Vernon Scannell

Biography of Vernon Scannell (1922 – 2007)

Vernon Scannell
Vernon Scannell (1922-2007)

Vernon Scannell was an English author and poet. He was born in 1922, served in the Gordon Highlanders in World War Two and was a professional boxer and a teacher before becoming a full-time writer in the 1960s.

He published novels, criticism, four autobiographical prose books and over a dozen books of poetry. He received the Heinemann Award, the Cholmondeley Poetry Prize and is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

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Poems By Vernon Scannell


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From "Ten Contemporary Poets" compiled and edited by Maurice Wollman, Harrap 1963

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The Very Best of Vernon Scannell, Macmillan Children's Books 6 April 2001

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