Robert William Service

Biography of Robert William Service (1874 – 1958)

Robert William Service
Robert William Service (1874-1958)

Robert William Service was born on January 16, 1874 to a Scottish bank clerk and the daughter of an English factory owner.

At the age of 15 he followed his father into the banking business, but in 1896 he emigrated to Canada where he joined his younger brother in an experiment in ranching. The life of a farmer in British Columbia, however, was far from his expectations and after 18 months he set off for California.

For the next 6 years Service drifted up and down the Pacific coast. In 1903, finding himself broke in Vancouver, he applied to and was hired by the Canadian Bank of Commerce and won a posting in Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory.

Here Service found the western life he had sought, with its balance of a frontier sort of social life and the solitude of the northern woods.

During his wanderings Service had spent much time reading and dreaming and one day he was invited to recite at a church concert. A friend of his suggested that Service write something about the Yukon. He was inspired, as he tells it, by his surroundings. “It was Saturday night, and from the various bars I heard sounds of revelry. The line popped into my mind: ‘A bunch of boys were whooping it up’ and it stuck there. Good enough for a start.”.

Desiring a quiet place to work he went to his bank where the startled bank guard fired a shot at him the event which led Service’s mind toward the idea of a shooting and, “The Shooting of Dan McGrew” was born. The flood gates opened, Service wrote so many poems over the next few months that he decided to publish them and found a publisher who would pay a 10% royalty, and Songs of a Sourdough (reissued as The Spell of the Yukon) was published to some success.

In 1908 he was transformed 400 miles north to Dawson where he composed and published Ballads of a Cheechako and, the following year, resigned from the bank in order to write full time.

Setting up shop in a log cabin Service decided to write a novel about the Gold Rush. In preparation he travelled along the Klondike River visiting the famous gold sites and boom towns; interviewing those who had settled in the area during 1898 and read everything he could find on the subject. Having finished the novel he moved to New York City where the book was published as The Trail of 8.

Having seen the book to publication service travelled to Louisiana, then Cuba and back to Alberta from whence he returned to the Yukon by paddling a canoe down the Mackensie River.

Back in his cabin Service took up where he had left off, enjoying a bohemian sort of life and writing a great amount of poetry. In 1912, having finished Rhymes of a Rolling Stone he accepted the job of war correspondent in the Balkan war.

During his travels in Europe Service married a woman from paris and purchased a villa in Brittany. In the First World War he served in an America volunteer ambulance unit and became a war correspondent for the Canadian government. Following the war he travelled and wrote two volumes of poetry and several novels. With the outbreak of the Second World War he escaped from Poland to Hollywood where he lived in exile until the end of the war and his return to France.

Though he never returned to the Yukon after he left in 1912 it remained a part of his life until his death in 1958.

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Poems By Robert William Service

Ballads of a Bohemian (Book 1)

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Ballads of a Bohemian (Book 3)

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Ballads of a Cheechako

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Bar-Room Ballads

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Beachcomber (No Comments »)
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Carols of an Old Codger

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Annuitant (No Comments »)
Armistice Day (1953) (No Comments »)
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Baby Sitter (No Comments »)
Belated Bard (No Comments »)
Bill’s Prayer (No Comments »)
Birds Of A Feather (No Comments »)
Celebates (No Comments »)
Charity (No Comments »)
Child Lover (No Comments »)
Class-Mates (No Comments »)
Compassion (No Comments »)
Convicts Love Canaries (No Comments »)
Courage (No Comments »)
Cowardice (No Comments »)
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Death Of A Cockroach (No Comments »)
Design (No Comments »)
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Eighty Not Out (No Comments »)
Elementalist (No Comments »)
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Eyrie (No Comments »)
Fisherfolk (No Comments »)
Fool Faith (No Comments »)
Fulfilment (No Comments »)
God’s Grief (No Comments »)
God’s Vagabond (No Comments »)
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Her Toys (No Comments »)
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Learn To Like (No Comments »)
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Miracles (No Comments »)
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Pragmatic (No Comments »)
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Property (No Comments »)
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Rhyme Builder (No Comments »)
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Segregation (No Comments »)
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The Anniversary (No Comments »)
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The Ghosts (No Comments »)
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The Learner (No Comments »)
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The Monster (No Comments »)
The Mother (No Comments »)
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The Sniper (No Comments »)
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Tom (No Comments »)
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Lyrics of a Low Brow

