Men Be Mad?
August 5th 2003Charles BaudelaireLe Gout du Néant
August 4th 2003William BlakeNurse's Song (Innocence)
August 3rd 2003John KeatsHappy Is England! I Could Be Content
August 2nd 2003George William Russell55. The Hour of the King
August 1st 2003Langston HughesWalkers With The Dawn
July 2003
July 31st 2003William BlakeTo Tirzah
July 30th 2003Stevie SmithHappiness
July 29th 2003George William Russell100. Light and Dark
July 28th 2003Theodore RoethkeSnake
July 27th 2003Dylan ThomasOn No Work Of Words
July 26th 2003Mark StrandEating Poetry
July 25th 2003Rainer Maria RilkeWater Lily
July 24th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Lady's Second Song
July 23rd 2003William Butler YeatsOn A Picture Of A Black Centaur By Edmund Dulac
July 22nd 2003Philip LarkinI Have Started To Say
July 21st 2003Elizabeth BishopSquatter's Children
July 20th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Travail Of Passion
July 19th 2003George William Russell162. Endurance
July 18th 2003Pablo NerudaOde To The Onion
July 17th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Indian To His Love
July 16th 2003George William Russell43. Krishna
July 15th 2003George William Russell160. Faith
July 14th 2003Robert BrowningLove In A Life
July 13th 2003William Butler YeatsA Last Confession
July 12th 2003William BarnesEaster Zunday
July 11th 2003Philip LarkinAt Grass
July 10th 2003Dylan ThomasShould Lanterns Shine
July 9th 2003William Butler YeatsWords
July 8th 2003Elizabeth BishopStrayed Crab
July 7th 2003Dylan ThomasA Letter To My Aunt
July 6th 2003John KeatsTo John Hamilton Reynolds
July 5th 2003Philip LarkinCut Grass
July 4th 2003William Butler YeatsA Prayer For My Daughter
July 3rd 2003Matsuo BashoTeeth sensitive to the sand
July 2nd 2003William Butler YeatsAre You Content?
July 1st 2003Dylan ThomasMy Hero Bares His Nerves
June 2003
June 30th 2003William BarnesThe Geate a-Vallen to
June 29th 2003Charles BaudelaireL'Invitation au Voyage
June 28th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 67: Ah, wherefore with infection should he live
June 27th 2003Langston HughesArdella
June 26th 2003William BlakeSeveral Questions Answered
June 25th 2003Wilfred OwenApologia Pro Poemate Meo
June 24th 2003John KeatsO Solitude! If I Must With Thee Dwell
June 23rd 2003George William Russell155. The Joy of Earth
June 22nd 2003William Butler YeatsA Man Young And Old: VI. His Memories
June 21st 2003Allen GinsbergIn Back Of The Real
June 20th 2003HomerThe Odyssey: Book IX
June 19th 2003William Butler YeatsHe Tells Of A Valley Full Of Lovers
June 18th 2003William Butler YeatsBlood And The Moon
June 17th 2003Mary OliverHoney At The Table
June 16th 2003John KeatsOn Sitting Down To Read King Lear Once Again
June 15th 2003William Butler YeatsA Statesman's Holiday
June 14th 2003Allen GinsbergFourth Floor, Dawn, Up All Night Writing Letters
June 13th 2003HomerThe Odyssey: Book XXII
June 12th 2003A.R. AmmonsAfter Yesterday
June 11th 2003Stevie SmithMy Heart Was Full
June 10th 2003George William Russell96. Inheritance
June 9th 2003HomerThe Iliad: Book XVIII
June 8th 2003Geoffrey ChaucerThe Friar's Tale
June 7th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Chambermaid's First Song
June 6th 2003Philip LarkinTalking In Bed
June 5th 2003George William Russell22. Waiting
June 4th 2003Matsuo BashoCoolness of the melons
June 3rd 2003Lord ByronOn Chillon
June 2nd 2003Dylan ThomasAuthor's Prologue
June 1st 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 57: Being your slave, what should I do but tend
May 2003
May 31st 2003William Butler YeatsThe Two Kings
May 30th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 147: My love is as a fever, longing still
May 29th 2003Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 06: Portrait Of One Dead
May 28th 2003Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Introduction
May 27th 2003Allen GinsbergMaking The Lion For All It's Got -- A Ballad
May 26th 2003William WordsworthWritten In March
May 25th 2003Dylan ThomasI Dreamed My Genesis
May 24th 2003William Butler YeatsA Man Young And Old: X. His Wildness
May 23rd 2003William Butler YeatsThe Ballad Of Father Gilligan
May 22nd 2003Mark StrandThe Story Of Our Lives
May 21st 2003Dylan ThomasLie Still, Sleep Becalmed
May 20th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 109: O, never say that I was false of heart
May 19th 2003Philip LarkinHow Distant
May 18th 2003John KeatsMeg Merrilies
May 17th 2003Philip LarkinSolar
May 16th 2003Conrad AikenThe House Of Dust: Part 03: 02: The Screen Maiden
May 15th 2003Lord ByronSolitude
May 14th 2003William Butler YeatsThe Mother Of God
May 13th 2003Dylan ThomasA Process In The Weather Of The Heart
May 12th 2003William BlakeAnd Did Those Feet In Ancient Time
May 11th 2003Robert BrowningMemorabilia
May 10th 2003Robert BrowningThe Laboratory
May 9th 2003John KeatsTo A Young Lady Who Sent Me A Laurel Crown
May 8th 2003Dylan ThomasThen Was My Neophyte
May 7th 2003Robert BrowningThe Lost Mistress
