Peter Huchel

Biography of Peter Huchel (1903 – 1981)

Peter Huchel
Peter Huchel (1903-1981)

Peter Huchel was born in Lichterfelde, near Berlin, in 1903, and died at Staufen, in 1981. He began publishing poetry in 1924, but a first volume was only to appear, in Berlin, in 1948, to be followed by another in Karlsruhe a year later. Following his release from a Soviet war prison he returned to East Germany, where he served as editor of Sinn und Form, published by the East Berlin Academy of Arts. Thereafter, he lived under house arrest, unable to work or publish in his own country, until he was allowed to emigrate to the West in 1971.

His most recent books are Gezählte Tage (Suhrkamp 1972), Ausgewählte Gedichte (Selected Poems, Suhrkamp 1973) and Die Neunte Stunde (Suhrkamp 1979).

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