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Artist (No Comments »)
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Rhymes for My Rags

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A Cabbage Patch (No Comments »)
A Canvas For A Crust (No Comments »)
A Mediocre Man (No Comments »)
A Snifter (No Comments »)
At Eighty Years (No Comments »)
At The Golden Pig (No Comments »)
At The Parade (No Comments »)
Aunt Jane (No Comments »)
Balloon (No Comments »)
Bank Robber (No Comments »)
Belated Conscience (No Comments »)
Benjamin Franklin (No Comments »)
Bird Watcher (No Comments »)
Boxer’s Wife (No Comments »)
Brave Coward (No Comments »)
Breath Is Enough (No Comments »)
Cardiac (No Comments »)
Careers (No Comments »)
Clemenceau (No Comments »)
Compassion (No Comments »)
Comrades (No Comments »)
Confetti In The Wind (No Comments »)
Contentment (No Comments »)
Cows (No Comments »)
Dark Glasses (No Comments »)
Dedication (No Comments »)
Distracted Druggist (No Comments »)
Dylan (No Comments »)
Einstein (No Comments »)
Erico (No Comments »)
Ernie Pyle (No Comments »)
Failure (No Comments »)
Familiarity (No Comments »)
Farewell To Verse (No Comments »)
Fidelity (No Comments »)
Finnigan’s Finish (No Comments »)
Florrie (No Comments »)
Four-Foot Shelf (No Comments »)
Gangrene (No Comments »)
Gentle Gaoler (No Comments »)
Gignol (No Comments »)
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Henry (No Comments »)
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Jane (No Comments »)
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Lottery Ticket (No Comments »)
Mammy (No Comments »)
Mary Ellen (No Comments »)
Miss Mischievous (No Comments »)
Mistinguette (No Comments »)
My Ancestors (No Comments »)
My Chapel (No Comments »)
My Consolation (No Comments »)
My Dog’s My Boss (No Comments »)
My Feud (No Comments »)
My Hundred Books (No Comments »)
My Room (No Comments »)
My Son (No Comments »)
My Tails (No Comments »)
My Vineyard (No Comments »)
Nature’s Touch (No Comments »)
Navels (No Comments »)
O Lovely Lie (No Comments »)
Obesity (No Comments »)
Old Codger (No Comments »)
Old Engine Driver (No Comments »)
Orphan School (No Comments »)
Periods (No Comments »)
Pipe Smoker (No Comments »)
Plebeian Plutocrat (No Comments »)
Poet And Peer (No Comments »)
Poor Kid (No Comments »)
Poor Poet (No Comments »)
Prelude (No Comments »)
Procreation (No Comments »)
Profane Poet (No Comments »)
Ragetty Doll (No Comments »)
Relax (No Comments »)
Ripeness (No Comments »)
Sacrifice (No Comments »)
Sailor Son (No Comments »)
Sailor’s Sweetheart (No Comments »)
Sea Sorcery (No Comments »)
Second Childhood (No Comments »)
Secretary (No Comments »)
Sensitive Burglar (No Comments »)
Seven (No Comments »)
Spartan Mother (No Comments »)
Spats (No Comments »)
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Stupidity (No Comments »)
Successful Failure (No Comments »)
Surtax (No Comments »)
Susie (No Comments »)
Sympathy (No Comments »)
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The Afflicted (No Comments »)
The Aftermath (No Comments »)
The Artist (No Comments »)
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The Battle (No Comments »)
The Biologic Urge (No Comments »)
The Buyers (No Comments »)
The Centenarian (No Comments »)
The Centenarians (No Comments »)
The Choice (No Comments »)
The Contrast (No Comments »)
The Decision (No Comments »)
The Goat And I (No Comments »)
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The Judgement (No Comments »)
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The Palace (No Comments »)
The Parting (No Comments »)
The Pretty Lady (No Comments »)
The Prisoner (No Comments »)
The Receptionist (No Comments »)
The Robbers (No Comments »)
The Score (No Comments »)
The Search (No Comments »)
The Seed (No Comments »)
The Shorter Catechism (No Comments »)
Tick-Tock (No Comments »)
Tim (No Comments »)
To A Stuffed Shirt (No Comments »)
To A Tycoon (No Comments »)
Toilet Seats (No Comments »)
Tom Paine (No Comments »)
Tourist (No Comments »)
Tourists (No Comments »)
Treat ‘Em Rough (No Comments »)
Triumph (No Comments »)
Two Children (No Comments »)
Two Words (No Comments »)
Washerwife (No Comments »)
What Kisses Had John Keats? (No Comments »)
Wheels (No Comments »)
Willie (No Comments »)
Words (No Comments »)
Work And Joy (No Comments »)
You And Me (No Comments »)
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Rhymes of a Red Cross Man

