George William Russell - Twilight by the Cabin

DUSK, a pearl-grey river, o’er
Hill and vale puts out the day—
What do you wonder at, asthore,
What’s away in yonder grey?

Dark the eyes that linger long—
Dream-fed heart, awake, come in,
Warm the hearth and gay the song:
Love with tender words would win.

Fades the eve in dreamy fire,
But the heart of night is lit:
Ancient beauty, old desire,
By the cabin doorway flit.

This is Etain’s land and line,
And the homespun cannot hide
Kinship with a race divine,
Thrill of rapture, light of pride.

There her golden kinsmen are:
And her heart a moment knew
Angus like the evening star
Fleeting through the dusk and dew.

Throw the woman’s mask away:
Wear the opal glimmering dress;
Let the feathered starlight ray
Over every gleaming tress.

Child of Etain, wherefore leave
Light and laughter, joyful years,
For the earth’s grey coloured eve
Ever dropping down with tears?

Was it for some love of old?
Ah, reveal thyself. The bars
On the gateway would not hold:
He will follow to the stars.

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