May 6th 2003Philip LarkinTriple Time
May 5th 2003Lord ByronStanzas To The Po
May 4th 2003Lord ByronOn This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year
May 3rd 2003John KeatsWritten On A Blank Space At The End Of Chaucer's Tale Of The Flowre And The Lefe
May 2nd 2003Lord ByronLines Inscribed Upon A Cup Formed From A Skull
May 1st 2003Lord ByronEpistle To Augusta
April 2003
April 30th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 137: Thou blind fool, Love, what dost thou to mine eyes
April 29th 2003Lord ByronOh! Snatched Away In Beauty's Bloom
April 28th 2003John KeatsA Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode Of Paolo And Francesca
April 27th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 20: A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted
April 26th 2003Dylan ThomasTwenty-Four Years
April 25th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 55: Not marble, nor the gilded monuments
April 24th 2003W. H. AudenPetition
April 23rd 2003John KeatsTo Haydon
April 22nd 2003Pablo NerudaTower Of Light
April 21st 2003John KeatsO Blush Not So!
April 20th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 85: My tongue-tied Muse in manners holds her still
April 19th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 95: How sweet and lovely dost thou make the shame
April 18th 2003John KeatsOde On A Grecian Urn
April 17th 2003Geoffrey ChaucerThe Reeve's Tale
April 16th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 11: As fast as thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow'st
April 15th 2003Pablo NerudaThe Light Wraps You
April 14th 2003Dylan ThomasFoster The Light
April 13th 2003Robert BrowningThe Patriot
April 12th 2003Lord ByronOn This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year
April 11th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 49: Against that time, if ever that time come
April 10th 2003John KeatsLines
April 9th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 63: Against my love shall be, as I am now
April 8th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 127: In the old age black was not counted fair
April 7th 2003John KeatsThe Day Is Gone, And All Its Sweets Are Gone
April 6th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 20: A woman's face with Nature's own hand painted
April 5th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 2: When forty winters shall besiege thy brow
April 4th 2003Dylan ThomasLove In The Asylum
April 3rd 2003W. H. AudenWho's Who
April 2nd 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 80: O, how I faint when I of you do write
April 1st 2003John KeatsTo Homer
March 2003
March 31st 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 133: Beshrew that heart that makes my heart to groan
March 30th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 153: Cupid laid by his brand and fell asleep
March 29th 2003Dylan ThomasAll All And All The Dry Worlds Lever
March 28th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 94: They that have power to hurt and will do none
March 27th 2003Robert BrowningA Toccata Of Galuppi's
March 26th 2003Dylan ThomasFrom Love's First Fever To Her Plague
March 25th 2003John KeatsBright Star, Would I Were Steadfast As Thou Art
March 24th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 91: Some glory in their birth, some in their skill
March 23rd 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 143: Lo, as a careful huswife runs to catch
March 22nd 2003Dylan ThomasDeaths And Entrances
March 21st 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 94: They that have power to hurt and will do none
March 20th 2003John KeatsTo Hope
March 19th 2003W. H. AudenAs I Walked Out One Evening
March 18th 2003Dylan ThomasIf I Were Tickled By the Rub of Love
March 17th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 8: Music to hear, why hear'st thou music sadly?
March 16th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 57: Being your slave, what should I do but tend
March 15th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 145: Those lips that Love's own hand did make
March 14th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 26: Lord of my love, to whom in vassalage
March 13th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 104: To me, fair friend, you never can be old
March 12th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 134: So, now I have confessed that he is thine
March 11th 2003Pablo NerudaOde To Wine
March 10th 2003Robert BrowningHome Thoughts, From The Sea
March 9th 2003W. H. AudenIf I Could Tell You
March 8th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 16: But wherefore do not you a mightier way
March 7th 2003William ShakespeareSonnet 61: Is it thy will thy image should keep open
March 6th 2003Robert BrowningLove Among The Ruins
March 5th 2003Pablo NerudaXVII (Thinking, Tangling Shadows...)

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