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A Song Of Winter Weather (No Comments »)
Afternoon Tea (No Comments »)
Bill The Bomber (No Comments »)
Bill’s Grave (No Comments »)
Carry On (No Comments »)
Cocotte (No Comments »)
Faith (No Comments »)
Fleurette (No Comments »)
Forward (No Comments »)
Funk (No Comments »)
Going Home (No Comments »)
Grand-Père (No Comments »)
Jean Desprez (No Comments »)
L’Envoi (No Comments »)
Milking Time (No Comments »)
Missis Moriarty’s Boy (No Comments »)
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My Foe (No Comments »)
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My Mate (No Comments »)
My Prisoner (No Comments »)
On The Wire (No Comments »)
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Our Hero (No Comments »)
Over The Parapet (No Comments »)
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The Coward (No Comments »)
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The Odyssey Of ‘Erbert ‘Iggins (No Comments »)
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The Song Of The Soldier-Born (No Comments »)
The Stretcher-Bearer (No Comments »)
The Twins (No Comments »)
The Volunteer (No Comments »)
The Whistle Of Sandy McGraw (No Comments »)
Tipperary Days (No Comments »)
Tri-Colour (No Comments »)
Wounded (No Comments »)
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Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

“?” (No Comments »)
A Rolling Stone (No Comments »)
A Song Of Success (No Comments »)
Ambition (No Comments »)
At Thirty-Five (No Comments »)
Athabaska Dick (No Comments »)
Barb-Wire Bill (No Comments »)
Cheer (No Comments »)
Death In The Arctic (No Comments »)
Dreams Are Best (No Comments »)
Good-Bye, Little Cabin (No Comments »)
Heart O’ The North (No Comments »)
Her Letter (No Comments »)
Home And Love (No Comments »)
I’m Scared Of It All (No Comments »)
Just Think! (No Comments »)
Little Moccasins (No Comments »)
Prelude (No Comments »)
Sunshine (No Comments »)
The Atavist (No Comments »)
The Baldness Of Chewed-Ear (No Comments »)
The Blind And The Dead (No Comments »)
The Cow-Juice Cure (No Comments »)
The Dreamer (No Comments »)
The Ghosts (No Comments »)
The Gramaphone At Fond-Du-Lac (No Comments »)
The Headliner And The Breadliner (No Comments »)
The Idealist (No Comments »)
The Junior God (No Comments »)
The Land Of Beyond (No Comments »)
The Logger (No Comments »)
The Lost Master (No Comments »)
The Lunger (No Comments »)
The Man Who Knew (No Comments »)
The Mother (No Comments »)
The Mountain And The Lake (No Comments »)
The Nostomaniac (No Comments »)
The Passing Of The Year (No Comments »)
The Quitter (No Comments »)
The Return (No Comments »)
The Rover (No Comments »)
The Sceptic (No Comments »)
The Scribe’s Prayer (No Comments »)
The Soldier Of Fortune (No Comments »)
The Song Of The Camp-Fire (No Comments »)
The Squaw Man (No Comments »)
The Trapper’s Christmas Eve (No Comments »)
The Wanderlust (No Comments »)
The World’s All Right (No Comments »)
To Sunnydale (No Comments »)
While The Bannock Bakes (No Comments »)

Rhymes of a Roughneck

A Hero (No Comments »)
A Lyric Day (No Comments »)
A Song Of Suicide (No Comments »)
Alias Bill (No Comments »)
Amateur Poet (No Comments »)
Ant Hill (No Comments »)
Anti-Profanity (No Comments »)
Apollo Belvedere (No Comments »)
Aspiration (No Comments »)
Bed Sitter (No Comments »)
Birthdays (No Comments »)
Boon Soul (No Comments »)
Brave New World (No Comments »)
Breakfast (No Comments »)
Brother Jim (No Comments »)
Café Comedy (No Comments »)
Causation (No Comments »)
Cinderella (No Comments »)
Compensation Pete (No Comments »)
Conqueror (No Comments »)
Contentment (No Comments »)
Contrast (No Comments »)
Dark Truth (No Comments »)
Days (No Comments »)
Death’s Way (No Comments »)
Decadence (No Comments »)
Detachment (No Comments »)
Expectation (No Comments »)
Fear (No Comments »)
Florentine Pilgrim (No Comments »)
Forgotten Master (No Comments »)
Freedom’s Fool (No Comments »)
Futility (No Comments »)
God’s Skallywags (No Comments »)
Grey Gull (No Comments »)
Hate (No Comments »)
Hero Worship (No Comments »)
Humility (No Comments »)
Include Me Out (No Comments »)
Jim (No Comments »)
Kittens (No Comments »)
Lost Kitten (No Comments »)
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Making Good (No Comments »)
Man Child (No Comments »)
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My Coffin (No Comments »)
My Dog (No Comments »)
My Favourite Fan (No Comments »)
My Garden (No Comments »)
My House (No Comments »)
My Piney Wood (No Comments »)
My Rival (No Comments »)
My Twins (No Comments »)
Nature’s Way (No Comments »)
Our Pote (No Comments »)
Picture Dealer (No Comments »)
Poet’s Path (No Comments »)
Politeness (No Comments »)
Post Office Romance (No Comments »)
Prelude (No Comments »)
Repentance (No Comments »)
Retired Shopman (No Comments »)
Rhyme For My Tomb (No Comments »)
Ruins (No Comments »)
Security (No Comments »)
Sentimental Hangman (No Comments »)
Shakespeare And Cervantes (No Comments »)
Someone’s Mother (No Comments »)
Take It Easy (No Comments »)
Tea On The Lawn (No Comments »)
The Argument (No Comments »)
The Bliss Of Ignorance (No Comments »)
The Choice (No Comments »)
The Cuckoo (No Comments »)
The Dream (No Comments »)
The Duel (No Comments »)
The Front Tooth (No Comments »)
The God Of Common-Sense (No Comments »)
The Great Recall (No Comments »)
The Hand (No Comments »)
The Hinterland (No Comments »)
The Home-Coming (No Comments »)
The Key Of The Street (No Comments »)
The Leaning Tower (No Comments »)
The Mole (No Comments »)
The Old (No Comments »)
The Pigeons Of St. Marks (No Comments »)
The Record (No Comments »)
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The Search (No Comments »)
The Summing Up (No Comments »)
The Super (No Comments »)
The Under-Dogs (No Comments »)
To Frank Dodd (No Comments »)
Tourist (No Comments »)
Tranquilism (No Comments »)
Unholy Trinity (No Comments »)

Songs of a Sun-Lover

A Verseman’s Apology (No Comments »)
Adventure (No Comments »)
Agnostic Apology (No Comments »)
An Old Story (No Comments »)
An Olive Fire (No Comments »)
Babette (No Comments »)
Bingo (No Comments »)
Birthday (No Comments »)
Book Borrower (No Comments »)
Book Lover (No Comments »)
Canine Conversation (No Comments »)
Courage (No Comments »)
Death And Life (No Comments »)
Dedication To Providence (No Comments »)
Dram-Shop Ditty (No Comments »)
Drifter (No Comments »)
Dunce (No Comments »)
Equality (No Comments »)
Escape (No Comments »)
Euthansia (No Comments »)
Externalism (No Comments »)
Eyrie (No Comments »)
Finale (No Comments »)
Finality (No Comments »)
Flies (No Comments »)
Flight (No Comments »)
Fortitude (No Comments »)
Frustration (No Comments »)
God’s Battleground (No Comments »)
Hobo (No Comments »)
Hot Digitty Dog (No Comments »)
Inspiration (No Comments »)
Kathleen (No Comments »)
Last Look (No Comments »)
Lowly Laureate (No Comments »)
MACTAVISH (No Comments »)
Montreal Maree (No Comments »)
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My Indian Summer (No Comments »)
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My Typewriter (No Comments »)
No Lilies For Lisette (No Comments »)
No More Music (No Comments »)
No Neck-Tie Party (No Comments »)
No Sourdough (No Comments »)
Old Ed (No Comments »)
Old Trouper (No Comments »)
Pantheist (No Comments »)
Pedlar (No Comments »)
Pooch (No Comments »)
Portent (No Comments »)
Prayer (No Comments »)
Pullman Porter (No Comments »)
Regret (No Comments »)
Remorse (No Comments »)
Reptiles And Roses (No Comments »)
Resolutions (No Comments »)
Reverence (No Comments »)
Rhyme-Smith (No Comments »)
Ripe Fruit (No Comments »)
Rivera Honeymoon (No Comments »)
Rose Leaves (No Comments »)
Rosy-Kins (No Comments »)
Schizophrenic (No Comments »)
Sentimental Shark (No Comments »)
Silence (No Comments »)
Soldier Boy (No Comments »)
Stamp Collector (No Comments »)
Stowaway (No Comments »)
Striving (No Comments »)
Success (No Comments »)
The Battle Of The Bulge (No Comments »)
The Christmas Tree (No Comments »)
The End Of The Trail (No Comments »)
The Last Supper (No Comments »)
The Living Dead (No Comments »)
The Locket (No Comments »)
The Mystery Of Mister Smith (No Comments »)
The Ordinary Man (No Comments »)
The Three Bares (No Comments »)
The Tunnel (No Comments »)
The Undying (No Comments »)
The Yukoner (No Comments »)
Tranquillity (No Comments »)
Trixie (No Comments »)
Vanity (No Comments »)
Village Don Juan (No Comments »)
Village Virtue (No Comments »)
Wallflower (No Comments »)
White Christmas (No Comments »)
Why? (No Comments »)
Window Shopper (No Comments »)
Worms (No Comments »)
Wrestling Match (No Comments »)
Yellow (No Comments »)
Your Poem (No Comments »)

The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses

“Fighting Mac” (No Comments »)
Comfort (No Comments »)
Grin (No Comments »)
L’Envoi (No Comments »)
Music In The Bush (No Comments »)
My Madonna (No Comments »)
New Year’s Eve (No Comments »)
Premonition (No Comments »)
Quatrains (No Comments »)
The Call Of The Wild (No Comments »)
The Cremation Of Sam McGee (No Comments »)
The Harpy (No Comments »)
The Heart Of The Sourdough (No Comments »)
The Land God Forgot (No Comments »)
The Law Of The Yukon (No Comments »)
The Little Old Log Cabin (No Comments »)
The Lone Trail (No Comments »)
The Low-Down White (No Comments »)
The Lure Of Little Voices (No Comments »)
The March Of The Dead (No Comments »)
The Men That Don’t Fit In (No Comments »)
The Parson’s Son (No Comments »)
The Pines (No Comments »)
The Reckoning (No Comments »)
The Rhyme Of The Remittance Man (No Comments »)
The Rhyme Of The Restless Ones (No Comments »)
The Shooting Of Dan McGrew (No Comments »)
The Song Of The Wage-Slave (No Comments »)
The Spell Of The Yukon (No Comments »)
The Three Voices (No Comments »)
The Tramps (No Comments »)
The Woman And The Angel (No Comments »)
The Younger Son (No Comments »)
Unforgotten (No Comments »)